I recently had to complete a project which involved making an affinity diagram using hundreds of sticky notes. The process was time consuming and tedious but my teammate and I were able to get it… Then you group related notes together, forming various levels of related groups and sub-groups, which results in common themes, as shown below. Affinity Diagramming for Collaboratively Sorting UX Findings and Design Ideas. What is an affinity diagram? In UX, the method is used to organize research findings or to sort design ideas in ideation workshops. Advantages and disadvantages In UX, it is used by teams for. Affinity diagramming has long been used in business to organize large sets of ideas into clusters. Affinity diagrams help organize information into groups of similar items—particularly useful when analyzing qualitative data or observations. An Affinity Diagram is a tool that gathers large amounts of language data (ideas, opinions, issues) and organizes them into groupings based on their natural Relationships. Affinity Diagram. Finding the suitable solutions generated through design-ideation meetings by … What better time to fully understand an Affinity Diagram in all its glory than right now since this is where I find myself in the overall process of my user research. One of the classic tools in the UX designer’s toolbox is an affinity map (sometimes called an affinity diagram).If you’ve ever seen a photo of a bunch of designers standing in front of sticky notes on a wall, an affinity map is what you were probably looking at. An Affinity Diagram is integral to organize and synthesize User Experience (UX) data that was collected during research. Creating an affinity is the process of looking for similarities or characteristics that can suggest a relationship. — Balanced Scorecard Institute. With an affinity diagram, you transfer your handwritten notes to post-it notes, including one observation per note. Affinity maps are referenced during the creation of personas, information architecture, context scenarios. Affinity Diagrams – A great UX Tool. An affinity diagram, sometimes also known as a cluster map, is used to organize information and is the output of affinity mapping. Organizing the observations or ideas collected from a User research study and grouping the common observations under one theme.