The easiest prepper food storage option is purchasing pre-packed advertised best survival food kits from the market. You can order a variety of kits to meet your needs. So today I tried a different approach I first called and pressed #2 to speak to someone about an order I had already placed after over 30 minutes I pressed the pound button "If you would like to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold. The Mylar packaging provides a COMPLETE barrier against the very things that destroy food over time – light, oxygen, and moisture. Not 1 in 31 packets. These are sold in one - and four-packs and are designed to meet the nutritional requirements according to the U.S. Coast Guard standards. S.O.S. I was just looking for a decent review and found this ignorant article. Their high-quality, nutritious meals will ensure you and your family are adequately fed during emergencies. 26 4Patriots reviews. 4Patriots is a company that specializes in survival food. Food for Patriots, found online at, is a company which sells survival food kits to people who are looking for nutritious food packs which can withstand long periods of storage, in case of an emergency. Did not receive. Also, they keep sending emails and texts touting their "wonderful" products. Tub with supplies, loose powdered milk all over it and all of the packetsNothing was vacuumed packed. She opened it and found that numerous bags were split or sliced open, especially the powdered milk, and the inside of the tub was a complete mess. Testimonials represent exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser, and don't guarantee that you'll achieve results. What is the Food 4 Patriots 72 Hour Food Supply Offer? Formerly known as "Food4Patriots," 4Patriots Survival Food is delicious & designed to last for 25 years. Kits open and loose in tub. Latest reviews Search resources. ... Also, there are some complaints from customers online who have stated that the quality of the food is poor (however, the positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones). Great for camping and backpacking too. But in reality, everyone of us has different needs, so survival kits should be different too. No customer drop-ins, Read our review to find out. About Food4Patriots. Currently unavailable. You can also buy emergency food bars. I was so scared but thanks to my dogs the intruder ran away. Definitely not 72 hours worth of food. $98.50$98.50. See More Reviews. Equipment, tools and survival items you need to cook food in an emergency. Click Here to Learn More about Survival Food | {"id":"", "email":"","default_address":null,"first_name":"","last_name":"","name":"" }, [CYBER MONDAY DEAL] Spend $100+, get a FREE 72-Hour Survival Food Kit! As I am an horde person, so I have to face some emergency situations during the crusade and other hard time in the clique. Dried lentils and beans. I will never again buy anything from this company nor will I recommend it to anyone. I had some of the same problems as Brenda (in the review above) with the customer service. What a load of crap! If you’re wondering, “is 4Patriots legit?” you can rest assured that this company is worth your consideration. In fact, many varieties can last up to 25 years! The long list of products doesn’t end with food, either. Survivalist books promised. Food4patriots is by far the number one online retailer for survival food kits. You can purchase power cells or even a solar battery to power your home or solar cooker (a product also sold by 4Patriots). In an effort to promote their company, 4Patriots recently launched a free survival food offer online. A package of The Survival Tabs (appx. They even sell a Freedom Fridge that can help keep your food cold during a power outage. These are all available for purchase online and they ship quickly - right to your door. All were full of air. What’s the catch? Mountain House sells a number of prepackaged emergency food kits: Three Day Emergency Food Kit – Three just add water meals per day totaling roughly 1,650 calories per day. Food4Patriots is proudly made in the Utah, and is family owned by Patriot Pantry. I used it once to charge my phone. You can purchase items like a 4-week or 72-hour survival food kit, or you can purchase freeze-dried food. They're real reviews from real customers! Cons. The food is sold in pre-packaged storage containers and is rated to last for 25 years. However, since the creation of this niche, arguably made popular by Y2K , this industry and the suppliers to this industry have multiplied exponentially, virtually unequaled by any other products in that time range. You don’t prepare the dishes directly in the Mylar Pouches. Many, like the four-pack of tactical flashlights, are just $99. Not only does 4Patriots donate to A Soldier’s Child Foundation, a charity that helps the children of fallen soldiers, but it also donates to the Fisher House Foundation, another military-focused charity. The United States Military (including the U.S. Navy SEAL Team) and other organizations, publications and people referenced on this site, are not affiliated with 4Patriots. Food4Patriots offers three supply options each of which comes with its own food options. So I pressed the pound button. It promises to be a long-term food survival solution “created by patriots for patriots”. Food 4 Patriots Customer’s Review. 1.0 out of 5 stars Maybe 48 hours of food if you stretch it and have prep containers. Supplies also vary in price. They are heat resistant and have a five-year shelf life, making them a great choice for your bug-out bag or hurricane box. It’s one of the few survival food companies with kits in stock and ready to ship at all times - no more waiting for inventory to refill. If you want to purchase emergency food and equipment to keep your family safe and secure during a crisis, you need to invest in a company that has reliable sourcing and won’t delay shipments for any reason. Yes, “survival food” is selling at a rapid pace. Making 4Patriots Food Bars perfect for campers, hunters, hikers, and fishermen. Patriot Pantry ZF_Ammo_1 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can 4 out of 5 stars 25. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. These folks have 4 full decades of making long term survival food and they have USDA, FDA and GMP manufacturing certifications. ; Classic Emergency Food Bucket – A best seller on Amazon, with over a thousand 5 star reviews from people who have actually eaten the food.Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Preparation. At 4Patriots, survival food reviews are the heart and soul of our emergency food-supply business. Sure, you can grow a garden and raise livestock. The main difference between the two companies has to do with shipping. Terms & Conditions - Refund PolicyTestimonials featured on this site are from real people. The author didn't bother to even look up the "unrecognizable"ingredients! 4Patriots Survival Food is pre-packaged, high-quality, dehydrated food rated to last for up to 25 years. Eggs and dairy. As we’ve said … Received my order today (4 we. There are a few emergency food rations available on Amazon, too. Well, it didn't work. Although both companies are experiencing delays as a result of the global pandemic at the time of writing this article, 4Patriots still has a faster shipping calendar than My Patriot Supply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Food4Patriots was founded by a man named Allen Baler, who owns 4Patriots LLC, the … Not only does this LLC have a B+ rating with the BBB, but it offers some of the finest foods to help you build your emergency food supply. And no I do not work for them nor have I purchased their products. Brittany then said, because of the inconvenience on the previous order, I was getting a $100 refund. Many people start by comparing 4Patriots vs. My Patriot Supply. When it comes to survival food, they have several options. 8 Best Survival Food 2020 [Review] 1st Category: Buy your own. Plus they are also one of the only Safe Quality Food Institute certified emergency food suppliers in the nation. Brittany took my call and answered all my questions. Freeze-dried food is a great way to ensure you have a good supply of nonperishable food on hand. And this is the very reason that these food packs are guaranteed to stay perfectly delicious and edible for 25 years. I knew right away that "pantothenic acid" is a 'B' vitamin, ANY "delta tocopherols" is vitamin E, and tartrazine IS AN FDA APPROVED COLORANT FOR PRESCRIPTIONS!! Cade Courtley is a former Navy SEAL who served 9 years of active duty and has been compensated by 4Patriots for his hard work in helping us test and endorse products. Sometimes names & pictures are changed to protect their privacy & safety; some were given free products in exchange for honest feedback. Now I've spent 2 days of my time for nothing except a bad headache and a very very bad taste for your company left in my mouth !! Freeze-dried, tinned, and dehydrated survival food items include: Fruits. There aren’t many complaints about 4Patriots, but one common issue is that the foods aren’t necessarily healthy or made of natural ingredients. You can order the food in 72 hour, 4 week, and 3 month supplies. The cost of 4Patriots food varies. I just wanted to talk to a live person about the status of my refund !! Dana. We can do that , you won't even lose your spot .!! It includes exclusively healthful snacks which have been experimented for an emergency situation. Apparently it was the 4-Week Survival Food Kit which is packaged in a plastic tub. Nice try attempting to make this company look bad. American-owned. Take a look at the chart below to see how Legacy Food Storage compares with other Survival Food Companies. You’ll get survival food in as little as five days. The Pros and Cons of 4Patriots Survival Food The Pros. Food4Patriots is considered to be one of the best survival food gears which are available online. Unfortunately, your 2-Star review (intended for the author) will be attributed to the company, which, judging by your praise would have likely been 5 Stars. The company was founded by Frank Bates, who also operates Power 4 Patriots and Survival Seeds 4 Patriots¾and just like with these other sites, the catalyst for forming the company was the realization that the government is plotting against him, and a major disaster is looming just around the corner. The other products sold by them are well-received, too. Read reviews for Patriot Power Generator and Emergency Food. Patriot Power Generators & solar backup chargers. Then last night I found myself in a rather frightening situation. it literally drove me crazy!! Food4patriots has been produced and sold by the survival corporation called 4Patriots LLC. You can get a hold of a representative Monday through Saturday by phone at 1-800-304-4202. Based out of Nashville, TN, Food 4 Patriots provides food preparedness kits that include three meals per day, in 72-hour, four-week, and three-month options. If you are dissatisfied for any reason during the first 365 days after your purchase, just return the product to the shipping warehouse and you can get a full refund. 1 of the 72hr. Compact & Lightweight. We're proud of the reviews on this page. $27.00$27.00. 4Patriots is a survivalist company that sells a wide variety of gear, clothing, and food products online. Supply) There are plenty of other products to consider, too. And it feels good to read these reviews and see that folks love 4Patriots Survival Food for its flavor & value. The first-place winner will win a 4-Week Survival Food Kit from 4Patriots. Each 3-day pack is light and easy to carry (only about 1.5 pounds!). I didn't call for that and had no complaints, only praise. NES Memberships. No code required. You can only buy 4Patriots products by visiting the company website. Vegetables. 2920 Berry Hill Dr., Suite 300 Nashville, TN 37204This is the corporate office. Hi, I am Paddy, I have expended the food products of Food4patriots and have found them useful options for any drastic places. The companies are similar both in name and in function. The return policy is also relatively straightforward. They’re packed in rigid, sustainable buckets. 4Patriot battery pack reviews claim that the cell not only works well, but is an inexpensive and reliable option for charging your phone in an emergency. All Rights Reserved. 4Patriots is one of those companies. The foods are calorie-dense, which is what you need in an emergency, but aren’t necessarily the best for you. Founded in Nashville, TN, this company produces products that can help them on their journey to self-reliance. The Survival Tabs. I sent the generator back on 9-2-2020 , they received it on 9-16-2020 and received the solar on 9-15-2020. Then I call back only this time I press the #1 button to place an order !! The company sells an awesome tactical flashlight four pack. The company has a customer-centered approach that has worked well in its marketing and day-to-day functioning. You add the meal to the boiling water and then simmer or boil your meal … Survival food is the same food we purchase at the supermarket for daily consumption, except survival foods are much less expensive and are stored in bulk packaging for longer shelf life. The call were I did manage to get through was a bunch of run around, was told to call customer service, even though the # I had just reached that person at was the customer service #. But what if you live in the city? Just break off a bar at a time and store the rest away for later. There is also a wide assortment of survival products, such as lots of resources for solar power. 250K likes. The other products sold by them are well-received, too. 3 pouches broken open or leaking air. Rice. Flour. I called to clarify my purchase of the generator. 866.229.0927 11AM-8PM EST Mon-Fri, Sat 11AM-3PM You would need to split them into 3 tiny portions and really stretch it to get 3 days. Most kits are packed in secure, lightweight, water-resistant storage totes. $ 8) is a great choice for survivalists who … I finally got my solar charger about a month ago. For the most part, kits start around $27 but can be as high as $399, depending on the content and quantity. Did not get cell charger. This company sells all kinds of emergency food and equipment. I shared with her that I was very impressed with 4Patriots because on my previous ordered a month ago, one of the food packages had a year and within a week they sent me a replacement. 4Patriots Survival Food & Solar Generators. Shop NOW>. They're real reviews from real customers! © 2020 Reviewopedia. 4Patriots, Nashville, Tennessee. Emergency food designed to last for 25 years & made in USA. They sell freeze-dried foods like berries and vegetables. And it feels good to read these reviews and see that folks love 4Patriots Survival Food for its flavor & value. Food 4 Patriots is the best-known of the 4 Patriots lineup of products. I really needed the flash light! They have not endorsed, sponsored or recommended this product; no affiliation or endorsement is claimed. The message was suffused with breathless concern about the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s recent order of “420 million survival meals;” such provisions are apparently “the #1 most critical item in a crisis.” You see, “FEMA knows that if you control the food … 4Patriots Emergency Food Bars are conveniently portioned in 3-day packs. We're proud of the reviews on this page. A wide variety of products are available to help you become more independent. If you’re hoping to become more self-reliant and independent when it comes to your food supply, you may have considered your options. Food 4 Patriots provides three meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - which meet human nutritional needs in the conditions of a disaster. Although there are no air purifier options listed on the the website, you can find options for water filtration that can help get you through a serious emergency. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. No problems. You’ll get survival food in as little as five days. 4Patriots Emergency Food Supply - 72-Hour Survival Kit - Freeze Dried Food - 25-Year Shelf Life - 16 Servings 4.4 out of 5 stars 284. The Sun Kettle Solar Cooker by 4Patriots offers a convenient way to cook your food if you don’t have power. $50 Off 3-Month Emergency Food Supply-$10 OFF: $10 Off Emergency Survival Food 2 Week Food Supply + Free Shipping on $49+ -FREE SHIPPING: Free Shipping on Orders Over $99-$52 OFF: $52 Off Fruit, Veggie And Snack Mix- My Patriot Supply specializes more in instant meals and long term food storage options, both of which average 2000 calories per day and can last up to a year. A flashlight, for example, is something that anybody should have in their emergency preparedness kit. 2020 © 4Patriots LLC - All Rights Reserved. I called them yesterday 9-24-2020 was on hold for over 2 hours listening to some God awful piano music that is enough to drive anyone insane. Consider stocking up today. I am proud to support an American company who in turn supports several other organizations for our men and women in service!