Female has brown streaked upperparts, buff streaked underparts and yellow wing linings. The name “grosbeak” is from the French word grosbec and means “large beak.”. The male has mainly black plumage, apart from a bright red throat, belly and wing epaulets (patches). Central Florida is at the southern end of our wintering range. Long, slightly notched black tail with white patches. White-throated Kingfisher The White-throated Kingfisher has a chocolate brown head and belly. Red-breasted Blackbird is a small icterid, 19 cm long and weighing 48 g (male) or 40 g (female). A group of grosbeaks are collectively known as a "gross" of grosbeaks. The wingtips of the adult white ibis are black… The white ibis is found along coastal and wetland areas of the southeast U.S., and can be found year round throughout Florida and is a common sight there. They walk in shallow water with bright red legs that match their beak. The wings are black with white patches above and red, white, black below. Females look like large, streaky-brown sparrows with big beaks. Red-naped Sapsucker: Medium-sized woodpecker with white-checkered black upperparts, pale yellow underparts with spotted sides. Black birds is a reference given to the many types of black coloured birds in North America. Harriers Northern Harrier Wide spread. The Black-headed Grosbeak Approximate length: 18-19 cm or 6-1/2 to 7-3/4 inches in length and is similar in size to a starling. This striking “redcoat” plumage gives rise to the specific name militaris and the Trinidadian name “Soldier Bird”. Common Name Image(s) Description Call Turkey vulture large like an eagle, but with two- //]]> A family known for their bright colors, male plumages are generally brighter than those of females and are a sampling of the colors of the rainbow from vivid violets and blues to bright, orange, yellow, and reds. It feeds on fish, insects, worms and frogs. Foraging for invertebrates and seeds takes place in trees, bushes and on the ground. birds! Its belly is yellow. //