This website uses cookies to improve your experience. they had lovely customer service and my order arrived earlier than I expected with covid, would recommend and will. When the amanita is gathered and cleaned up, we put amanita into a special room with drying system, that’s why it keeps its natural form and beauty. I am a return customer and will continue to be. You are responsible for informing yourself on the legal status, import and custom laws of these products in your country. Evaluating the ecosystem we are leaving part of the mushrooms … All rights reserved. Best prices we’ve found also. a league of there own this year with there strength and quality. Amanita Muscaria For Sale 2020 Fast and Secure Shipping With an Overnight Delivery ,fly agaric mushroom,amanita pantherina,amanita mushroom, The mushrooms I received were dry, survived the trip to Canada in excellent shape, only 2 mushrooms were broken in half. Fresh Amanita caps are drying on low temperature keeping it’s best qualities. Poisoning symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, stomach pains, weak pulse, cold limbs. Reports of human deaths resulting from its ingestion are extremely rare. Amanita muscaria is probably humanity's oldest entheogen. They will be used quickly in my case so I'll be good :). hype thing going on though SO if you experience a BIT of a delay, (like I DID), just don't freak out because it ISN'T AmanitaStore's fault & THESE COLORFUL pretty things are WELL worth the wait! I always receive my items quickly considering they are coming from overseas. is always prompt to reply and is very professional. Some of the most beautiful specimens we have gotten so. Dried Amanita Regalis(The Royal Fly Agaric), includes ONLY dried caps without any stems. I had some shipped over to Canada good product and good people! The chemical compounds in Amanita Muscaria could different and it depends on many factors. We are one of a kind experts when it comes to amanita muscaria mushroom and we are proud to say-we have the best and finest quality A+++ grade fly agaric caps. It is poisonous, but is often chosen for the manufacture of folk remedies for joint pain. The product has a great quality and the customer service is promt and friendly. Our amanitas grow in a beautiful enviroment in natures reserve of meteliai, dzūkija region. Great product, top notch customer service!Definetily going to order again when i run out :). WHY TO BUY AMANITA MUSCARIA HERE? (If there even IS a wait by the time you are reading this. Our amanita products are not sold for human consumption. Feedback. The goods are packaged in discreet packages. Amanita Muscaria warming cream against joint pain, Dried Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Caps Powder, Dried Amanita Muscaria Caps (300 g / 10.6 oz), Dried Amanita Muscaria Caps (90 g / 3.2 oz). We guarantee discretion, good value and the best experience. The practice of collecting and drying Amanita Muscaria caps for many years allowed us to understand the secrets of this one of the most famous mushrooms. A group of enthusiast’s from Europe, Baltic countryside that is … Assembling and planning Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) mushroom requests a ton of information and experience. far. Was a pleasure to work with. International Registered  Priority shipping with Tracking number for orders starting at 40€. Let that determine your decision :), I highly recommend this store. I ordered and my package was shipped out the next day according to the date stamp on the envelope. A++ grade. Buy dried Amanita Muscaria mushroom caps in our shop. 10/10, Amanita regalis finest grade caps 15 grams (dried), Amanita muscaria finest grade caps 100 grams (powder), Amanita muscaria finest grade caps 100 grams (dried), Amanita muscaria finest grade caps 30 grams (dried), Amanita muscaria finest grade caps 15 grams (dried). More information. Who we are. The mushrooms are dried at a temperature not higher than 104 Fahrenheit in a special dryer. order arrived in, less than 10 dayswill recommend! Amanita muscaria dried sale, pantherina,regalis collection and drying.Collected in Lithuanian forests.Dry at appropriate temperature.Fly agaric dried . It just took longer to get to me... And that WAS to be expected. Fast delivery, good service, great product. We do not collect your data and information about orders is removed as soon as it is completed. Product price. I can recomend this store. Our customers make a lot of Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) products such as tea, creams. I, am a repeat customer and highly recommend this seller. More information. US & Canada customers gets their orders delivered in 7-15 days! Rubbing with Amanita Muscaria is useful for the treatment of neck fatigue, back pain, especially sitting or lying down and having muscular pains in the back area, joint pain, joint cracking, rheumatism, radiculitis, weakness in the limbs, finger twitching, numbness, frostbite. Email: info@amanitamuscariashop.comPhone: +370 683 44518Response time: 24 business hours. Dried Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) mushroom caps. Cap: 5-15 cm in diameter, young hemispherical, older flattened, protruding, sticky, Read more…. Depending on how long you plan on storing your amanitas, you might want them to be cracker dry. For me, some of them were, some of them were more... hard cookie dry... if that makes sense. I am thankful I found this shop. For an additional fee, your goods will be registered at the post office. Continuing the old traditions of our ancestors we sell dried amanita muscaria which is gathered only in distant forests in Lithuania, picked on 2017 autumn. Amanita muscaria is available in many varieties such as Washington States, African, Latvian, Siberian, and Colorado, and is also widely available as a 10x resin or acetate extract used as exotic incense or as an effective insecticide. Amanita muscaria's history has it associated with both Shamanic and magical practices. The practice of collecting and drying Amanita Muscaria caps for many years allowed us to understand the secrets of this one of the most famous mushrooms. This mushroom has more toxic chemicals so it is a poisonous mushroom. Now the product I, purchased is the best priced on the market, especially the 100g bulk, and European amanitas strands (in which they are) I find to simply be more enticing due to their color. Amanita muscaria caps are used for special recipes in making of medicine. Friendly staff, and top notch quality mushrooms :) Other places can very likely scam you, being unreachable after they receive payment. Even the smallest contrast in shading can prompt other mushroom species that might be fatal harmful – We are talented mushroom specialists conveying the best grade dried Amanita Muscaria tops in the market. These are extremely savory and make you feel very good. I will be purchasing from this company again. Excellent source for a good species of Amanita. Amanita muscaria, the highly visible and strikingly beautiful mushroom, also known as the Fly Agaric, is yellow to red in color and speckeled with white. OUR PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. they were superb quality also fast shipping, thank you! We are picking it for years in forests of Latvia and Lithuania. We offer free shipping worldwide. To achieve the effect, red mushroom is eaten fresh or dried. We sell high quality Amanita Muscaria mushrooms collected in beautiful Lithuanian forests. dried amanita regalis 50g 2020 HARVEST. The goods will arrive in Europe in 7-14 days, in the US in 14-21 days and elsewhere in 21-31 days. What happens if you eat Amanita Muscaria? Our mushroom drying technology allows you to offer Fly Agaric caps of excellent color, strong mushroom odor and extremely good taste. We sell Dried Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms. Shipping was faster then we anticipated waiting, which was an awesome surprise. Due to the correct drying method, Amanita Muscaria keeps its best qualities. Amanita muscaria, also known as the fly agaric fungus due to its ability to effectively repel flies, has been studied in mythology and science for hundreds of years. DRIED AMANITA MUSCARIA FOR SALE! We'll assume you accept this policy as long as you are using this website, Amanita Muscaria hand made mug! We know when and how to collect mushroom caps correctly. More information. Like baking bread when boiling. great customer service. It was identified as the "Soma" of the ancient (4000 BC) Rig Veda by Gordon Wasson. Our amanita muscaria caps is a true piece of art. Great customer service, mushrooms arrived when promised. Coming from Lithuania we are one of a kind mushroom experts, we take our craft verry seriously so that the world can see and experience the best Amanita muscaria out there in the market! Amanita Regalis Dried Mushroom Caps 30 g / 1 oz. Their. prices are the lowest I've found and their products are high quality and full of color. Quality product! Reports of human deaths resulting from its ingestion are extremely rare. How Amanita Muscaria Can Help Cure Arthritis, Radiculitis, Rheumatism, Paralysis. . Again, this price is after all the best that I've found. In terms of how they were dried, Monika told me they were done at around 55 degrees Celsius, I personally prefer between 65 degrees Celsius and 74 Celsius. © 2019 - 2020. The mushrooms are then stored in a dry, dark and cool place to keep the humidity inside the mushroom below 15 percent. We provide FREE worldwide Air Mail Priority shipping to all countries in the world. There IS a bit of a delay at customs with this covid19 overblown. Price $90.00. We provide free worldwide shipping. (there IS a time difference?!) SHOP NOW . ✨, Excellent quality and customer service. Then we pack dried amanita muscaria into packages: 15 grams, 30 grams, 100 grams. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL caps and they SMELL WONDERFUL! Tracking available. You need to take care using these mushrooms because they are in. Find more information on how we do ours business to perfection on our blog. They have great customer service. Great quality amanitas, arrived in the Netherlands in just 10 days and a top customer service !!! What is Amanita Muscaria and how to identify it? this place. To start absolutely great customer service! Very flavorful. DRIED AMANITA MUSCARIA FOR SALE! We are picking it for years in forests of Latvia and Lithuania. Amanita muscaria caps are used for special recipes in making of medicine. Our Amanita Muscaria caps are valued worldwide for its high quality. The effects appear within half an hour or Read more…, Often called, just the beauty of the forest. Price $38.00. (Glowing in the dark), Amanita Pantherina Dried Mushroom Caps 30 g. / 1 OZ. Look forward to being a repeat customer! People think that selling Amanita muscaria mushrooms is easy. Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) dried (powder)1,7 oz (50g). AMANITA MUSCARIA DRIED CAPS AND POWDER . The primary active chemicals known in Amanita Muscaria are: Muscimol, Ibotenic acid, Muscazone, and Muscarine. We know when and how to collect mushroom caps correctly. Our customers make a lot of Amanita Muscaria ( Fly Agaric ) products such as tea, creams. Is definitely, Depending on where you are in the world it's going to take a bit longer for delivery due to covid. WE DO NOT PROMOTE TO EAT THEM AND WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE FOR YOUR HEALTH. Well in reality, we went trough a lot of trials and tribulations to come out with the correct preparation method,we spent 5 years studying literature and made experiments to find the truth.We know when to gather and how to prepare Fly Agaric caps and end result is what you see, no dark spots or bad smell. They are sold for making a spore slurry for inoculating the soil that is hosting a compatible tree species or as a spore source for direct inoculation of spores into a prepared soil mixture that will also host a compatible tree seedling. Amanita muscaria has alot of history behind it returning to antiquated agnostic and viking times.. We have satisfied customers all around the world! We know how to dry Amanita Muscaria mushrooms to make them have superb color, strong odor and excellent taste and keep its natural form. We collect the best, clean, dry, vacuum seal and deliver to your door. AMANITA MUSCARIA SHOP! Wonderful product! In medicine, amanita is used as a Read more…, Amanita Muscaria is a hallucinogen of  natural origin, the active substances of which are muscimol and ibotenic acid. I have a 100 grams of these Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. I will definitely be. We store our production in a cool, dry place no longer then a year. Contact 0. You can pay for the products by card or Bitcoin. About us. People think that selling Amanita muscaria mushrooms is easy. I will of course buy again. Amanita muscaria has a lot of variations like: guessowii, alba, regalis, persicina, flavivolvata – all of these are variants of amanita muscaria contain ibotenic acid and muscimol.