For instructions on cleaning your CDs and disc drive, see the computer cleaning page. One: Windows 10 won't recognize my CD drive in File Explorer. If you have recently installed or moved your computer, verify that the CD-ROM cables are connected correctly. I checked the specs. If you open the Device Manager/Disk Management to check and can not find the CD drive connected to PC, you should consider there are problems with the driver. If you flip your laptop over and imagine a line from the middle of the drive bay towards the center, it is the first screw you encounter (pretty close to the middle, only slightly right of the center). It’s possible for anyone to run into the CD drive not working issue, but this is not as terrible as many people thought. However, this method has not proven to be successful in every single case as only a select few of the Windows 10 users affected by the issue have the option to roll back their CD/DVD drive’s drivers. SHOP SUPPORT. Windows 10 not recognizing my Toshiba laptop CD/DVD Drive I just upgraded to Windows 10 and it does not recognize my CD/DVD drive. The CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive on your computer may not be able to eject the disc. Generally, you can see the CD drive immediately in File Explorer after you have inserted it into your computer. Step eight: browse the available location and choose a proper one as the storage destination for the recovered data. Unlike your DVD player for your TV or your stereo CD player, the disc in your computer drive may be much more valuable than the drive itself. Verify the optical disk drive is recognized in Device Manager. In the right pane, click LowerFilters. If the disc drive tray doesn't open on your computer, preventing you from inserting a disc, the following tips and information may help you fix the problem. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete. Manually Fixing Registries to solve the issue of ‘CD-Drive not working’: The issue with registries can … After deleting the CD-ROM, reboot the computer. i want to install some software on my laptop but my drive doesnt seem to open i use win10 64 bit i cant findthe drivers. Some people like to collect their favorite music on the CD drive. Was there any "DVD/CD-ROM drives" entry at all in Device Manager? If listed with a yellow exclamation mark or red X, remove the CD-ROM by highlighting the drive and pressing the delete key. Under Performance by File System, verify it says '32-bit'. Put a disc in your cd drive and then go to my computer and try to open the cd to see its contents. If your DVD drive does not show up on the Device Manager, it’s … You can usually open the tray by pressing the eject button on the drive or keyboard, as well as by selecting the Eject option in the Windows File Explorer. Love to help other people out from computer problems, disk issues, and data loss dilemma and specialize in these things. Make sure you have tested more than one CD in the disc drive, as it may be one CD that is bad or dirty. The drive light will light up - but pressure on the "open" button does nothing. If there are … Afterwards, see if your CD drive is still not showing up on Windows 10. cd drive not opening. If CD/DVD drive name is missing displays, the drive is not being detected by Windows. If your CD/DVD drive isn’t detected by Windows, make sure the drive is working and recognized in your computer’s firmware. Why is the CD-ROM drive running in MS-DOS mode? I have the same laptop (Asus gl753VE), and the same problem. Finally: This elegant solution and tips to remove a DVD or CD from the drive is not just written for Windows 10. If they are both listed try changing the boot order so that it boots from the DVD drive first. Maybe the door is stuck. If not, service or replace the drive. Within Device Manager, verify the CD-ROM has no exclamation marks or red X's. If you feel much depressed when finding Windows 10 won't recognize CD drive, the methods mentioned in this article will please you.Click to tweet. Not all of the Dell laptop optical drives have the release hole. If is appears but will not open there should be a paperclip sized hole in the front of the DVD drive. Some of them say the CD drive not showing up in File Explorer while others say the CD drive disappears from Disk Management. If it doesn't start to load from the DVD can you hear the DVD drive spin up. If not, you should try reseating the drive in the bay. When a CD or DVD is stuck or the drive won't open Maybe the disc is stuck. The steps for data recovery on DVD are the same; if you find the DVD drive not working, please follow this guide at once to recover files. Boot the system in BIOS go to boot option and check if the CD/DVD option is available, also check in device manager if the CD/DVD is detected. On the Edit menu, click Delete. I do not know either. Check out our article … Check these by right clicking the drive icon and checking properties, or looking at you power management settings. When you realize Windows 10 won't recognize CD drive, you should follow the steps mentioned above to rescue your data (if they are important) and make the CD drive appear on your PC. Corruption in Windows. The equipment is there but you have to buy the drive to run it. Step one: navigate to the location where the setup program is saved. You can find tutorials all over the internet. Windows 10 x64 Very Slow on new Acer Aspire 3 A315-15 laptop. Finally: This elegant solution and tips to remove a DVD or CD from the drive is not just written for Windows 10. If that really happens, please read the next part to know how to fix the problem in different ways. Device Manager shows that its working properly and drivers are up to date. If the computer can boot from the disc, you are encountering a Windows driver related issue. Save the changes and the restart the laptop. Connect with us for giveaways, exclusive promotions and latest news. If so you have to expand it out to find your drive, then right click it to see "Uninstall". Any ideas? If, after cleaning the drive and CDs, you still get errors, it's likely the disc drive is bad. My CD drive is not working, how to fix it? If you're connecting a new drive, it'll probably look as if it wasn't … Your CD or DVD drive is not showing up in File Explorer Windows 10, and the device is marked with a yellow exclamation point in Device Manager. If not, please move on. If you are using Windows 98 or Windows 95, verify the computer is running in 32-bit mode by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel, double-click System, and click the Performance tab. She said it’s a wonderful thing to see people solving their problems on PC, mobile photos, and other devices; it’s a sense of accomplishment. As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with CD drive in your Lenovo G50-45 laptop. If the drive does not eject as it should, do not force or pry it open because you may damage the drive. I would need some help too. If it doesn't have a button gently push the DVD tray itself and it should act as the button to open it. DVD Drives are SO cheap these days that at this point its not worth spending more time trying to debug or repair it – I recommend either buying a new internal CD/DVD drive or an external USB CD/DVD drive you can use for lots of different computers/laptops. Normally the button to open the DVD drive if it does have one is on the drawer itself that opens. Yes, if you own the software legally, you should be able to get a replacement from the software company for a moderate charge, but maybe you need it now. ; In the Device Manager window, expand DVD/CD-ROM drives. Notes on opening a cd to see its contents: You can experiment and try to open a cd drive. If the drive is still not detected, close Device Manager, reseat the drive cables if necessary, and skip to Reset the computer power to reset power. Looking compatible 128gb SSD drive for Acer aspire s7 191 6640