I was doing preacher curls with one today and really strained my wrist. Not using varying forms of bicep curls In this post we’ll discuss the reasons you get elbow pain during bicep curls and how to fix it so that you can get back to training your arms. Bicep tendonitis is very simply a painful inflammation of the bicep tendon, caused by overuse or irritation. That and having to de load from 55kg to 50kg squat (yeah, I know, how the fuck) made for a really shit session. Look." And then you flex, and your bicep pops up, ... because he has spending all his time at the gym doing curls instead of real exercises like, that's right, squats, and more squats. Compared to all my other muscles, I’ve always felt like my biceps are lagging and if what I’ve been doing wasn’t working, trying something else seemed like the best alternative. If you’ve been inflicted with this pain, you’ve probably tried everything to alleviate it: ice, tendonitis bands, ibuprofen, laying-off bench press or preacher curls, etc., but nothing seemed to help. Pretty much ended my workout before I could get a good bicep pump. “Many people also have tunnel vision when it comes to their biceps and complete the same curls day in, day out. However, doing too many curls or doing them incorrectly can lead to elbow pain. And strong. Carly Tierney believes that a lot of people “cheat” when doing bicep curls. There was no pain whatsoever, just a little discomfort. What is this caused by? So I decided to give Nuclei Overload Training (NOT) a shot and what I did was perform 100 dumbbell biceps curls a … What should I do about it? The 4 reasons you get elbow pain are: Using a weight that’s too heavy. “People swing their bodies, move their elbows and use other body parts to complete the movement, taking their biceps out of the equation,” she said. usually when i try and do mor weight then im use to when curling dumbbells, sometimes my bicep muscle will like pop or something, i dont know, is that bad or serious? I was doing my sets of barbell bicep curls today, and EVERY repitition, I would feel a shoulder "crack" or "pop" in my right shoulder midway through the downward motion.