Find an equation for... At time t=0 , a particle is located at the point (7,4,3) . what is the stall speed if flaps that double are applied? An amount of 1000 J of heat energy are transferred to this gas. During the process, the internal energy of the system increases by 2320 J. Unpolarized light enters the first sheet which has its transmission axis oriented vertically. A 4.5 kg Canada goose is about to take flight. You pass another car going in the same direction which is traveling at a constant speed of 80 km/h. What was the subject called so far? What is the work done by the gas if it expands at constant pressure to a volume of 19.7 m^3? Steam enters a well insulated turbine at steady state at P 1 =4MPa, T 1 =320C and with a velocity V 1 of 10m/s. (b) Compare it to the pressure exerted by a 1300 kg elephant standing on o... Nitrogen at 100 kPa and 25 ? (a) Determine the magnitude of the crate's velocity when t =... Three polarizing filters are stacked with the polarizing axes of the second and third at 35 degrees and 80 degrees (both front/clockwise), with respect to the first. g. A student undertakes an experiment to measure the acceleration of free fall. = 32 ? Guides and question banks covering Atomic structure, Electromagnetic waves, Kinetic Theory and many more Physics a-level topics. Calculate the work done and the heat transferred during this process, in kJ/kg. Is there a scientific limit to unknown physics? It is equal to the gravitational potential energy of a mass of 1 kg. The mass of the disk is 45 kg, and its radius is R=0.3m. It describes a sub-atomic world which is totally different from the... Is nuclear physics part of electromagnetism? Afterwards, someone points out the effect of draught on the experiment. The water is heated at constant pressure to a saturated vapor. An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. Unpolarized light falls on them. In the process represented in the figure a 2.4 moles of ideal monoatomic gas starts at state a with pressure 1 atm (1.01 \times 10^5 \space N/m^2) and volume 5.8 \times 10^{-2} \space m^3. Two polarizers are oriented at 42 degrees to each other and a polarized light is incident on them. 4 kg of CO2 are contained in a piston-cylinder system. Q1.€€€€€€€€€ A waiter holds a tray horizontally in one hand between fingers and thumb as shown in the diagram. Express your answer in terms of p_0, V_0. The compression ratio is 8.6 and the bore to stroke ratio is 0.98. This is the currently selected item. Click on a link to a specific material. Modeling air as an ideal gas, determine the following for isentropic processes: (a) T_1 = 300 K, p_1 = 1.5 bar, T_2 = 400 K. Find p_2. Find the magnitude of force required on each of the four sides to cause a shear strain of 0.0400. Use the links below. A load of 250 lb is carried at the middle of the rope. Heat is added to the water until the volume of the water has increased by a factor of 2000. The energy of the neutrons is 9 MeV. Suppose a certain person's visual acuity is such that he can see objects clearly that form an image 51 micrometer high on his retina. (a) What is the final pressure? Assume the lens-to-retina distance is 2.00 cm. What kind of scientist was Stephen Hawking? A second toroidal solenoid with N_2 turns is wound uniformly on top of the first, so that the tw... Unpolarized light of intensity S0 passes through two sheets of polarizing material whose transmission axes make an angle of 60 degrees with each other as shown in the figure. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. The incident angle is 52 degrees and the refracted angle is 25 degrees. In which areas is acid rain a major problem and why? An ideal gas expands isothermally, performing 5.57 x 10^3 J of work in the process. Part A) What will be the intensity after passing through a polarizing filter whose axis makes the angle of 0 degrees with the plane... 1. Does this include Radios, Televisions, CD's, Computers, etc? How is cosmology different from quantum physics? AS-Physics-Waves-Questions-Edexcel : Download AS-Physics-Waves-Answers-Edexcel : Download Partials. This question is about measuring the acceleration of free fall . If the load P on the beam causes the end C to displaced 10 mm downward, determine the normal strain in wires CE and BD. Determine: a) the volume of the tank in ft3 b) the amount of heat transfer in Btu. Is the above statement true or false? AQA A-Level Physics - Wikibooks, open books for an open world The syllabus includes the main theoretical concepts which are fundamental to the subject, a section on some current applications of physics, and a strong emphasis on […] If physics A-level had 13 questions and was entirely multiple choice, that is. Which set cannot enter as fundamental quantity SIR: 1) length, mass, and velocity 2) length, time, and velocity 3) mass, time, and velocity 4) length, time, and mass. Unpolarized light with insenity S is incident on a series of polarizing sheets. Determine the change in width a, height b, thickness t when a plate is subjected to the uniform distributed load and is made of material having modulus of elasticity E=230 GPa and Poisson's ratio \... A beam of polarized light has an average intensity of 19 W/m^{2} and is sent through a polarizer. The transmission axis makes an angle of 21 degrees with respect to the direction of polarization. Which of the flow fields are irrotational? The pilot notes that the speed of the aircraft at one point in time is 216 km/h and is increasing at a rate of 3.6 km/... Compressing gases requires work and the resulting energy is usually converted to heat; if this heat does not escape, the gas?s temperature will rise. AQA A-Level Physics We have worked hard to compile every past paper by topic and exam board! 3. the phenomen that waves bend around the edges of an obstacle. Two polarizing sheets have their transmission axes at with respect for each other. Under what state of matter can fire be classified? If the arc subtends an angle of ? __Part A__ What is V_1 in cm^3. An aircraft flies along a circular path while maintaining a constant altitude. Why are general relativity and quantum mechanics incompatible? kV. Determine the pump's, a) Flow rate, b) Developed head and, c) Pump power if the speed increased... How increased temperature (thermal vibrations and typical change in lattice parameter) would be expected to alter the diffraction pattern generally? A monatomic ideal gas that is initially at a pressure of 1.40 x 10^5 Pa and with a volume of 0.0780 m^3 is compressed adiabatically to a volume of 0.0400 m^3. Who contributed to general relativity, quantum gravity, and black holes? A hydrogen gas (ideal gas) in a piston-cylinder assembly at 300 K, 100 kPa with a volume of 0.1 m3 is now slowly compressed to a volume of 0.01 m3 in a reversible isothermal process. Answers to the chapter summary questions for the following student book - AQA Physics A Level 2nd Edition, author Jim Breithaupt, publisher OUP, ISBN 9 780198 351870 Aqa physics a level textbook summary questions … The disk is rolled to the left until the spring is compressed 0.5 m and released from rest. What is an asteroid, comet, dwarf planet with respect to their mass, moment of inertia and dimension? The angle between the axes of the first and second polarize is 17.7�, and the angle between the axes of th... What is the magnitude of the acceleration vector which causes a particle to move from velocity -5i-2j m/s to -6i+7j m/s in 8 seconds. A) If the angle between the polarizer and analyzer is 21 degrees, what light intensity wo... Why doesn't quantum mechanics work with relativity? What is their working principle and their usage? Stuck on a tricky physics problem? A man of mass 93.2 kg is f... Three point charges each of charge q are located on the x-axis. Past papers, mark schemes, practice questions by topic and video solutions for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and CIE Physics A-Levels. 2. unimpeded motion of an object, falling under the influence of only gravity. The tracks are connected through a 329.0 nF capacitor. So that she can see the choir... Tornadoes and hurricanes often lift the roofs of houses. The coefficients of friction between the floor... You have a mass of 71 kg and are on a 51-degree slope hanging on to a cord with a breaking strength of 165 N. (a) What must be the coefficient of static friction between you and the surface for you... A rope 26 ft long is attached to two points A and B, 20 ft apart at the same level. FORM 4_41. Light that is polarized along the vertical direction is incident on a sheet of polarizing material. P, Q and W are the three forces acting on the tray. If only 16 percent of the light gets through both of them, what was the initial polarization d... A cylinder with a movable piston contains 11.7 moles of a monatomic ideal gas at a pressure of 1.32 x 10^5 Pa. 1) If a particle moves along a curve with a constant speed, then its tangential component of acceleration i... Name and describe the two branches of fluid mechanics used in physics. Are aerospace engineering and astrophysics related? Consider a point P at a distance R = 10.5 cm on the perpendicular bisector of a straight wire of length 35.0 cm carrying a current of 75.0 mA. (a) If you as... To place a communications satellite into a geosynchronous orbit at an altitude of 22,240 mi above the surface of the earth, the satellite first is released from a space shuttle , which is in a circ... What fraction of the volume of ice will be above the water when the ice is floating in water? The equivalent dosage of th... A gas cylinder hold 0.20 mol of O2 at 130 C and a pressure of 3.0 atm. What is the transducer in a smoke detector? If the spin rate of the CD is 552 rpm, and the piece of dust is 4.23 cm from the center, what is the total distance traveled by the dust in 2 minutes? It is an Isothermal Process so Ti=Tf. Unpolarized light falls on them. The gas is initially at a temperature of 300 K. An electric heater adds 43200 J of ene... What is the near point, in centimeters, of a person whose eyes have an accommodated power of 54.5 D ? When did Sally Ride become the first woman in space? Obtain examples from advertisements, print media, radio, and television that illustrate meanings for these terms... What is the best physics book for a common reader which includes all the topics? (The bulk modulus of ice is 2.00 x 10^9 N/m^2.). 50 lb m of air is isothermally and reversibly compressed from its initial state of 90 ? Some of the branches of physics that you will study in this course investigate motion, the properties of materials, sound, light, electricity and magnetism, properties of atoms, and nuclear reactio... Give some examples of applications, that resulted from work done by physicists. The questions are about reflection, refraction, critical angle, lenses, reflectors, light rays propagating through different mediums, refractive index of materials, ..etc. Yes or No/ False or True question here, with details why it is true or false/ yes or no. What force is exerted on A? Physical Quantities and Units Questions and Answers, Physics AS/A Level. We have a container of 1.55 moles of an ideal monatomic gas. A beam of initially unpolarized light passes through a sequence of three ideal polarizers. Assume that the gas may be treated as ideal.... How much work is done on 4.63 x 10^3 moles of a gas during a process in which the temperature remains constant at 215 degree Celsius and the volume changes from 3.13 m^3 to 6.2 m^3? The 2.00 moles of gas go from having an initial volume of 218.7 cm3 to 139.4 cm3. What leads to such a phenomenon? The pressure increases by 1.0 x 104N/m^2 for every meter of depth beneath the surface of the ocean. What about perpendicular wires? The temperature of the system is then gradual... You are given a piston-cylinder device with 20 kg of steam initially at 600 kPa and 600 Deg C. At a later time the temperature has dropped to 400 Deg C. Assume that the piston is not attached to a... An ideal monatomic gas undergoes an adiabatic change from P_1 = 7.8 x 10^5 Pa and V_1 = 0.65 m^3 to triple its initial volume. If its end A is raised vertically at a constant speed v, express in terms of the length y of chain which is off the floor at any given in... A car stops 4 seconds after the application of the brakes while covering a rectilinear stretch 337 feet long. Tuesday, June 2, 2020. View all cameroon gce Questions A-level physics starting from june 2000 to the latest here paper in pdf format, Correction are gotton in our kawlo App. Determine the work for... Air initially at 0.75 bar, 1000 K, and occupying a volume of 0.12 m^3 undergoes two processes. Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic field at P due... A rigid tank contains 21.2 lbm of air at 50 psia and 80F. The position of an object is given by x = bt^3, where x is in meters, t is in seconds, and where the constant b is 1.8 m/s^3. 1) Explain how the fundamental laws and principles of physics related to the complexity that we see in nature? Which book or which company's study material is the best for clearing concepts in physics? AQA A level Physics Worksheets, exam style questions. AS-Physics-Particles-Questions-AQA : Download AS-Physics-Particles-Answers-AQA : Download G495-Field-and-Particle-Pictures-Revision : Download Quantum Phenomena. Two kilograms of water at 100 KPa, 200^0C are contained in a piston-cylinder device like that below such that a constant temperature is maintained. What is the change in volu... Argon is adiabatically compressed from an initial volume of 16 liters to a final volume of 2 liters. Determine the temperature at which the liquid in the tank is co... Two kilograms of water are initially a saturated liquid at 100 kPa. The tension is 70 N. An oscillator at one end sends a harmonic wave with an amplitude of 1.00 cm down the rope. How many children does Dr. Shirley Jackson have? How far west has the sailboat traveled in 24 min? (a) What is the intensity of the light leaving the polarizer? Available on. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. The Froude... Water flows over a flat surface at 5 ft/s. a) Find the ratio of the (heat rejected)/(work input) b)... A two-stage air compressor operates at steady state, compression 10m/min of air from 100 kPa and 300K to 1200 kPa. The other wire is vertical with the current directed upward. Give at least one example of an application of each branch: motion properties of materials, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, properties of atoms, nuclear physics. The particle's velocity in the x-direction v(x) is a constant 3 inches/second. Determine the final temperature of the water and the work required, in kJ/kg, for this compression. 2. Find (a) the pressure at B and (b) the net work done on the gas. What is laser and optics? Each wire carries a current. What did Stephen Hawking do for a living? Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. A nearsighted person has a near point of 25 cm and a far point of 50 cm. The organist faces the south wall, sitting 0.800 m away from it. Determine the acceleration of points A and B of the chain, knowing that T_A = 14 \ N a... A chain of length l and mass m lies in a pile on the floor. Unit … A linearly polarized electromagnetic wave has an average intensity of 196 W/m2. How much work is required for the compression? When water freezes, it expands about 9.80%. The severity index (SI), a measure of the likelihood of injury, is defined as SI = a^{5/2}t,... Q: 1/20 mole of N2 expands isothermally to three times the initial volume. Please show all work and formulas. Steam enters the turbine at 12.5Mpa and 500 C at a rate of 28.7kg/s and ex... Two polarizers are oriented at 40 degrees to each other and plane-polarized light is incident on them. Unpolarized light of intensity I_0 = 750 W/m^2 is incident upon two polarizers. So, mist… Which of the following sets do not come under the list of Fundamental Quantities in any system of units? Labels: Physical Quantities and Units Questions and Answers, Physics AS/A Level Questions and Answers, Vector and Scalar Quantity in Physics Problems and Solutions. Include the study of matter, energy, space, and time, and the interactions thereof. Also - 2017 PHYA 1, 2, 4, and 5 have been uploaded. The volume of the container is 15.0 liters, and the temperature of the gas is 21.7 degrees C. We compress the gas adiabatically to 13.1... A square parallel plate capacitor with plate area A = 100cm2 has plate separation d = 3mm. The focal length of a relaxed human eye is approximately 1.7 cm. Which of the following sets of equations represent possible two-dimensional incompressible flow cases? Describe the "big splash" theory of the moon's origin? Given the position vector of the particle r(t) = (t+1) i + (t^2 - 1) j + 2t k , find the particle's velocity and acceleration vectors at t=1. Obsessed with travel? Calculate the rms voltages between the following points. Why is the speed of light so important for astrophysics? In a church choir loft, two parallel walls are 5.30 m apart. A point charge q_1 = 3.40 nC is located on the x-axis at x = 2.30 m , and a second point charge q_2 = -6.00 nC is on the y-axis at y = 1.15 m. A) What is the total electric flux due to these two p... What is the driving force for (a) heat transfer, (b) electric current, and (c) fluid flow? Figure 1. shows a steel sphere attached by a string to a steel bar. A pencil case is dropped vertically from a height at rest and hits the ground 0.5 seconds later. the ray is incid... A specimen of oil having an initial volume of 580 cm^3 is subjected to a pressure increase of 4.0 MPa, and the volume is found to decrease by 0.40 cm^3. Explain any ten daily life situations where physics is applied? Air with a volume of 0.36 m^3 at 1.03 bars and 15 Deg C (state 1) is compressed reversibly and adiabatically to 10 bars (state 2). Very large accelerations can injure the body, especially if they last for a considerable length of time. a) A high school football game b) Food preparation for the prom c) Playing in the school band d) Lightning in... A 4-cylinder 2.4 L SI engine operates at 3200 rpm at WOT. An air compressor operates at steady state with air entering at 101 kPa and 20°C, and exiting at 500 kPa. (a) Determine the magnitude of her acceleration, assumed to be consta... A beam of unpolarized light shines on a stack of five ideal polarizers, set up so that the angles between the polarization axes of pairs of adjacent polarizers are all equal. Light polarized at a 12.0-degree angle to each polarizer passes through both. The 2.00 moles of gas go from having an initial volume of 249.5 cm^3 to 115.1 cm^3. The rod moves with speed v = 7.00 m/s in the direction... An ideal gas is brought through an isothermal compression process. © copyright 2003-2020 If you have completely polarized light of intensity 150 W/m^2, what will its intensity be after passing through a polarizing filter with its axis at an 88.5-degree angle to the light's polarization... A rope 2.0 m long has a mass of 0.100 kg. When you have completed a quiz and submitted your answers you will be taken to a results page with your responses and corrections, if necessary. Services, Non-exact solutions in general relativity, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. Find the maximum stress at the shaft filet. the pressure at point A is 60 kPa. Imagine two wires oriented perpendicular to each other and almost touching. What is the difference between resultant and equilibrium? Consider air to be a mixture of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. College and University Physics Questions (mostly first year level) Density Problems Energy Problems Force Problems Friction Problems Inclined Plane Problems Kinematics Problems Kinetic Energy Problems Mechanics Problems Momentum Problems Pulley Problems Statics Problems Thermodynamics Problems Torque Problems Extra Challenging Physics Questions There is a uniform magnetic field of 0.6 T pointing upward. Initially, its temperature is 5 degrees C and its pressure is 1.2 atm. The terms force, work, power, and energy often mean the same thing in everyday use. A vertically polarized light that has an intensity of 430 W/m^2 is incident on two polarizing filters. a) What … A particle moves along a path defined by the equation y= 3(sin(x/12(pi))) inches, where x is also in inches. What is the maximum distance (in meter) at which he can read th... Find the velocity, acceleration and speed of a particle with the given position function. When was a Brief History of Time published? It is analogous to the electric potential at a point in an electric field. Two polarizers are oriented at 45 degrees to one another. How much work is done on the gas? Reporting on what you care about. Determing (a) |Delta U (b) W. No heat is transferred, c_v=2.434 Btu/lb_... An ideal gas is under an initial pressure of 2.45*10^4 Pa. A frictionless piston-cylinder contains 50 L of saturated liquid R-134a. Is the multiverse studied in astrophysics? (a) the rms spe... A cube 23 cm on each side contains 3.3 g of helium at 20 degrees Celsius. When calculating a half-life, does this only occur with beta decay? An adiabatic air compressor is to be powered by a direct-coupled adiabatic steam turbine that is also driving a generator. A third polarizer is placed between the first two so that its axis makes a 52-degree angle with the axis... One mole of nitrogen gas in a rigid container of volume 20 liters is heated from an initial pressure of 1 bar to a final pressure of 3 bar. When the angle of incidence is 60.0 degrees, the reflected light is completely polarized parallel to the surface of the glass. The water is slowly heated. What is the fraction of the intensity of an incid... A coyote chasing a rabbit is moving 8.00 m/s due east at one moment and 8.80 m/s due south 4.25 s later. What is the closest distance that she can see an... A current path shaped as shown in the figure produces a magnetic field at P, the center of the arc. The first sheet has its transmission axis oriented at 0 degrees. AQA. If 2 moles of CO_2 at 2L and 500K are expanded reversibly to 20L, more work can be obtained from an adiabatic process than from an isothermal process. If Aristotle were to see a 12th century vertical windmill in what is now Holland how would he interpret the spinning mechanism? Electricity Revision Notes. Parallel wires exert magnetic forces on each other. What is the accelerating voltage of an x-ray tube that produces x rays with a shortest wavelength of 0.0104 nm? Water? What are high temperature superconductors? Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! Use B_{iron} = 9.0 x 10^{10} N/m^2. It is connected to a large line in which oxygen at 1 MPa, 50C, is flowing. The difference in gravitational potential between two points at different heights above the Earth depends on the position of the points. Determine the final temperature and the work done by the gas when 3 kJ of heat are added to the gas a. isothermally, b. i... Three pound mass of water at 250 psia and 600 degree Fahrenheit is cooled at constant volume to 100 degree Fahrenheit. Please explain and show steps and round to 2 s... Whater at 70 kPa and 100C is compressed isoentropically in a closed system to 4 MPa. Express the rate of flow Q in terms of b, d_1, and d_2. The driver swears that he was obeying the speed limit. The 53.5 N force is applied at ? Physics was my worst subject throughout the year but when it came to revision time I found your channel and ended up getting 93% overall in the AS level! The air is now heated until its pressure doubles. At time t=0, a particle is located at the point (3,6,9). Let the x axis point due east and the y axis point due north. What is the shear force directly be... A 10-ft^3 vessle of hydrogen at a pressure of 305 psia is vigorously stirred by paddles until the pressure becomes 400 psia. Practice: Vectors and scalars questions. The transmission axis makes an angle of 27 degrees with respect to the direction of polarization. (A) What is the final volume? At the scene of an accident, there are skid marks which are 200 feet long showing where a car put on the brakes. Calculate a) the change in internal energy of the gas and b) the heat absorbed during this expansion. A flow of water, Q=30 ft3/s, goes into a tank (empty mass me=10 lbm ) of cross-sectional area At=4 ft2. AQA questions by topic area For the water, determine the heat trasfer, in kJ/kg. The relative biological effectiveness (RBE) if these neutrons is 10.0. When the object momentarily stops, what is its acceleration (i... Light is incident from air onto a material. Questions organised by topic, past papers & mark schemes. Unpolarized light of intensity I_0 is incident on a polarizer-analyzer pair. AS Paper 2. Which branch of science includes the study of magnetism? 2) Explain how the laws of physics apply to other sciences such as biology, chemistry... A force is applied to an initially stationary block of mass 1.75 kg that sits on a horizontal floor. Members AC and BC are 3-cm diameter rods. Which of the following is true about light with a single wavelength? The other end of the rope is terminated so... One mole of an ideal gas initially at a temperature of Ti = 7.2°C undergoes an expansion at a constant pressure of 1.00 atm to three times its original volume. (a) What is the work done on the gas? what is the normal stress in member BC. A process depressurizes nitrogen adiabatically from an unknown pressure to 1 bar. How many awards was Jocelyn Bell Burnell awarded? What is a physicist who does experiments called? What is the densest substance in the universe? (A... What is the power of the eye when viewing an object 61.0 cm away? Why should you keep your windows open under these conditions? How did Stephen Hawking live so long with ALS? The rocket engine, when it is fired, exerts a 8.0 N vertical thrust on the rocket. The intensity of a polarized electromagnetic wave is 12 W/m^{2}. RADIOACTIVITY Q ( 2093 Downloads) 1. This is the currently selected item. (a) 0% (b) 25% (c) 50% (d) 75% (e) 100% (f) It depends on the orientation... Two moles of helium are initially at a temperature of 24.0 degrees Celsius and occupy a volume of 2.50 x 10^2 m^3 . Find the acceleration of roller A. The intensity of the light that reaches the photocell is 117.2 W/m2, when theta = 26 degree. Find the pressure at B. has answers to your toughest physics homework questions with detailed, step by step explanations. The water is heated until its temperature is 200^\circ \text{C}. Suppose you are carrying out an experiment involving a simple pendulum inside a lab, while measuring the length of the pendulum and the time period. What is the difference between transducer and transmitter? How are comets different from asteroids? a) length, mass, time b) length, time velocity c) length mass, velocity d) mass, time, v... What is the role of atmospheric pressure in drawing of underground water by a hand pump? Electricity Revision Notes Set 2. … = 20 ? B) How much heat? A gymnastic beam can be modeled with a 10 cm x 40 cm cross-section and 6 m between its supports. What is the definition of physics? By what factor do the following quantities change? a. aluminum b. zinc c. iron d. nickel. A and As Level Physics 9702 About A Level Physics Syllabus Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics builds on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. To force more current into the outer sheath, To provide additional current paths through the cables, To increase the mechanical strength of the cables, Uniform electric and magnetic fields which are perpendicular. The gas expands adiabatically until the pressure is halved. The critical shaft fillet is 70 mm from B. Identify the area of physics that is most relevant to each of the following situations. I) It can be refracted. Suppose a spaceship changes velocity relative to Earth, so that the duration of the laser pulses as seen on Earth is 7.40 x 10^{-6}s . De... An initially unpolarized light if intensity 500 W/m^2 passes through four polarizers.