It gives a fair idea about what to expect in the test. Although I felt the scoring is bit strict (I kept getting 70s even when I had correct answers sometimes, I think it was good in a way to keep me grounded and focused all the time. Nice questions and helped me to understand the level of PTE. Because of this only, I cleared my PTE exam in the first attempt.It was really an awesome website for preparing PTE exam. Keep up the good work of helping students. How to improve PTE Speaking repeat sentence? Below are the 2 best grammar preparation apps for PTE. I had the experience of real exam. to the app. I enjoyed the time and i did not get any technical issue. Get One to one sessions with PTE Expert Coach for your target score. Gave a true sense of the test. Here i got the one free PTE mock test and then I purchased a full package which was quite reasonable for me. A very informative and live like experience for those who wants to score good. very good questions bank like real one. 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It also provides online mock tests on Pearson PTE's website. PTE is a computer-based exam. Encouraged exam takers to practice and through exams provided, it enhances the ability and time management. They bring us closer to our dreams and aspiration and help us to secure a bright future.One such exam is the PTE exam, an English proficiency test that turns your dreams to study abroad into a reality. There is actually lots of materials in internet but the one that I actually used the YouTube and i would recommend that 3. Thanks to the team who created this kind of test. 10 out of 10 from myside. Aspirants have to either read some text or hear an audio/video clip to answer accordingly. Each of the PTE Practice tests & Section Wise tests comes with expert answers for self-evaluation. I got overall 90 (S-90, W-90, L-90, R-86) in PTE. This includes your Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture, Answer Short Question. A good one to try before the exam day if you are not enrolled to any PTE course. Our PTE AI algorithm will evaluate your PTE mock test with a much precise evaluation for free with a scorecard. Best PTE Centre is the first Valued Partner of Pearson's PTE Academic with the Service of AI- Technology which unsure unbiased result within the short period of time. At, we believe every test taker has their own set of skills and requirements for PTE Academic. With Englishfirm you have the option to get a free PTE mentor along with free mock tests without spending a single penny. PTE Appify App: 3 months free access (normally US$50/month - that's a savings of US$150 or SG$220!) The knowledge zone is super cool, it provides all information about the PTE exam like the pattern, question types, scoring contribution, etc. The test takes place at one go. This is useful for me to judge my shortcomings. You get a scorecard within 18 hrs. Start your Free Trial today! PTE Mock Test. 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Get detail analytics of all the four sections and areas of improvement for each question wise on the basis of your targeted score. Really it is looks like realistic EXAM. The PTE Writing section in the PTE Academic is combined with the Listening and Reading module. I attempted a PTE mock test from Great Guys...Thanks a lot for you guys.This is my first mock exam. Affording online and offline PTE mock test with evaluation, PEC-Education helps students to boost their PTE score. Thank you very much for the help. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed practice test and appreciate it's accuracy. It gave me idea about how to practice and what to practice. It was nice indeed to prepare myself. The interface is smooth and quality of questions are up to the mark. It remains to be seen how much it match the mock test with the real deal, but it is a great tool for preparation! Thank you for your tips & tricks. The study material for the test easily available online. 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The composition includes re-ordering paragraphs, multiple-choice, and fill in the blank, and others. Auburn Branch: Commercial 2, 22 Northumberland Road Auburn NSW 2144, Australia. But not all online material prove helpful. The best PTE Exam App available that enables you to test yourself and also improve your level. The tests are cloud-based and thus, accessible online.This gives you flexibility and convenience to practice anytime, anywhere.. This has been a very helpful tool for me. Thanks much to you guys! The pressure is real. Access the PTE tests from anywhere on the go. Develop the template to organize your thoughts. Gives me the same feeling on the actual pte exam. Through our practice exams based on real questions, you can pass the exam in no time. PTE Tutorials offers you various PTE-A Exam plans with distinguished features to kickstart your preparation with PTE Mock Tests at minimal cost. 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Coach feedback for each task type. Attempt Full Length Scored PTE Mock Test With same-day Scorecard. Weekly & Monthly personal PTE online coaching. Loved the test. The free mock test provides us the opportunity to test ourselves. Thanks again! Tested Method by Great learning experience. Individual Section Wise Test for self-practice. Prepare with scored PTE mock test and section-wise practice test to achieve your desire score with instant result. This is excellent support to the student who seeking a mock test before the exam. PTE Mock Test 1 Now, this will be the same level of activity as the actual PTE or we at least tried our hardest to make it the same level of difficulty. Get a complete series of PTE Tests, PTE Practice Tests for live practice with your PTE Coach. Amazing experience and very helpful for preparing my PTE exam.The mock test gave me an idea on what to prepare for the PTE exam. I will be able to prepare more and better understand how fast pacing the PTE Exam is. 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