The least expensive banjos start at around $150, and from there the sky’s the limit. Three important DESIGN aspects of a banjo are: 1.) It costs more than some other beginner models, but if you’re confident that you’ll be sticking with the banjo the Concert Tone 54 is an excellent investment in your future. Build Your Own BanjoThe MC 150 Banjo kit is designed for the do-it-yourself craftsman. Browse UK's largest on-line banjo catalogue; 5-string, tenor, plectrum, ukulele, mandolin, guitar & other types; also parts, accessories, repairs & set-ups The Home of … The plectrum banjo is probably the most widely played. The Rim. 5. If you like the sound of the Goodtime but you’re set on buying a banjo with a resonator, look no further than Deering’s Goodtime 2, which costs around $700. In this article, we have a guide for you to buy the right banjo. Even a $400 banjo won't take you any farther than a $300 guitar. Naturally, it also has a neck which is held onto the rim by one or two coordinator rods. There are many great choices when you’re trying to find the perfect banjo, and you can’t go wrong with a reliable brand like Epiphone or Fender. 2. Having a brand name like Fender comes with an increase in price, but the corresponding increases in quality and reliability may make it worth your money if you’re willing to spend a bit more. A 6 string banjo and a 6 string guitar are played exactly the same. Plectrum and tenor banjo style is used to play jazz music or rock and roll. This banjo is well worth the cost. Well-built necks will also have a truss rod inside, which allows you to make adjustments in intonation and keeps the neck stable. At Normans we stock the most popular, affordable 5 string banjos including the bestselling Rocket Western Student Banjo. The banjo is a stringed instrument that is commonly associated with country music but is also very common in Irish music. If you are already a guitar player, you might consider starting your banjo-playing career with a 6 string banjo. You don't want to spend a lot of money on an instrument and then decide you don't want to play. The banjo produces its sound via a resonating head and typically has 5 strings, although 4 and 6 string models are available, along with Banjoleles. When you go to buy a banjo, try to find a place that has several banjos of a type similar to the one you want to buy, so you can try several of them. Electric tuners will help you keep your banjo tuned properly. Small Shop/Great Prices. 1. They are typically quieter than acoustic banjos, but their sound can be amplified to be much louder. Save money on Used Banjos at Guitar Center. Similar to the plectrum banjo but smaller in size is the tenor banjo, which is popular especially with Irish folk music players. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Ibanez’s beautiful B200, which carries a price tag of around $400, is a banjo with a resonator that can pack a solid punch of sound. Appearing and sounding like a banjo, they are tuned just like a guitar so you won’t need to learn any new chords right away. The 5 string banjo is played differently than the standard 6 string guitar. If you have any questions about adjusting your banjo or what strings to buy etc, you can call the Deering factory (1-800 … An incredibly evocative instrument, the banjo adds a unique character to any musical situation. Whether you're a long time player or just getting started pickin' and grinnin', Reverb's got a banjo that's right for you, from brand new Gold Tones and … Buy online or at your local store today! One of the best inventories of quality banjo's in the Southwest. While buying a banjo, the student must keep in mind the kind of music they are aiming to play. Bluegrass musicians far and away prefer banjos with a resonator, a metal plate attached to the back of the instrument that projects the sound forward. Pre War Beltone Tenor Banjo $599.00 USD - Used - Excellent Condition. Hi! Expert banjo players can identify countless aspects of a banjo’s construction that will impact the tone quality of the instrument, but as a beginner you can concentrate on the type of wood used in constructing the banjo as the most important factor in its tone quality. BUYING NEW. The wood components of the banjo are not the only parts that can determine the quality of sound produced by the instrument. You might think you’re already ready to ask, “Which banjo should I buy?”. With a six-year warranty, you can be assured that this banjo will travel with you for a while. Rogue has set the bar for building inexpensive instruments, from banjos to mandolins, ukuleles, and guitars. As an absolute beginner looking at banjos, you might think that all 5-String banjo have a long neck! The first thing you need to consider is the style of banjo. The MB-100 open back 5-string banjo is the perfect traveling banjo and an ideal first instrument for players interested in bluegrass and stringband music. It’s fairly similar in appearance, which is a good thing in this case, and it justifies its price tag with a heavy, voluminous tone. The best banjos also have a neck made from maple or another hard wood, which helps it maintain its stability, brightness, and clarity. Even though Fender specializes in guitars, they have also resurrected some of their old designs for banjos and other instruments in recent years. The banjo is a four-, five- or six-stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity as a resonator, called the head. Another common variety of banjo is the 4 string banjo, which has several different builds depending on the style of music you want to play. Even as you become an intermediate banjo player, you might find that the MB-200 remains your instrument of choice. The banjo strings are spaced wider than other banjos so you can pluck the individual strings with the back of your finger or thumb. Vintage Iida 5 string Banjo Left Handed MADE IN JAPAN $1,149.00 USD - Used - Excellent Condition. We are proud to bring quality American-made instruments to banjo players at all levels. A note of caution, however: some customers have reported receiving strange promotional materials reflecting the founders’ ties to scientology after purchasing a Deering banjo. The contrabass banjo. I own three and I highly recommended you try one. Most beginning banjo players choose the 5 string banjo, which is by far the most common and is used by the majority of professional banjo players. Price: $459.00 . The Rim. There are several factors that you need to focus on when buying a banjo. This can be a great option for beginner banjo players, because it is very easy to play. Clawhammer banjos have a higher action, the distance between the strings and fretboard, than other banjos. “A great banjo with a real fine sound. Tips for Buying the Best Banjo For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Player. The dark tone just blows my mind!” David Howley, We Banjo 3 and … Consider buying an electric tuner when you get your first banjo. WHY BUY A BANJO FROM BANJO BOB'S. A plectrum banjo is the same as a 5-string, minus the shorter drone string (5th string) and is popular with jazz players. To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Kmise Banjolele Concert Banjo Ukulele 4 String 23 inch Banjos with Gig Bag Tuner Pickup Multifunctional Strap Strings Picks Bridge Ruler Wrench (MI2703) 5.0 out of 5 stars 10 £95.99 £ 95 . Vintage Iida 5 string Banjo Left Handed MADE IN JAPAN $1,149.00 USD - Used - Excellent Condition. Three important DESIGN aspects of a banjo are: 1.) That's Easy. The banjo ukulele or the ‘banjo uke’ and ‘banjolele’ are familiar as a progressive instrument that creates a unique sound. Some of its features are high quality walnut wood, shining finish, chrome coated surface, protective casing and many more. The other main style of banjo is open-back, or banjos that do not have a resonator plate. Not only was Deering’s first master dealer, we were also named #1 Deering Dealer Worldwide in 2020. Determining “Your Sound” As there are many styles of banjo music, there are even more kinds of banjo sound which is determined partly by the banjo and partly by the player. But very good. Gold Tone Plucky Traveler Banjo w/ Bag Model: PLUCKY W/BAG. Thanks, Ross You can place your order online or call me anytime 10 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week. What about 5 string verses 6 string? That said, for a beginner on a budget Rogue can provide a surprising level of quality without breaking the bank. Unlike guitars, banjos have what’s called a floating bridge – it is not affixed to the head but rather is held in place by the tension of the strings. The other primary wood component of the banjo is its neck. Since Japanese manufacturer Ibanez was founded in 1957, it has branched out into all kinds of instrument building in the low- to mid-level market. For years I've made all sorts of stuff that I've shared freely online, from art and stories to - more recently - video games and game mods. It’s such a gorgeous instrument … the whole thing just sings. Cheaper instruments often have a laminate neck in which several pieces are glued together, while higher-quality banjos will have a neck made from a single piece of wood. There are 2 styles of banjo, resonator and open back banjo. I was looking for an upgrade from my entry level banjo, and you could tell they knew what they were talking about pretty much immediately. For touring professionals, the Deering 5-Delux 5-String banjo is a huge seller. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. If you are interested in playing clawhammer style, then an open back banjo, such as a Whyte Laydie instrument might be a good choice. Jameson Guitars Five-String Banjo. If you buy one and decide you really want to make it part of your musical future, you'll have to buy a better one eventually. Needs retuning, ( strings slackened to save on skin & neck strain On the other hand, if you are looking for a banjo that will stick with you for a little while longer, the best banjo for the money is the Deering Goodtime 2. The most common types are 4 string banjos, 5 string banjos, and 6 string banjos, though 12 string banjos and even fretless banjos are also available. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Electric banjos are not nearly as common as electric guitars, but some options are available. The trebly pluck of a banjo is an unmistakable sound and a cornerstone of folk-oriented genres. Buying a banjo is arguably the hardest of all to shop for. I ordered a Vega Tenor Banjo in September of 2020, Mr. Mondello not only fixed the banjo up(New frets, cleaning up the finish, setting up the nut & tailpiece) to a level far exceeding my expectations, he sent photos of the whole process along the … Find out if the banjo comes with a case. Epiphone founder Epi Stathopoulo’s first patent was for an improved open-back banjo, and this banjo follows on his early example with excellent design and affordability. What is the best brand of banjo? They use tried-and-true designs from other brands and develop low-cost ways of building the instruments on an industrial scale. Here is where buying a Deering Banjo Company is to your advantage. So, having clarity about the type of music he or she will play, is necessary. Some manufacturers use maple fretboards, but better instruments typically have a fretboard made from ebony or another similar wood. For around the same price as Rogue’s open-back, you can opt for their basic resonator banjo, the B30 Deluxe. Still, it is a choice that will allow you to enjoy a much better quality and the advantage of choosing a brand that is in this business for very many years already, and … Luckily, even mid-level banjo brands have adopted maple or other hard woods, so you can find a fine instrument with a maple body without breaking the bank. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. BT-1000 6-String Banjo/Guitar with Gig Bag Model: BT-1000. Yep, for almost 20 years we’ve worked with beginners and professional banjo players to provide the best selection of banjos, banjo parts, and banjo accessories. EPIPHONE ™ MB100 BANJO. This is also the first step in buying a banjo. Fortunately, the best beginner banjos are often very reasonably priced, but it takes some research and prioritizing to make sure you’re getting what you want from your new instrument. Similar to the MB-100 but with a resonator, Epiphone’s MB-200 offers a significant step up in both volume and appearance, making it an excellent choice for aspiring bluegrass banjo players at around $300. On top of the neck is the fingerboard, which holds the frets in place with a wood even harder than maple. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 99 It quickly became the recommended choice of banjo teachers to their students. 2. Buying the correct banjo for you is hard unless you have the right knowledge. The basic Mastertone banjo has a bell bronze tone ring, a resonator, a resonator flange and a wooden rim. The Neck. All maple wood parts are pre-shaped and ready for final sanding and finishing. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and remember it's ok to call me. Why Choose a 6 String Banjo. While the B200 doesn’t offer the high-quality materials and construction that more expensive brands might offer, it does present a great value for those seeking a balance of beautiful sound and beautiful appearance. Banjo. Some of the things you need to pay attention are: Style of Banjo. When the Goodtime banjo was first introduced, it was the only banjo in the price range that had a hard wood rim. The high-pitched tone makes it a great addition to any music collection and it is very similar to the guitar in terms of the solid body and stringing technique. A 5-string banjo has one short thread and four standard-length threads. But Deering’s banjos-only philosophy has led to their well-deserved reputation as the number one banjo maker in the United States. NEW Recording King RKR75 Elite 5 string Banjo w/Original Hardshell Case With its vintage throwback style, excellent quality, and beautiful sound, the Concert Tone 54 has made a very welcome return to the banjo market. The Banjo Rim. This is suggested as the best beginner banjo due to its popular design, playability and tradition. Gold Tone CC-100 Cripple Creek 5-String Open Back Banjo Model: CC-100. Primarily used for folk music, open-back banjos’ sound is projected back into the player before it goes forward. In other words, how “old” can you go back and still get the same features on a brand new banjo from a manufacturer. If you know already that you want to play bluegrass, you’ll be best off finding a banjo with a resonator, even though they might be a bit more expensive. You won’t impress anyone with its design or its tone quality, but it’s a good starter banjo if you can’t afford to step up to a more reliable manufacturer. Not only do we have banjos for sale online & in-store but also provides banjo repairs, specialising in setting up Banjos, Mandolins, Concertinas and Fiddles. You should be able to use a search engine online to find music stores nearby. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. Kmise, 4-String Ukulele, Right (MI1663) 4.6 out of 5 stars 15. The 11 This basic open-back banjo comes with everything you need to get started, including a gig bag, a book of chords, and a how-to guide. Pre War Beltone Tenor Banjo $599.00 USD - Used - Excellent Condition. Price: $749.00 . For instance, while any five-string banjo can accompany folk songs, for American retro and country music, an open back five-string banjo is recommended. Our Banjo's Big Time Banjo … When buying a used banjo, you should know what features to look for. Depending where you look, there are almost unlimited options when it comes to finding the right banjo brand and model for you. The Rally Banjo Ukulele is concert sized and unique. This is suggested as the best beginner banjo due to its popular design, playability and tradition. Costzon 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Geared 5th tuner and Mid-range Closed Handle, Include 420D Oxford Cloth Bag, One Strap, Wiper, 3 Picks for Beginners … But before you delve into specific banjo reviews, good banjo brands, and specific models, you’ll want to think about a few bigger picture questions about style and quality that will help you eliminate many options right away. The tenor has a shorter scale length and is popular with Irish folk players. Most banjo techniques rely on the banjo’s unusual tuning system, which is lost on a six string banjo. Ringing in at nearly $1000, Fender’s higher-end Concert Tone 58 applies the same approach as the Concert Tone 54 but with higher-quality materials. There are many banjos on the market, ranging from $150 to $10,000. The 5-string banjo is the original. Hailing from the heart of bluegrass country in Nashville Tennessee, Epiphone is a long-standing instrument builder with a reputation for balancing quality and price. The Banjo was generally only found in Bluegrass or Country bands. What are the Best Banjos to Buy? Usually a music store will sell a variety of instruments, including banjos. The rim must be made of a vibrant, resonant material to create a “musical” tone. NEW Recording King RKR75 Elite 5 string Banjo w/Original Hardshell Case It was made popular in the 1830's and featured a specialised, unique string which was shorter in design and allowed the banjo to be tuned to a higher, open pitch. The Hardware. Playing banjo is an exciting challenge for musicians of all levels. At the lower end of Epiphone’s line of banjos you’ll find the open-back MB-100 at around $225. Bluegrass banjo style is played with 2 finger picks and a thumb pick. To buy something wisely, you must have knowledge of what you are buying. Nowadays however, following a new wave of folk influenced contemporary music, the banjo has reached a far wider, more mainstream audience. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. “A great banjo with a real fine sound. Refine your results: Sort by: Display 20 - 40 - 80: Washburn B10 Five String Banjo. If you have decided to play this instrument, it's important you understand the different types of banjos and some banjo basics before buying your first banjo. And by then, you may find that an entirely different style of banjo will suit your taste. Before deciding to buy the best banjo ukulele, you should know about it. most do in fact have a 22 fret neck but, there is a specific banjo called ‘the Long Neck banjo that was designed by Pete Seeger in the 1960s. These companies are known for durability, affordability, and quality. Picks slip onto your finger and produce a louder sound than a fingernail. Popular with guitarists, the guitar banjo has been around since the late 19th century. Best Beginner Banjo 2020 Buying Guide. When you pluck the strings, their vibrations move through the bridge and the head of the banjo to the rim, which vibrates and creates the audible sound that we hear. Traditionally, banjos heads were made from calfskin, and indeed some people still prefer the mellower sound created by calfskin. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 22,367 times. And of course it also has a neck which is held onto the rim by one or two coordinator rods. You won’t get the gig bag or the books – or for that matter a better-constructed instrument – but you will get a louder banjo, that’s for sure. A very solid mid-range banjo can be found for between $300 - $425. ADM 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Wood Back and Geared 5th Tuner, Banjoe Beginner Kit with Gift Package 1 4.3 out of 5 stars 346 $189.95 $ 189 . I got an offer to play a fretless banjo at a Civil War event last weekend and I think I would like to purchase a period banjo. One of the classic American instrument builders, Fender’s well-maintained reputation for quality goes back to its founding in 1946 in Fullerton, California. Buy online or at your local store today! At under $300, Ibanez’s B50 resonator banjo is a less-expensive entry point for beginners than their B200. A middle-of-the-road banjo that will serve you well as a soloist or in a bluegrass ensemble, the Goodtime 2 uses excellent materials and American construction to create a simple, quality product. The basic Mastertone banjo has a bell bronze tone ring, a resonator, a resonator flange and a wooden rim. What is the best banjo for a beginner: resonator or open-back? A hard or soft case will keep your new banjo protected. Keeps gettin’ better every time I pick one up!” Mike Snider, Grand Ole Opry Member “I love this banjo! American made and extremely high in quality, this remarkable banjo features a fast neck, a comfortable feel, and it's outfitted with the same unique Deering tone ring, one-piece flange- and 3-ply rock-maple rim that is used in the Sierra and Greg Deering Limited models. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.