black garlic from both aspects of researches and new business in this paper. In addition to the tasty qualities it has, garlic … Our products are 100% made by us at our USDA Certified Organic facility. 2. Last year alone, Americans consumed over 300 million tons of garlic. Black garlic is a 100% natural product, obtained through a process of heat and humidity that is applied to common garlic. Black is the new flavour. Historical Background of the Black Garlic Concerning history of the black garlic appeared on the home page of Web site [2], it is described likely “Black garlic … The dark appearance, pleasant taste on the palate and odorless characteristics of the black garlic … Welcome to the world of organic black garlic. We continue to develop new products and partnerships with like-minded businesses such as Dogfish Head Craft Ales where the wildly creative and tasty "Garlic … The answer is no. In fact, you can start a profitable garlic business for under $600. Braidwood’s black garlic business ‘Garlicious Grown‘ is going from strength to strength and has been chosen as one of 12 NSW businesses to be part of the ‘Flavours of NSW’ stand … Here’s how: Garlic continues to be popular.