It’s far from that simple though. The mascot of Nintendo, Mario makes it as number 10 due to his skill level being fairly easy. Are you a glutton for punishment? Many players were skeptical about the character’s viability upon their reveal, but they have shown to have quite the devastating potential. Lucario’s Aura mechanic gives him huge power-ups when he’s taken a lot of damage. Young Link is pretty close to Toon Link in his abilities. Regardless, his Monado Arts mean his skill ceiling is one of the highest in the game, requiring players to swiftly change depending on the state of the fight. Wolf has a similar style to Fox. He's like the 3rd heaviest character. means he’s got one fewer option for claiming stocks. Get practicing with using the different fruits from the Neutral-B and Pac-Man could take you to new heights. It beats out most other attacks and works brilliantly for ledge-trapping and protecting Plant’s recovery. Keep in mind that these rankings are in a vague order, but don’t take placings as gospel. Nerfs have hit the poor guy hard, as evidenced by VoiD’s 29 rank drop in the PGR after the changes. His recovery has barely any distance, his general movement speed is far slower, and despite dealing more damage per attack, Doc struggles to put together combos like standard Mario. Even so, the character has a lot of strong tools that’ll force opponents to adapt. Peach has all the tools needed to succeed if you’re willing to put the practice in. If you're short on time, here's our full list at a glance. It’s another case of having to deal with fighting game-style inputs, but many struggle against the insane combos possible with these two. Young Link ... 9 Worst: Ganondorf. Sure, there are slight differences between Ken and Ryu, but generally speaking you’ll be able to play both if you can play one. Super Smash Bros. is a hit game series from Nintendo, known for establishing the platform fighter genre and its nigh unprecedented crossovers. Of course, there's always a chance for top players to show us what they're capable of, but at present the character lacks the speed and mobility required to boost them up the tier list. Charizard got buffed recently too, so is able to reliably stick around and cause issues for your opponents until the late percentage ranges, with a massively fast up smash attack. Captain Falcon, Super Smash Brothers 64 The fastest character in the original Super Smash Brothers game, Captain Falcon was a powerful force to be reckoned with. His PK Fire doesn’t combo and most of his aerials have worse frame data and hitboxes. Ultimate 9.0.1 tier list as … Super Smash Bros have managed to release their Volume 2 for their Fighter pass and the players certainly love it. Bowling Ball is a great tool for edgeguarding too, since it can be yeeted off a platform and crush the skulls of enemies below. You’ll be relying heavily on Neutral-B to make things happen, as his aerial attacks are somewhat underwhelming. It's hard to not see Young Link as an exceptional character, and it's not because he's a leading protagonist. Sonic is amazingly fast, meaning you can punish enemy whiffs when other characters wouldn’t be able to, and if you get a stock lead you can just play lame and run away for the entire match. Tea has been showing the world just how scary Pac-Man can be, combining his speedy aerial attacks, projectiles from Neutral-B and the bizarre situations brought about by his Down-B fire hydrant to devastating effect. Young Link's items are very powerful. He is widely known as Nintendo's mascot, and is the most well-known video game character in the world, being in over 200+ video games. Even when opponents attack Cloud, he recovers quickly and claps back with is an important feature in this fast game. Cloud is a very valuable character because he works wonders both in the air and on the ground. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has an enormous roster with over 70 characters to choose from. Announced during the same Nintendo Direct as Hero, Banjo & Kazooie are the third duo-team-fighter in Smash's roster, next to Ice Climbers and Duck Hunt. With 74 characters (not including DLC) on the roster in Super Smash Bros. She has invincibility on her dash attack and back aerial too, allowing her to trade extremely effectively. She does have some decent combos, with down throw into back aerial killing pretty early at the ledge, and her invincible Neutral-B is extremely annoying to play against, but in general Zelda is very exploitable. Sure, he can combo from landing aerial attacks, but along with his recovery, these are extremely predictable, and his floatiness combined with light weight means he dies extremely early. Unfortunately, all Robin’s abilities are limited, requiring a period of charge before they can be used again, including the Levin Sword. This fighting game is a crossover that allows players to brawl with their favorite Nintendo characters. Basically, we’d love more Kirby buffs, help us Sakurai. King Dedede’s favourite tool is his Side-B, Gordo. His signature move, clawshot, snags opponents so there's nothing they can do. Our comprehensive guide to breaking your fall. Ultimate tier lists from three of the top players around, it’s becoming clear that one character is far and away the top pick in competitive Smash. Pikachu possesses great speed and does not lag after jumping and landing which is huge. Like the other duo fighters, their abilities are mixed and versatile, though Banjo & Kazooie definitely is the … Breaking news: It’s pretty cool that Cloud is in Smash. All Rights Reserved. Their Neutral-B creates an exploding can which locks off a great deal of the stage, and the character is surprisingly mobile to boot. In all honesty, you might as well just go for Lucina. A prominent Super Smash Bros. They’ve got a lot of potential though, and the highest level players can win consistently and impressively with these characters. He throws his small plant babies at you and you can’t really do a bloody thing about it. Mewtwo’s tail extends a ludicrous distance and leaves him vulnerable to all sorts of attacks from enemies. His backward aerial attack is equally pretty powerful and can be strung together for early kills. Fox McCloud - Star Fox 9. He has decent damage output, and a up throw kills around 150%, but like most low-tier characters, his recovery can get you absolutely rumbled if your enemy knows how to deal with it. The following characters are featured as costumes for the Mii Fighters 1. You’ve got a fair few decent tools with him, such as air mobility, a great down tilt attack, and some solid ladder combos, but it’s tough to get his moves to work properly. Top 10 Super Smash Bros. Played properly, top tier characters do have a huge number of advantages over their lower-ranked counterparts, from recovery options to stronger neutral play. Dunban - Xenoblade Chronicles 7. There are a lot of characters in Super Smash Bros. Gil - Tower of Druaga 11. Ultimate (SSBU), Nintendo has made it harder than ever to choose a main. Another member of sword gang, Roy brings a great deal of damage and power, combined with rapid speed. Best Character In Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2020 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a crossover fighting game created by Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd and released by Nintendo Switch in the year 2018. A pro Meta-Knight couldn't beat him. Marth’s attacks deal more damage at the tip of his sword, and significantly less at the hilt, meaning you’ll have to space your moves perfectly to avoid whiffing. Back at it again with the gimmicky characters everyone hates playing against. I'm. Ultimate?We’ve already seen early tier lists from two of the world’s top players attempt to answer that question. It flies back at King Dedede as soon as it takes a hit from most projectiles, so don’t over rely on it. Here are the 5 best & 5 worst. Unfortunately, these are almost all downgrades. Zero Suit Samus is ridiculously fast, and her Down-B has such a ridiculous range she usually doesn’t remain in a state of disadvantage for long. You’ll also see a lot of Up-B egg throwing and utilising his double jump (which resists knockback) to string together up aerials. If you’re decent at Lucina, you’ll be decent with a lot of characters. Ultimate provides a variety of characters for characters to play. All three versions of Link are pretty similar in moveset. They buffed the puff! It is an ideal game for you if you enjoy letting out some competitive rage against your friends and random people online. Check out Rivers’ play if you fancy giving the character a go though. His projectiles are very similar, and his hitbox is smaller, avoiding more attacks and letting you get in close if your projectiles don’t do the job. Smash 2 removes some characters from Brawl, like Lucario, but all of its newcomers are either Melee veterans or characters introduced in Brawl, like Snake or Wolf. Now, with three new Smash Bros. He also doesn’t have Roy’s hilt mechanic, meaning he’s going to deal equal damage wherever on his sword he hits. There might as well just be one of them to fight with at this point. His neutral aerial covers a ludicrous distance, his Side-B acts as a reflector as well as a kill move, and his Down-B Gyro lets him deal silly amounts of damage when combined with his down tilt. Dark Wizzy is great to study if you’re after some sweet Mario action. Ultimate Characters. is a giant hitbox waiting to get beaten up. That doesn’t quite cut it. It’s worth picking up Zero Suit Samus if you can handle the fast pace of her game. Her Down-B, Phantom, can be charged up and make an enormous amount of the stage inaccessible to your opponent, but this is predictable, you’re in trouble. Ganondorf’s recovery is really poor though. His Shield art can break combos, and racking up damage with Buster is extremely fast. Their recovery is pretty exploitable, and you’ll struggle with players who know the matchup well, but the Duck Hunt gang are worth trying out if you want something slightly different. Zelda is a bit of a one-trick pony. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Ganondorf usually attacks with his sword but he does not have a large variety of moves which makes him vulnerable. You might find yourself a bit of success with Corrin’s decent juggling game and powerful Side-B tipper hitbox, but in general their moves are very predictable, with a less-than-ideal recovery. Falco’s up tilt attack is his primary combo tool. In this video I decided to showcase every single characters best combo in the game in my opinion. Mii Swordfighter is a pretty slow character. Mr. R and Rivers are good pro players to take examples from if you’re looking to improve your Chrom play. His dash attack and neutral aerial are relatively safe moves for neutral and can be followed up with a variety of other moves, while his fast falling trait gives him more mobility than you’d expect. Both are tough to master but offer a rewarding and entertaining gameplan, although you’ll have to be careful of enemy characters who possess reflectors. Every entry builds upon the last, yet doesn’t mess with the formula too much. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the fifth episode in the Super Smash Bros Game Series. The Ice Climbers also provide barely any damage in comparison to other characters. For those of you that haven't played, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB) is an action/fighting game between over 35 of your favorite video game characters, battling on over 20 unlock-able levels. Our favourite of the Mii fighters, Mii Gunner can usually be found dressed as Sans Undertale and spamming his ludicrously long-range forward smash attack. Against other characters though, he struggles massively. These two are in the same boat as Rosalina and Luma - you can get some cool combos through desynchronising the two fighters and zero-to-death people off of one mistake, but the mechanical skill required is enormous to optimise Ice Climbers, and the reward isn’t quite enough to make the effort worth it. Ultimate tier list meta as it stands. (prevent him from bouncing and going straight up in the air) 4. However, there are some that clearly outshine others. That’s all for our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the first of five brand-new characters that will be delivered throughout 2019. Even so, you’ll struggle to beat players who know the matchup against these characters, since their recovery is extremely exploitable and if you can get Simon/Richter off stage, it’s very easy to keep them there. Unfortunately, there are too many strong characters in Smash Ultimate - Pit is one who’s decidedly okay. Squirtle can rack up a whole lot of damage with his combos, and Ivysaur has massively powerful juggling and kill power. Ultimate has quickly become the most divisive and controversial inclusion into the series, garnering many upset fan reactions and underwhelming responses. Fishing Rod is a solid tether recovery move, but is much less useful than Villager’s rocket Side-B. Super Smash Bros. BestNess showcases this excellently, using the character’s weird hitboxes and janky style to great effect consistently. RELATED: Top 10 Zelda Characters We Want in Smash Ultimate, Ranked. James can usually be found wearing dungarees. Once thought of as a low-tier gimmick character, Meister has brought the strengths of this beepy boy to everyone’s attention. Firstly, he has a different Up-B, which can be seen as a negative (it’s worse as a recovery move) and a positive (it’s a strong out-of-shield option and you can gimp opponents with it at the ledge). Players fighting against Pikachu better gear up. Even so, VoiD and RFang have represented the character well, utilising his place as a version of Pikachu that’s even more of a glass cannon. Plus, he possesses the Ancient Bow which shoots arrows at opponents causing severe damage. The world's No.1-ranked "Super Smash Bros." player, Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios, ranked all 74 characters in the game based on his early impressions. Ultimate without using him in a fight. Ultimate is intimidating, especially for newcomers to the series. He’s also got some nasty combos with his up aerial, and at his down tilt combos into dash attack for a reliable kill setup. Unfortunately, this means that they are not great characters to fight with anymore. The enormous list of playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Represented by Samsora at the top level of Smash Ultimate, we’ve got Peach here given her ludicrous combo ability when played by a skilled player. Nobody can prove otherwise. Fox is represented by Light at the top level, and it shows the power of Fox’s kit. His down throw leads to huge combo potential too. Ultimate guide hub, where we’ve put together a whole bunch of techniques to help you improve your gameplay and take your skill to the next level. Regardless, Mario has to go right up to opponents since his attacks do not travel far at all. 9. Sure, his up and forward smash attacks are super strong, but cycling through the right Pikmin and staying out of harm’s way when you’re unable to get yourself more Pikmin are difficult tasks, and if you put the effort in, Olimar can do a brilliant job for you. He is widely known as Nintendo's mascot, and is the most well-known video game character in the world, being in over 200+ video games. He can accomplish this both in the air and on the ground. Plus, they gave him great range. In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, they cannot work together as effectively. Be careful though - his standard sword-based attacks are pretty slow in neutral, and you’ll struggle to rely on them against faster foes. Their Neutral-B Tornado is a fairly decent one, but generally you’ll have a hard time against anyone who can see you perform this move and set up into its combos. This means his maximum damage isn’t quite as impressive, but you’ll be able to have a more consistently good time with Chrom. He's pretty fast for his strength and weight too. Also, at low levels you can just spam his dash attack, because lots of people really struggle to deal with it. Snake is obviously the best. Who opens Smash Ultimate, sees the enormous character roster, and thinks ‘yup, I’ll go for Wii Fit Trainer’? You’ll often find yourself getting gimped (losing a stock at low percents) as Cloud too, since without Limit his recovery covers barely any distance. No judgment though; everyone has their favorites. Be careful picking this one up - you’ll have to play extremely well and punish your enemies’ mistakes every opportunity you get given all the self-damage you’ll be taking, as well as the fact that Pichu is the lightest character in the entire game. Ultimate Tier List is based on a combination of factors. Remember - you can also use the plunger from Luigi’s grab as a projectile that’ll hit enemies as they try to grab the ledge, something worth trying if you knock them off stage. So the players are curious to know about the Smash tier list. His main strength is Arsene, though. Her Side-B is now even harder to avoid with its lingering hitbox, and Jigglypuff’s forward throw angle change means your opponents will be put in a far worse position than they otherwise would’ve. Most of Lucas’ kit is just a worse version of Ness. Pikachu’s Up-B, Quick Attack, is great for recovery, escaping, mixups, and offence, and his neutral aerial loops can rack up damage early on. As annoying as his voice is, Lucas is quite the powerhouse. In general, Isabelle can be summed up by her jab attack - a little squeaky rubber hammer. In my opinion, the best Smash character ever was 64 Pikachu. These characters struggle quite a lot more than those above them. Sonic (Smash Bros. Brawl) If we were ranking the most iconic characters to make their Smash Bros debut, the venerable Mr. Needlemouse here would definitely rank number 1. 59.4% (711 - 486) 58.2% (308 - 221) 58.2% (1,490 - 1,071) 56.8% (1,009 - 768) Lucas can perform many moves at once and does not require a lot of percentages do to so. At low levels, Shadow Sneak, Greninja’s Side-B, will be very effective, but don’t over rely on it. Duck Hunt joins the Pac-Man squad of weird characters with a bizarre playstyle. The issue is his size and speed - aside from his difficult-to-punish neutral aerial, he’s combo food for a whole lot of the cast. Ultimate (SSBU), Nintendo has made it harder than ever to choose a main. Falco's trademarks are being able to move all over the stage making it hard for opponents to attack. He’d benefit from more mobility though, and like many characters in this tier, his recovery is quite easy to mess with. His enormous damage output from a whole bunch of his kit, from Neutral-B fire breath to his big ol’ claws, Bowser can kill early and survive late, thanks to being the heaviest character in the game. Byleth is great for whiff punishing though, with a huge number of extremely powerful moves, including a few capable of breaking an enemy shield if you manage to hit them on target. Spamming it out of shield is one of the character’s favourite pastimes. Ultimate Tier List - Best Characters 2020, How to play Min Min in Super Smash Bros. Solid Snake is a weird one. Let's take a look at some of the best and worst characters players can fight with. His ability to cancel moves into special moves is especially enticing, particularly for fans of more traditional fighting games. Even the name is intimidating. You can have some success with Mii Swordfighter, but mostly due to the character’s gimmicks and varied movesets rather than their actual strengths.