Which is not what capacitors are supposed to do at all. This part is leaking electricity like a sieve. The control box is a "town and country". Also, in general, if something explodes / catches fire / etc., unless you have a really good idea of what caused it, a good rule of thumb is to try to learn a bit more about what happened before trying a … but we should still check the amperage on all 3 legs against the pump motor full load amp rating. Replace the capacitor with an identical model and if the next one blows out within a few days, then your problem is the starting torque requirement. Exploding electrolytic capacitors contain corrosive liquids, the fumes are corrosive and unhealthy as well. Capacitors *do* wear out and blowing up is actually one of the failure mechanisms, so there may very well be nothing 'wrong'. I found the well breaker tripped. I investigated the pressure switch, and the control box, and that is when I found pieces of the capacitor inside the box. Re: Capacitors for well pumps That is a run capacitor. Phil : Best way I can describe it in not so technical terms is it is like holding a carrot on a stick in front of a horse while riding the horse. Those businesses that sell and install wells will know and so will the pump shops. To begin with it is a 2,200μF capacitor so 943μF is not even close to its marked capacity. Since posting was able to get the test value for the It is connected all the time. Electric motor shops should have the necessary part or parts. The capacitor for my well pump blew a few days ago. Well, you may ask, Why is any of this so bad? ... Hello again, it sounds like the pump start capacitor situation might be resolved. But that is not the worst of it. After the blown start capacitor the 1st thing done was to check the resistance of the motor windings which were OK. Also checked the relay and it was OK. I flipped it, and found the well did not pump. Major problems with well pump ... so when i inspected the cap i found it was blown. Specifics This submersible well pump is a RedJacket 1/3 hp 230V single phase 3 wire Model 33 M1. The function is to provide a phasing delta between excitation winding. Run capacitor have to take continuous operation. I had been away from my home, and when I returned I had no water pressure. A voltage loss of 34% is terrible! Re: Well pump control capacitor blew up; Author: Wheelchair (IL) Much depends on where you live and what is available in your area and how far you wish to travel.