For example, if we have two lenses: Sigma 18-55mm f4; Sigma 18-300mm f4; Does the second lens have some advantages, except zoom… Because a zoom lens can do a few fixed-focus lens … Are there some disadvantages of a zoom-lens with wide range focal length compare to a lens with narrow range both having the same max. To name a few zoom … Advantages and disadvantages of zoom and fixed-focus lenses. Beginner photographers are often faced with a choice between buying a fixed focal length lens or a zoom lens. Compared to a unifocal lens, a zoom lens also has several drawbacks as well. aperture? 1, convenience comparison. The main advantage of a zoom lens is that you can change the angle of view … A zoom lens presents certain advantages and disadvantages in comparison to prime lenses (a lens with a fixed focal length). There are disadvantages of using a zoom lens, and following are some of the problems: 1. As you can see from this article, both have their advantages and disadvantages, … A zoom lens provides a range of variable focal lengths which can be adjusted using the zoom ring on the lens, the range depends on the lens model. From a convenient point of view, the biggest advantage of the zoom lens is the convenience, which is obviously superior to the fixed focus mirror. Compared to most unifocal lenses, … One of the biggest advantages of using a zoom lens is that it allows you to change focal lengths without changing your lens.