This beautiful bird is only found on two islands in the Raja Ampat region of Indonesia — Waigeo and Batanta. Quizzes . They’re famous for their reddish-rusty colored fur and long, thick furry tails. Only found in Europe. Strict protection measures, such as fishing restrictions, have resulted in their numbers slowly growing since the 1950s, with 86 new pups recorded in 2016. 1. Emperor penguins are fascinating as they are the only penguin species to breed in the depths of Antarctica's extremely brutal winter. 3. Writer. To understand the current state of endangered species in the U.S., Stacker has compiled a list of 25 endangered animals that are only found in the United States using the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and the U.S. In this article, here are 8 rare animals in Asia you didn’t know existed and where you can see them. This rare species can only be found in Southeast Asia, mainly in Borneo. They breed only on boulder beaches on the island. A subspecies of wren found only on Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland. Amphibians . It is tempting to go looking for the seals as they are the only animal found solely in Finland, but this isn’t recommended as it could potentially disturb them. The alpine Chamois or European Mountain Goat. In appearance, it’s darker and larger than mainland wren species, though not as large as its cousin, the Shetland Wren. I am trying to use animals for a "where are you from" game. I cant think of anything. SO for example i dont mean "the european squirrel" etc because there is also an american squirrel, deferent species but the same basic animal. The red fox is one of the animals in Italy that can be found in most parts of Europe, as well as in North Africa, North America, Asia and around the Arctic Circle. Shea Gunther. What is an only European animal? Bears, lynx, squirrel, eagle, fox, all have asian or american counterparts!!! Being limited to Fair Isle, it is an extremely rare species and the population is tiny, maybe 10 to 50 pairs. Birds . Tarsiers. The first emperor penguins were seen on Captain Cook’s second voyage in the late 18 th Century and Lt. Reginald Skelton found the first breeding colony on … Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species list. please help!!!! European bison were exterminated at the beginning of the 20th century, a few of the last european bison living in zoos and private breeds were preserved, which is why European Wildlife has bison as its emblem. 9 Animals Found in Only One Place in the World By. This area of the Veluwe is the most important location for inland sand drifts in Europe and is a great place to encounter sand lizards. It may be common, but this is still one of Iberia’s most beautiful and iconic species. ! This mountain chain close to the Portuguese border is said to have Spain’s highest-density wolf populations. The story of this mighty animal led to it becoming a symbol of nature conservation in Europe. They get up to 85 cm (33.7 in) long and weight up to 5 kg (24 lb). There are several species of animals that are only found in Russia. Animals View all Animals Animal ID . Though the chances of seeing one are still quite low, you’ll have fun trying. Then there are also rare species we’ve heard about and may not have heard about. Its bright colours and cool tail feathers make this a very unique bird of paradise!