As Rogal Dorn was distracted by these diversionary attacks across the system, Alpharius' fleet, comprised of over 200 vessels led by the Battlesgip Alpha, struck Pluto and its moons Charon, Kerberos, Nix, Styx and Hydra. The name Alpharius Omegon is drawn from "Alpha" and "Omega", the first and last letters of the Ancient Greek alphabet, which also represents the "Beginning" and the "End" in Greek mythology and Christian iconography. Alpha Legion units placed into enemy territory were trained and conditioned to pursue broad mission objectives in whatever way they thought best. Free shipping for order over 45���! In the ensuing slaughter, the Loyalist Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard Legions were decimated, becoming later known as the "Shattered Legions." Alpharius himself led a furious counterattack against the Ultramarines and was slain in single combat by Roboute Guilliman. Of importance also when considering the particular structure and capabilities of the Alpha Legion was its use of human and augmented-human agents and paramilitaries. Unknown to Fabius though, was that the data was practically useless and was incomplete at best. Known by the cipher "Alpharius," very little is known of the Legion's Primarch besides his genius in implementing the most cunning of stratagems and tactics. Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion iconography depicting the three-headed Lernaean Hydra. The Alpha Legion and their Primarch had then been supposedly all but out of contact with the rest of the Great Crusade for several standard years, and by this fact was Rogal Dorn, Praetorian of Terra, likely assured of their loyalty and lack of involvement with whatever treacherous madness had befallen Horus and his immediate coterie. It has been suggested that the Alpha Legion had begun to seek out battles to fight for the challenge they offered, rather than to suit the needs of the Great Crusade, orchestrating ever more apocalyptic displays of their arcane and malevolent methods of war, even when mere conventional assault would have proved more efficient and expedient. +6" to psychic powers and ObSec is not bad. +++ Alpha Legion (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [115 PL, 2000pts] +++ ++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [96 PL, 1706pts] ++ ... Für meine Armee hadere ich noch zwischen den 20er Elite Kollegen "Rubric Marines", "Plague Marines" oder halt "Noise Marines". At a tactical level, the Alpha Legion favoured freedom of manoeuvre and portability of firepower, and its battle tactics showed particular tendencies towards specialised reconnaissance and infiltration units in opening combat operations, to be quickly followed by the rapid deployment of fast armour, close air support and mechanised infantry units as a main strike force. At the hands of the Alpha Legion's talent for conspiracy and that of their agents, billions were to die and countless billions more would suffer hardship and disaster in the time to come. In battle the Alpha Legion proved itself capable of wielding a devastating mixture of subtlety and overwhelming force, revelling in both meticulous planning and the exercising of imaginative cruelty in war. This category contains all pages related to theChaos Space Marines of the Traitor Legions and other Renegade warbands who have forsaken the light of ��� XX Legion: Alpha Legion File:Alpha Legion Astartes.jpg. Those outside the XX Legion believed this was because the Emperor had already completed His galactic odyssey to reclaim the Primarchs by the time the two met in person, and that His focus had shifted elsewhere. Fortunately for the Loyalists, supplies of these difficult to manufacture munition rounds were limited, and only the Alpha Legion and the Sons of Horus were able to field them in substantial numbers beyond that incident of brutal treachery. The Alpha Legion initiating a "Harrowing", a final assault during an Imperial Compliance action, from a hundred directions at once. These "sleeper" cells had been planted years earlier before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, and upon activation, performed their primary functions of sowing destruction and undertaking diversionary terrorist acts, causing panic and anarchy on the Throneworld and throughout the system. In the meantime, they fomented rebellion amongst the old tech-guilds of Kiavahr, the Forge World that the moon of Deliverance circled, while assembling Alpha Legion forces nearby for an unsuspected surgical strike. The Alpha Legion's present battle cry of "For the Emperor!," when viewed in this light, is not the mocking insult of a Traitor Legion it was once thought to be. Many of the Alpha Legion were uncannily similar in appearance and temperament, and their Primarch used this fact to his advantage -- the claims that Alpharius was so efficient he could appear in two places at once had their basis in reality. Original Homeworld "Hydra Dominatus!" Alpharius Omegon believed in planning and co-ordination, and the twins always sought alternatives and multiple solutions to any given problem, with different elements working together for the end result. The Legion's badge, the hydra, is a multi-headed mythical beast which could keep fighting even if one of its heads was cut off. The Alpha Legion have had a rules and overall tone alteration with Codex Traitor Legions. Used openly for the first time at the Drop Site Massacre on Istvaan V, their dense explosive cores and firing stresses reduced their range and swiftly degraded the firing weapon, but their effect against the betrayed Loyalist Astartes was devastating. "The Imperium is riddled with corruption and hatred. In terms of warships, the Alpha Legion was known to possess a very extensive and diverse fleet, although lacking in large numbers of heavy capital ships and planetary siegecraft in comparison to most other Legions. The last primarch to be discovered, Alpharius had a secret unknown to everyone: he actually had a twin named Omegon. Unknown to them, the insidious Alpha Legion had inserted several of their own Legionaries, surgically disguised as Raven Guard Legionaries who had died on the black sands of Istvaan V, into the surviving Raven Guard. The Alpha Legion was also known to operate behind enemy lines and even mingle with enemy civilian populations. The precautions taken by the psykers of the Alpha Legion shielded the infiltrator's mind from casual inspection by psychic or technological means. To fight the Alpha Legion's warriors and war machines in open battle was akin to fighting a single, vast and crushing entity with mystical limbs and striking fangs, but operating under a single malevolent will. ALPHA LEGION. The Alpha Legion ensured they kept the integral data for themselves as well as the design of the corrupted Raven Guard genome. One such account of the finding of Alpharius circulated secretly between the houses and factions of the Imperial Court on Terra, which states that his discovery was an accident of the Luna Wolves Legion prior to the end of the Great Crusade and the beginning of the 31st Millennium. An Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine with his Autocannon. Any Legion can take them so long as that Legion doesn't require all units to have a [Mark] keyword other than [Tzeentch], and the Thousand Sons can only take the variant listed in our codex. Such tactics often brought the Alpha Legion's target to an agonised fever pitch while simultaneously robbing them of their real strength and forcing them into such vulnerable configurations as the Alpha Legion wished. During the Rangdan Xenocides, a representative of the XXth Legion appeared before Lion El'Jonson. I wonder though which unit and legion would benefit more? Some Imperial savants have claimed that the entire battle was some grand ploy unleashed by the Alpha Legion, though to what end none can say. The vast majority of Alpha Legionaries. They were boosted by additional reinforcements from the Armada Imperialis. They are not human at all but superhuman, having. Such accusations the Warmaster pointedly dismissed. The Imperial Fists reinforcements immediately pacified the captured guns on Kerberos, as Rogal Dorn led his Huscarls in an assault upon the astropathic chamber on Hydra. Of the many mysteries that surround the Alpha Legion, the most fundamental and key enigma is the question of the Alpha Legion's Primarch, Alpharius. This sigil, which was used particularly in the earlier displays of the XXth Legion's heraldry, carries other hidden meanings not limited to themes of unity, continuum and indestructibility. However, these names may or may not represent the real designations of Alpha Legion Astartes, whose penchant for disguise and deception are well known. The Cabal revealed to Alpharius Omegon, as well as two other men, Peto Soneka and a psyker by the name of Shere, the outcome of Horus being named Imperial Warmaster of the Great Crusade -- the onset of the terrible interstellar civil war called the Horus Heresy. Games Workshop Space Marine Heroes Series 3 box DEATH GUARD All 6 New Minis Hero. Many icons utilised by the Alpha Legion at this time, appeared to be drawn from the same ancient script. They have also been known to use more drastic measures, such as those employed during the actions on Istvaan V during the opening days of the Horus Heresy. Rubrics are not gaining so much from 1KS Legion Trait and they are very resilient (albeit less fluffy) with -1 to hit. Even less is known about the internal organisation of the Alpha Legion since the Horus Heresy than was known before. Some additional parts to turn your Space Marines into renegades rallied to Horus Bitzarium, your Bits specialist since 2011! What truly occurred there remains a well-guarded secret, one kept by Rogal Dorn himself and his Huscarls bodyguard. Following the calamitous events of Istvaan V and the Raven Guard's flight to Terra to bring word of the disaster, the shattered XIXth Legion returned to their homeworld of Deliverance. Alpharius led his Legion, created in his image, to the outer reaches of the Imperium and was eager to join battle and emulate the glories of the older Legions. Gracix ��� Shatter Corps. The Alpha Legion's companies, battalions and Chapters (sometimes referred to as "Harrows," "Cohorts," "Hosts," and "Instruments" in shifting meaning) were formalised and broken down seemingly at the whim of Alpharius and the Legion's commanders. However, he remained tight-lipped as to where he had come from. In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, the Alpha Legion did not retreat to the Eye of Terror like the other Traitor Legions; instead the XXth Legion moved on into the galactic east, following new objectives of their own devising. Some have claimed that the entire battle was some grand ploy, though to what end none can say. The reason for this falsehood or the function this macabre practice served remains unknown. Tellingly, there is no recorded evidence that the XXth pattern gene-seed group, although having been approved by the Emperor after its limited battle-tests, was ever ordered to expand to full implantation, or received an allotted intake region of Terra for mass recruitment as the rest would do during the early years of the Great Crusade. That is an identity true and without falsehood. Many, often anonymous Needless to say, this latter phenomenon is confusingly, not constantly, observed in the record either, and while some reports speak of the Legion's members displaying a strange physical uniformity, others infer them as originating from a mixture of genotypes, while others indicate a stranger, waxy and unnatural appearance with grey flesh blank of pigment, and sees them adorned with shimmering serpentine electoos. XX Although, if your meta is horde enough, you can use Rubrics as anti-horde instead of chosen. If one failed, they all failed. His deception was only revealed towards the end of this affair, after the surviving members of the Shattered Legion force escaped with the knowledge that Alpharius had indeed been masquerading as Meduson. NEW SPACE MARINES NECROMUNDA AGE OF SIGMAR LEGIO CUSTODES SISTERS OF SILENCE LORD OF THE RINGS DEATHWATCH MECHANICUM CHAOS ASTRA MILITARUM ... ALPHA LEGION. I prefer rapid fire 1/s7/-3/1 damage (combi)plasma guns on chosen bolter 2/s4/-2/1 damage warpbolters on the Rubrics. Chaos Lord(s) When Alpharius was about to impale Dorn with his Pale Spear, the now-dying Archamus attempted to intervene in the battle after spotting Alpharius was primed for a killing blow, however his seax rebounded harmlessly off of the spear's haft. Brother-Nemesis Alacrax, the Serpentine Scourge, a, Ancient Nehalen, "The Interitus", corrupted. Arkturion ��� Alpha Legion. These candidates would then take even more drastic steps to ensure their ability to infiltrate their targets, having their minds reprogrammed psychically by the Legion's Librarians so that they would forget their own true identities. Though a Primarch, not even Lion El'Jonson had been explicitly aware of the XXth Legion's existence, though he had been privy to the rumours of a "Ghost Legion.". An Alpha Legion armoured infantry squad during the Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V. When the Horus Heresy erupted and the atrocity at Istvaan III occurred, a large Alpha Legion strike force, comprising some 50,000 Legionaries under the direct command of their Primarch were conveniently situated to respond to Rogal Dorn's order to attack the Traitors at Istvaan V. This Alpha Legion contingent is believed to have comprised the combined forces of two separate Expeditionary Fleets and their support vessels, having recently returned to the Imperium to resupply and re-arm at the Forge World of Lucius after an extended series of campaigns on the northeastern galactic fringe. Alpha Legion Pre-Heresy armourial iconography. Entire Expeditionary Fleets could have operated never knowing the existence of mirror images of themselves, each believing that they were the only Alpha Legion bearing the name. With the assistance of the Legion's Apothecaries and the genetic material absorbed by their Omophagea, the operative's vocal chords and mouth would be reshaped to better resemble that of the target whose identity he had assumed, as the genetically-enhanced hearing of a Space Marine could detect any small difference that might give rise to suspicion. Free shipping for order over 45€! Armenneus Valthex — Red Corsairs. Their deceptions multiplied, as too, it appears, did the names that the XXth Legion and its agents were known under, particularly in the dark stars beyond the Imperium's borders, where many of those it came into contact with had no idea of their destroyer's true nature or allegiance until it was too late. Reliable testimonies of the Shattered Legions ship Sisypheum, most importantly the accounts of the Raven Guard specialist Nykona Sharrowkyn, place at least one of the Primarchs -- presumably Alpharius -- on a secret and hence unknown facility, designated as Lerna 2-12. The Alpha Legion played a pivotal role in the infiltration of the Raven Guard to gather vital intelligence on the Imperium's defences within the Sol Sector as well as the Imperial Palace on Terra. In some stranger instances they operated under a "false flag", wearing the livery of a known Legion, often amid a war zone where that impersonated Legion was operating but without that Legion's knowledge, license or command. Following this action, Omegon met with the Cabal representative Athithirtir aboard his ship. On occasions there have been successful assassinations of members of the Legion thought to be high-ranking officers, but their removal has had little visible effect on Alpha Legion operations.