It is the best among the list because, apart from being affordable, this guitar fits in so many settings. We have gone through a bunch of the best classical guitars we could find online for beginners… The price breakdown is as follows: $ = 0-150, $$ = 150-250, $$$ = 250-350, $$$$ = 350+ In recent years the classical guitar has been a musical instrument many guitar brands compete in manufacturing. Classical guitars can make a great first guitar … The Best Classical Guitar For Beginners Will Stick With You For Years To Come. Top 5 Classical Guitars for Beginners. As a newcomer to the amazing world of guitar, your desire to check out classical guitars as a possible first – or second, or tenth – instrument is right on the money! As we conclude, allow us to highlight the best classical guitar in a budget: Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar. Both beginners and experts will enjoy the physical and sound attributes this guitar … Use the table below to sort by ratings and/or price. With a wealth available it can be difficult to know what to look for especially if you aren't armed with all the relevant info so we are reviewing the 10 best classical guitars … Choosing The Best Beginner Classical Guitars from the Best Beginner Classical Guitar Brands.