Can you identify the airline from its logo? London shines a light on coronavirus heroes this festive season. Which airline logos do you recognise? 6 Min Quiz Image: Youtube via Hawaiian Airlines About This Quiz. Miscellaneous Quiz / Airlines by Tail Logo Random Miscellaneous or Logo Quiz Can you name the airline by the design on the tail of their planes? How well do you know your airlines and their logos? Can you name the airline from the logos on this sheet? The following quiz contains mcq’s questions and answers about some of the most famous airlines of the world. Complete your quiz offer with 100% accuracy and get credited. Questions New questions are added and answers are changed. Pictures of various companies logos will be displayed on screen and you will have to select their correct name out of the given options. Airline Logo Quiz. 25/05/2018. If the inserted answer is correct, then it disappears from the text box and is displayed under the respective question with a green background. Take this quiz and share your score with your friends! Airline logos. They are the logos belonging to some of the most famous airlines in the world. Logo Quiz > Airline logo quiz. Test your knowledge of classic worldwide airline logos from the past to the present, from mythical to real. Difficulty Level: MED/HARD You get 4 minutes to complete the quiz. But you don’t have to be a professional designer to have an interest in airline logos. Airline logo quiz. Quiz: Can You Identify the Airline From Just the Logo on the Tail? Can you guess the world's most popular airline logos? Insert the answers into the white text box in a random order. Airline Logo Quiz. Airlines have always identified themselves with mostly airborne species. You have 7 seconds for each logo. The other while smaller is still partnered with many of the world's largest carriers, so the logo should be familiar to most travelers. I think all the logos are current but they keep changing them!! The tests below will test your knowledge when it comes to the airlines of the world and their logos. Home > General Knowledge > Airline Logo > Airline Logo Questions. Can You Guess These Airlines By Their Logo? Quizzes are constantly updated. by rockgolf Plays Quiz Updated Jun 11, 2017 . I've been out of the airline business for a while now, but I think the logo for Iberia may be out of date. Quiz from Offer 100% correct answers. It probably doesn't matter … TRAVEL By: Robin Tyler. Airline logos are a great example of visual corporate branding and a useful inspiration resource for budding designers. Parks and Rec star joins new comedy from Bob's Burgers boss. : Zoo Animals Cars, Trucks & Engines TV, Film & Music ... Can You Identify the Airline From Just the Logo on the Tail? Many people enjoy playing quiz games in which they try to guess as many popular airline logos as possible.