APPSC AEE Syllabus For Civil Engineering is Available and APPSC AEE Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering PDF. Lifting machines – definitions, law of machine, study of important lifting machines. OPSC AEE Syllabus 2020: The candidates who are searching for OPSC AEE Syllabus 2020 come at right place. Strain energy and impact loading – strain energy stored in a body gradually applied, suddenly impact, shock load, proof resilience. Harvesting equipment for cotton, maize, potato, groundnut, fruits and vegetables. Hydrographs – components, factors affecting hydrographs, separation of hydrographs for simple and complex storms. Disc ploughs – advantages, disadvantages, constructional details of various components, accessories, plough adjustments, disc angle and tilt angle, differences between M.B. Deflections and slopes: Slopes and deflections in cantilevers simply supported beams; propped beams and fixed beams subjected to point leads and uniformly distributed loads. Division of employees, their relocation and nativity issues. Motors starters. Pumps: Centrifugal pumps, velocity triangles, Work is done and efficiency minimum starting speed, loss of head; specific speed and characteristic curves for centrifugal pumps. The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission AEE Prelims Examination with be conducted on the schduled dates on the different venues across the concerned state. In order to apply for the jobs in the APPSC, aspirants need to visit the official web portal which is “” and submit the application form of 309 Assistant Executive Engineers Posts. Formation and properties of steam, entropy of steam. i.e B.E / B. Grain handling equipment – bucket elevator, belt, screw and pneumatic conveyors. In Andra Pradesh PSC Assistant Executive Engineer recruitment the selection process involves, Civil & Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering, Click here to attempt our free APPSC  Group-1 mock tests, a) Tabulation of data APPSC Group 2 2020 Results. 2. Storage structures – grain pressure theories, design and costing of traditional structures, bag storage structures, grain bins, siols for fodder storage. Name of the Post: APPSC AEE CV Result Released Post Date: 30-11-2018. Greenhouse Technology: Greenhouse technology – introduction, importance of greenhouse, greenhouse effect. Contour trenching – types, alignment and construction. Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) Amaravati has Going to Announce Employment Notification for Assistant Executive Engineers In Various Engineering Services (General Recruitment). TED 31.01.2020, hereby has been notified that the candidates who have been shortlisted for the selection processes have come up for selections to the post of assistant executive engineer (09/2018) and are asked to join to the later post of AEE. Air conditioning – factors of human comfort, equipment used in A/C cycle, classification of A/C system, winter, summer and central A/C system, design calculations for air conditioning systems. Design and costing of gully control structures – drop spillways, drop inlet spillways, chute spillways, check dams. Biomass – biomass characteristics, utilisation, biodegration, microbial species, biogas production, parameters affecting gas production, stirring and dilution, types of biogas plants, comparison, merits and demerits, community biogas plants, constructional details, operation and maintenance, safety measures, slurry utilisation, alternate feed stocks. Heat exchangers, Over all heat transfer coefficient, Empirical correlations for heat transfer ;in laminar and turbulent flow, Heat transfer in free and forced convection. Compressible Flow: Velocity of the pressure wave, wave velocity for adiabatic and isothermal compression, Basic equations of one-dimensional flow continuity, energy, and momentum equations. Description of prismatic and surveyor compass – method of using prismatic compass, magnetic declination, determination of true bearings from magnetic bearings, running a compass traverse. Compaction rollers. Timber: Different types and species of structural timber, density-moisture relationship, strength in different directions, defects, preservations, plywood. Metal Casting: Die casting, Investment Casting, Shell molding, Centrifugal casting, Gating and Rising design, Melting furnaces. Principles of packaging and packaging materials. APPSC Group 1 Syllabus – Prelims 2019:-Download PDF Here. APPSC AEE Previous Question Papers PDF Syllabus and Pattern 2020 APPSC AEE Previous Year Question Papers Download as PDF – Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) has released a recruitment notification to recruit Assistant Executive Engineer posts on August 18, 2020. Design of shafts for combined loads. equation of a generator, losses, condition for maximum efficiency, armature reaction, commutation.