Both require critical thinking skills to be effective. A person who looks for opportunities to make a difference. In most cases, people have one predominant type or preferred type of thinking… All of us have an innate moral sense that we share with our primate cousins and perhaps other … It’s up to you to think and decide. One of the most desirable traits of legal nurse consultants is analytic ability. Then let's focus on differentiating critical thinking skills and analytical thinking skills for LNCs. Analytical Thinking is a linear process which allows you to break down and review complex information. It also enables you to suspend past assumptions and self-doubt. Critical thinking requires logic and accuracy, while thinking sometimes occurs in the form of faith and personal opinion. That is not actually true. Analytical Vs. Critical Thinking. Analytic thinking is the act of converging on facts, data, information, judgment, experience and wisdom in search of one best answer. You want to have the ability to differentiate the two so that you understand when you need to think critically and when you need to think analytically. The best analytical thinkers are also critical thinkers, and vice versa. List of Analytical Skills and Examples: Analytical skills are many. It is no wonder that companies focus on improving the analytical skills of its employees. Creative thinking is the act of diverging one's thinking … There are five types of thinking: concrete (The Doer), analytical or abstract thinking (The Analyst), logical thinking (The Orator), imaginative (The Inventor) and creative (The Original Thinker). Berdasarkan definisinya critical thinking, analytical thinking dan creative thinking merupakan kemampuan berpikir tingkat tinggi. Analytical thinking . Both are used for solving problems, doing projects and achieving objectives. The former requires evidence and further actions of examination and analysis, while the latter does not. Dalam taksonomi Bloom Anderson revisi, HOTS atau high order thinking skills yakni kemampuan menganalisis, mengevaluasi, dan menciptakan sejatinya sama dengan ketiga keterampilan berpikir tersebut. 5. Critical Thinking – A person who makes reasoned judgments that are logical and well thought out Initiative — A person who will step up and take action without being asked. Some people make the assumption that analytical thinking and critical thinking are one in the same. Analytical thinking starts with critical thinking and then takes it a step further. Analytical Thinking vs Critical Thinking. In general, critical thinking focuses on the bigger picture whereas analytical thinking focuses on the details. The typical definitions of critical and analytical thinking are much too academic for me, so let's look at some alternates specific to nursing and legal nurse consulting. Analytical thinking is a thinking process or skill in which an individual has the ability to scrutinize and break down facts and thoughts into their strengths and weaknesses. Analytical Thinking — A person who can use logic and critical thinking to analyze a situation. Analytical thinking also affects people’s moral attitudes. Critical thinking provides an opportunity to analyze and reflect on ideas. Summary: Both … The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools Based on Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools The Thinker’s Guide to The Foundation for Critical Thinking Client: Foundation for Critical Thinking Project Title: Analytic Thinking Guide ©2007 (07-051) Proof 1 Proof 2 Proof 3 Proof 4 9/28 11:40a 10/2 11:10a 10/2 2:25p 10/3 10:15a However, much of the thinking in formal education focuses on the convergent analytical thinking skills such as following or making a logical argument, eliminating the incorrect paths and then figuring out the single correct answer.