They certainly are NOT in my area. Wildlife value: Good for river bed areas it is native to, although it is a genetic clone, so it provides little genetic diversity. Your email address will not be published. No more waiting for you maple tree to grow, because the silver maple contributes to the vigor without interfering with the natural strength of the red maple. Often the tree will send out new growth after losing leaves. Birds won’t eat the fruit of a some crab apples. Over time, the exquisite tree grows to 15 feet (4.6 m.) tall and 6 feet (1.8 m.) wide, boasting rounded, almost pleated leaves reminiscent of a geisha’s open fan. Besides being over planted, there are other reasons to be concerned about this and in fact all of our native maples. Pros and cons of the Autumn blaze maple tree. 3 Responses. Some good ones include: ‘Sargent’, ‘Sargent Tina’, ‘Snowdrift’ and ‘Adirondack’. Leaving them on the ground or mulching with a mower will allow the spores to reinfect the tree. There is probably not a subdivision in my state where you can’t find this tree. 2) we have about 10 ash trees that are all dead or dying from the ash borer (and they will be cut down), but we have one big beauty that still looks healthy. He has informed me that the tree will be replaced. I’ve watered it 3 times (about every other day) and today I noticed that it’s leaves are drooping. Not recommended as a long term tree. Autumn Blaze Maple Trees. One of the most abundant trees in America's forests, red maple (Acer rubrum) makes a statement in the garden with its big canopy of wide, hand-shaped leaves. They were so fast growing that the couple of years of slower growth due to transplant shock on the larger trees allowed the smaller ones to catch up. Will tolerate urban soils. Red maples are often called Swamp maples for a reason. Thanks again. It is slower growing and tends to have more issues with alkaline soil causing chlorosis (yellowing of leaf). Heritage (Betula nigra ‘Cully’) and Dura-Heat (Betula nigra ‘BNMTF’). Your email address will not be published. Thanks for your help. I read on another website that they are not hardy. I am so glad to hear this! Deciduous trees like maples (those that loose their leaves in the fall) can be dug up and sold with their bare roots exposed. Also, come winter, sienna glen handles snow, ice and wind better than the autumn blaze. The Autumn Blaze maple tree is a hybrid species comprised of half red maple and half silver maple.The combination has been popular for 20 years in commercial and residential plantings thanks to the combination of gorgeous fall color and rapid growth - exactly what homeowners are seeking. Nurseries get to sell you a bigger tree years quicker and customers get the shade they want sooner. The worst of them turn ugly with leaf diseases and drop messy, slippery fruit right onto your new patio. A great specimen plant for the landscape although it does not help wildlife. Now the bad news. Certainly you can consult with a certified arborist. I started off this whole blogging thing with a post about another great river birch, the much less frequently used Fox Valley® River birch (Betula nigra ‘Little King’). These seedlings are now aggressively invading fields and other open areas, much like other introduced exotic plants, like the Buckthorn and Amur honeysuckle. Since these symptoms are weather related the nursery has little they can do for you. those branches which will form the main lateral structure of the future mature tree. Whether we consider this a tree or a shrub, it would make our lists. The delicate foliage holds its color for several weeks before shedding to the ground. The autumn blaze maple tree had been patented by late Glenn Jeffers, who was from the Jeffers Nursery in north central Ohio. Firefall Maple grows quickly, tolerates a wide variety of soils, and withstands drought fairly well once established. Note is does have a tendency to shed twigs and small branches so they are a little bit messy sometimes. For instance, a great crab apple I see for sale at the my Home Depot every spring is Sugar Tyme®. News. I just gave it a boiled (cooled) sugar mixed in gallon of water. Over the Memorial Day weekend, it felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. Posted by. Do your landscaping goals include helping wildlife? Some are even fruitless. This may be done at the nursery before you buy the plant or you may have to prune at the time of planting. Verdict: GOOD! I have two tree questions: Maybe take it down two times a week unless it is really hot. There are green leaf forms, but they tend to only be hardy to zone 6. Question. Close. Something about an irrigation system that was being installed, and he feels the trencher may have cut into the roots. Just keep watering it (regular water is fine) and allowing it is dry out a bit between waterings. I am hoping you can see the root flare at the soil line and that the trees have not been mulched right to their trunk. The main difference between the two is the size. Is it safe to plant autumn blaze near b The traditional maple-shaped leaves turn lipstick red in the autumn providing fantastic contrast to its green surroundings. Autumn Blaze Maple will grow to be about 50 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 40 feet. Verdict: GOOD!   With back-to-back "Urban Tree of the Year" awards in 2003 and 2004, you know they are pollution-tolerant (an important fact if you will be growing them along a street in a busy neighborhood). It however provides abundant edible fruit that birds adore during the early summer. Required fields are marked *. This not only adds to the winter landscape scene but also attracts birds in late winter when the fruit is one of the few foods available to them. I personally like the fact they hold their leaves late into Fall before turning nice shades of red, yellow and orange. And I guess Mr. Elm Tree will have to go away. Total Eclipse of the Heart – You’re guaranteed to fall head over heels for Autumn Moon Japanese Maple (Acer shirasawanum ‘Autumn Moon’), a rare and refined Japanese maple tree with powerful charm. There are many that do well in zone 5 and look great in all seasons. Autumn Fantasy® Maple is a hybrid of the Silver Maple and Red Maple. These are usually seen as purple leaf forms in my area. It has excellent disease resistance, fragrant white flowers in spring and persistent red fruits to provide a nice fall and winter display. The glossy green leaves persist on the tree turning orange-red to brilliant red in the fall. Autumn Blaze Maple vs Red Maple! The Freeman Maple, also known as Autumn Blaze, is a cross between the red and silver maple species. OK, maybe a bird might nest in one or a rabbit or deer may chew on one. Autumn Blaze maples can function in the landscape as fast-growing shade trees and as specimens highly valued for their fall foliage. If you’d like a more immediate impact now, we recommend ordering our larger sizes. (and why shouldn’t it?). Maple trees (Acer spp.) Recommended only for acidic wet soil conditions with the realization that it may end up being subject to invasive pest soon. Autumn Blaze 2/27/17, 1:14 PM Denver Tree Pictures Shade Trees Maple Trees (Mature Height 50’ & Spread 40’) Pros: Good growth rate, Great fall color, Minimal insects, More oval shape as mature than round Cons: Can struggle in poor… Next time, I will write about landscapers favorite shrubs. I use affiliate links and may earn a commission if you purchase through my links. Its rich, dark green foliage turns from vibrant yellow-orange to burgundy in fall. It sounds like typical drought stress/transplant shock. I live in Riga Mi. This is a medium to large shade tree with ascending branches when young, maturing to a more rounded canopy. Spring time came, the trees budded, buds changed to leaves, seemed like all was going well. Crabapples are among the showiest spring flowering trees for full sun conditions. Since switching from a public garden to a commercial landscaping industry, I’ve had a chance to pay more attention to what plants are being used by landscapers in my area. Under the plant patenting system in the United States, the name Autumn Blaze is filed under the number PP#4864. In Chicago these are considered trees that should be phased out according to the Chicago Botanic garden’s Invasive Plants in the Chicago Region page. It looks like anthracnose is present - but this is not something that should threaten the health of the trees. The tree will be in full sun. Opinions needed! Not only do they have great blooms, many have persistent colorful winter fruit. PLEASE HELP! What else can I do?? There are a couple of good sizes limbs coming off the main trunk that he thinks are dead. Joined Jan 23, 2008 Messages 2,073 Location Pennsylvania, … ‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry for facilitating the spread of hate, lies, and conspiracies, — NowThis (@nowthisnews) November 22, 2019, This website or its third-party tools use cookies, for more information on data we may collect about you see our Privacy policy. Whichever soil you select, dig a hole three to five times as wide as the root ball but the same depth. They are still a very commonly used tree, though I think sugar maples are better for new landscapes. This is another North American native of wet areas like the Red Maple. It also does not hurt that this tree has a great red fall color. A rep from the nursery came out yesterday, and he seems to think that there was severe root damage prior to the them spading the tree and transporting. If you need a quick growing tree to provide shade then this tree might work for you. 5. If you have had one of these older non disease resistant cultivars, you may refuse to consider planting another crab apple ever again. Do you recommend my calling a certified arborist to examine the trees?David. There are a couple things going on with your new trees. are why most people plant these. I have seen way too many planted 5 to 10 feet away from front sidewalks and even foundations 30 to 40 years ago that have not caused problems to be overally concerned unless there was specific issues with the site or soil. It was first grown and developed by Poplar Farms, Inc. of Batavia. October Glory red maple care is similar to care for any maple. The Autumn Blaze maple consistently matures 40 to 55 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide. Sienna Glen® Maple is an excellent alternative to the commonly planted Autumn Blaze Maple with stronger wood and denser branching. It is also a hybrid that occurs in nature, so some of our native bugs don’t mind taking a nibble here and there (don’t worry you probably won’t even notice). Pros & Cons of Red Maple Trees. It is possible you will not see the disease next year if weather conditions do not favor its development. It is particularly known for its ability to grow quickly, grow well in diverse climatic and soil conditions and provide a long-lasting, vibrant fall leaf display. My favorite is the Crimson Queen Japanese maple, mainly because it is one of the faster growing ones. Autumn Blaze also grows much faster than a common red maple, a feature that lends merit to it carrying genes from the fast-growing silver maple. However, like silver maple, Autumn Blaze tolerates poor soil as well. Once the symptoms have become visible it is too late to treat the tree since fungicides are prevention from the disease developing. There are large numbers of them in my area, and suffer very little wind/winter storm damage. Tolerates the alkaline soils of urban areas and of Southern Wisconsin. Just some raw footage of me structure pruning an autumn blaze maple. Allow lots of room for your Autumn Blaze Maple to grow. Since it is still prime time for tree planting, we will start there. Jim, you should warn your clients that River Birch should not be planted within 25′ of any hardscaping as their aggressive near surface roots will push up even 4 inches of concrete pavement. Verdict: BAD. In New Jersey and the surrounding areas, they are considered invasive. Thank you for letting me know. switching from a public garden to a commercial landscaping industry. Wildlife value: As a hybrid of two native trees, you can expect this tree to provide some of the same wildlife benefits of it’s parents. As long as the soil is not too dry or alkaline, River birch is a fine tree for many landscapes. Wildlife Value: Very negative due to being so invasive. I would also recommend you consider planting a slower growing, hopefully longer lived non maple tree, not far from it. Spring soil drenches of imidacloprid are about the only treatment that I would recommend a homeowner try themselves and these are less effective the larger the tree gets or if the beetles are already feeding on the tree. If you want to attract birds choose a cultivar that has small fruit. But just in case, what are your thoughts on the Sienna Glen maple? It really annoys me that the nursery that planted the trees doesn't have the courtesy to come out and offer advice. If your tree looks healthy still, but have other ones in your yard dying, there is a good chance your tree already has beetles feeding on it. We had some pretty substantial Autumn Blaze Maples transplanted in our yard in Nov. of 2015. Nov 18th 2020 - 7am Bemidji area eateries offer Thanksgiving meals to go . Plant these maples in the fall or spring in a site with full sun. Verdict: BAD. This falls in the same category as the Autumn Blaze maple, except it is not a hybrid. These still have the formal upright structure of the Bradford but resist storm damage better as they age. If, however you are like most people and are planting in in front yards that are usually more doughty then wet, this is probably not the best tree for you. And hey, why not? The best care practice is to rake up and destroy the leaves that have fallen. It is slower growing and tends to have more issues with alkaline soil causing chlorosis (yellowing of leaf). There aren’t other elms with Dutch elm disease that I know of out here… Should I cut this elm down now while it’s easy, or let it grow and hope it never gets Dutch elm disease? Nonetheless, there are certain maple tree diseases that can create problems with the autumn blaze maple. Other then that, these plants are really just for the people in the garden. Hi Jim, love your website! Its dense, oval to rounded canopy of deeply cut, bright green leaves, turns brilliant orange-scarlet to crimson-red in fall. 1) we moved from Evanston, IL to a western suburb and some elm tree seedlings came along in a large flowerpot. Autumn Blaze maple tree care is easiest if the trees are planted in well-drained, moist, fertile soil. Winter buds, clusters of small winter spring flowers, leaf stems, twigs, and winged summer fruits are all reddish colored. Since I have my own strong opinions on these,  I’ll get add more of my own rambling commentary about landscapers favorite trees. It is over planted because of it’s great fall color (even better then the Autumn Blaze). In the past week there have been many inquiries from homeowners about the browning and defoliation of maples. This homegrown maple is a close cousin of the immensely popular and well known Autumn Blaze Maple and actually has characteristics that some consider superior to Autumn Blaze. Most trees re-foliate from latent buds that are on the tree. Just because a plant looks great may make it one of landscapers favorite trees. The Autumn Blaze Maple turns orange to crimson red in the fall which looks great as a specimen tree or planting in clusters. I need a shade tree or two so I an actually use the patio. The Callery Pear usually seen is still the Bradford Pear. Winds picked up a bit and what was once a promising shade tree for the summer months, doesn't look so good now. We are planting a maple tree 20 feet from our in ground pool. Personally, Autumn Blaze. Please tell me it will be ok. This tree is planted by just about everybody and for good reasons, it is a great tree by many criteria. It has two very commonly used cultivars. Hope this helps. Both trees are in excess of 20 foot tall, about an 8 inch diameter trunk, and 8 foot root ball. I have heard pros and cons for all of these Maple trees. Ask an Expert is made up of groups and individual experts. The other thing to be aware of is the stress your new trees have from transplanting. See you then. It may be the Asian long horned beetle or it might be something else. Anthracnose is a fungal issue that develops in cool, wet springs and shows up about now. Would that even work or is it too late? I remember when I worked in Manhattan, KS; we were planting ‘Autumn Blaze’ on every jobsite, in every new housing development. Verdict: GOOD! rmh3481. As it matures, the lower branches of this tree can be strategically removed to create a high enough canopy to support unobstructed human traffic underneath. I don't see too many October Glory Maples around. It has a high canopy of foliage that sits well above the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. Although they do appreciate protection from the cold winter winds and a bit of shade in afternoon in the summer months. From its red maple parent, it gets strong wood and a strong branch structure, so it resists storm and snow damage. Sun Preference Full sun and partial shade are best for this tree, meaning it prefers a minimum of four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight each day. Wildlife Value: Virtually all ornamental crab apples are NOT native to the US and the natives are not that ornamental. As of right now the other tree has not developed these symptoms. In other words they don't do well in hot, dry climates. How susceptible depends on the weather that year and which cultivar it is. ‘Autumn Blaze’ and ‘Autumn Fantasy’ are the best known of these hybrids. Thank you. When trees are very common, they are more susceptible to spreading diseases and pests among themselves, think Dutch Elm Disease. We had some pretty substantial Autumn Blaze Maples transplanted in our yard in Nov. of 2015. The way that I am feeling right now, I just want to take an axe and chop the tree down, that is how sick I feel at the moment. These trees prefer part shade but will grow in full sun. Wildlife value: Good. There is good reason for this. I expect this one to be one of the major casualties. They are not as bad as Norway maples for instance. Yes it is a cultivar (genetic clone) and a hybrid of two native trees, like the Autumn Blaze maple. There are so many types, that there is one for almost every circumstance. That being said, some of these non natives are still excellent trees for wildlife. Oct 8, 2010. They both have excellent creamy rich exfoliating bark that looks better then the straight species. If that describes where you are going to be planting this tree, then this may be a good choice for you. He stone patio? In the past, the potential for self-fruiting from these Pears had been small because cultivars of Pyrus calleryanna were unable to self pollinate. I’d be willing to spend $150 /year if it would keep that tree healthy. One of the best trees that landscapers use frequently. This  falls in the same category as the Autumn Blaze maple, except it is not a hybrid. It is unsightly though and worrisome to tree owners! The first consideration is to find the best spot for growing an October Glory tree. I prefer the height of the autumn blaze as I would like the tree eventually be be visible from our third floor picture window, but will 20 feet from the pool be far enough? Most of these landscape designs are for normal people who want a low care, great looking landscape. They tolerate a range of soil types, and they do best with adequate water. It seemed as if it happened overnight, but the leaves on the bigger of the two trees turned brown, not just the tips of leaves, the whole leaf. I personally, would remove because I am sure there is a better tree that could be using that space! This dwarf is more of a shrub than a tree for it’s first decade or so of life in the yard. Spring time came, the trees budded, buds changed to leaves, seemed like all was going well. While I sorted this list by Latin name, this tree would have been at the top if I sorted it by most used also. We’d love to keep it… Is it worth spending money for treatments to try to keep it alive for another 5-10 years? They don’t like the fruit of ‘Adams,’ ‘Donald Wyman,’ and Red Jewel. No personal experience. are deciduous trees. Also make sure the trees are irrigated properly with a hose dripping in the root zone. If you really want white spring blooms, look at the crab apple or service berry mentioned above. I will have an arborist check it out and if we can keep it alive for a while longer it’s worth it. Highly popular, award-winning Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze' (Freeman Maple) is a fast-growing, large deciduous tree noted for its ascending branch habit and glorious fall color. Here is a good resource is you really want to geek out about your options. This means they add very little to the genetic diversity of our landscapes. Growth Rate This tree grows at a medium to fast rate, with height increases of anywhere from 13" to more than 24" per year. Wildlife value: Zilch, zippo, nada! He's also been a horticulturist and aesthetic pruner at a top quality Japanese Garden, as well as a freelance garden consultant, Risk Management Consultant, Insurance Safety inspector and head banging Ice Cream Truck driver (yeah that was me cranking "And Justice for All") among other things. Flowering crab apples are one of the staple flowering trees used by landscapers all over the US but especially in the Midwest. Heritage tends to grow 40-70′ tall and Dura-Heat grows 30-40′.