Season with salt and pepper to taste. You simply can not tell the difference between this and the regular fat laden chicken salad. Put the mayonnaise, sour cream, dill and white pepper in small bowl and stir to mix well. This looks like a wonderful lunch idea! © Cynthia McCloud and What A Girl Eats, 2019. Fresh tarragon is my favorite herb. I can have this every day! Ha, love the name of this recipe! Gluten free, paleo and low-carb! […] this Chicken Salad with Apricot and Almonds, or the Curried Coronation Chicken Salad, served to the Queen on her […], […] Apricot and Ginger Glazed Chicken was one of those last minute dishes I created on a busy weeknight. I like lots of flavor and texture in my chicken salad. In another bowl, whisk together the Greek yogurt, milk, honey, salt, and pepper. Note: you can substitute 3 (6oz) cans of chicken breast (drained) for the fresh chicken. Cover the salad and chill for at least 2 … Tarragon is an under used herb! Roasted Chicken: Rub a whole 3- to 4-pound chicken with a small amount of olive oil and sprinkle lightly with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. . Also? I also love the combination of apricot and chicken, like this Apricot Almond Chicken Salad. Swiss Cheese and Dill Pickle Chicken Salad Sandwiches recipe is a great change from the old traditional chicken salad sandwich recipes. […], […] Chicken Salad with Apricots and Tarragon […], Your email address will not be published. I especially like #5 for some reason it resonates with me. 15.5 g I love this recipe. When several drops of water skitter and dissipate place chicken in skillet; the chicken will stick to the pan. Thank you! Seriously. Place the chicken, water chestnuts, celery, almonds and scallions in a large bowl and toss to mix well. I must try that next time! Bake almonds in a single layer in a shallow pan 5 to 7 minutes or until lightly toasted and fragrant. Trader Joe’s made it a long time ago! Trader Joe’s made a version for a while and then stopped. I love chicken salad and I really love that it can be a great use of rotisserie chicken leftovers! Chicken Salad Ingredients: This keto chicken salad is absolutely packed with all of my favorite things! In a large bowl, combine cooked chicken and celery. Cook until chicken begins to release, approximately 4 minutes. Place toast on individual plates, add avocado slices, mound arugula next, then spoon the chicken salad on top. Creamy chicken salad with sweet apricots, crunchy almonds, and tangy fresh tarragon. Your email address will not be published. The sweet and crunchy make a nice twist! I’ve got my favorites (almonds, apple, and raisins) in this chicken salad, so feel free to mix and match your faves! Food porn… makes me smile. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; This simple, healthy chicken salad is made with breast meat from a cooked rotisserie chicken, fresh lemon and dill. Mix all ingredients everything together and chill. This is SOOOO good! Pinning to make! Serve on sliced bread or croissants. So good! I loved it so much, that I had to make my own version. Welcome to my blog ​where I cook healthy food with a global spin! Stir in a little more mayonnaise if the mixture seems too dry. Combine dill and remaining ingredients in a small bowl, stirring with a whisk. While my family tends to prefer chicken thighs for grilling or frying, because they’re juicier, I think a good chicken salad is best with white meat. I’m loving the sound of apricots, almonds and tarragon in this salad. Heat a large ovenproof frying pan over high heat. You’ll need shredded chicken, mayonnaise, mustard, hard boiled eggs, dill pickles, minced onion, chopped pecans, fresh dill, vinegar and salt and pepper. In a small bowl or measuring cup, combine yogurt, mayonnaise, dill, green onion, dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, salt and … I totally hear you on how relaxing cooking can be! Pour over the … Mmmmm I love chicken salad, and what an amazing idea to add apricots! Add the mayonnaise mixture to the chicken mixture and toss to mix well. Total Carbohydrate Toss chicken, grapes, almonds and green onions in large bowl. amzn_assoc_asins = "B06XP8MJPY,B00AHCFTBG,B07K7XW866,B01M683V8Y"; Delicious Chicken Salad with Apricots, Almonds and Tarragon. Cool completely in pan on a wire rack (about 15 minutes). Place the chicken in a baking pan and roast in a preheated 425 F / 220 C / Gas Mark 7 oven for about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours, or until a food thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh registers at least 165 F / 74 C. Sprinkle pulled chicken meat with garlic salt. What a yum fest! Est. Drizzle olive oil on chicken breasts and season both sides with kosher salt and pepper. Use as a sandwich filling, serve over a bed of fresh greens, or use to fill a cantaloupe or avocado half. Chicken Salad with Apples and Almonds. I agree! Some of the items used in this post are available at my Amazon Affiliate Store. It may not need salt, but pepper for sure. Stir in a little more mayonnaise if the mixture seems too dry. Ed and I have been married long enough for us to have discussed a zillion topics from public school vs. private to what color to paint the living room to which is the best mouthwash. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 8 years since I first published this Chicken Salad with Apricots, Almonds and Tarragon. All of my chicken salads have some sort of combination of fruit, nuts and herbs like this  Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad. I’ve always thought that cooking was like meditation for me. I omitted the nuts because I didn't have any on hand. Thanks! amzn_assoc_linkid = "0e62dd7a9c8ccf90a55cdd2812f9b3b1"; Garnish with additional almond slices, and a sprig of dill. Fast and easy, and perfect for all diets including low-carb, keto, Whole30, Paleo and of course, Weight Watchers. The only problem is I love food, especially chicken salad. It's low carb and gluten free. Cornish Game Hens With Grand Marnier Sauce, Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad - What A Girl Eats, Apricot And Ginger Glazed Chicken - What A Girl Eats, Chicken Tortilla Soup {Leftover Chicken Recipe} - What A Girl Eats. Enter your name and email and get our newsletter... it's FREE! Thank you Megan! 1. Mix mayonnaise and milk. 5 %, cups diced cooked chicken or 2 cups cooked turkey breast, Charlie's Famous Chicken Salad With Grapes, Oriental Chicken Salad with Crunchy Ramen Noodles. I actually never put it on toast, it’s merely for cooking and baking purposes. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Add lemon juice, mustard, tarragon and pepper; mix well. I keep a jar of apricot preserves in my fridge at all times. Plus, anything with tarragon always seems so elegant. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Great on croissants. This is a copycat version of one that I had many years ago in a local Pasadena restaurant. What a great use for it in this salad. A LOT of chicken! It’s really just a twist on a traditional chicken salad! I’ve updated this recipe, added a video and eliminated the poetry. This sounds lovely! 2. Required fields are marked *. This salad sounds amazing with the apricots too. For another variation, try our chicken salad recipe made with grapes, almonds, and a little dill. The flavors of Swiss cheese and dill pickle relish mixed in with the mayo, chicken, and seasonings gives it a fresh and tangy zip. I’ve pinned and stumbled it. Love the addition of Coleman’s. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "whatagirleats-20"; Place the diced chicken, grapes, celery, green onions, and almonds in a large bowl. Some perfect add-ins are grapes, green onions, celery, nuts of all kind, and dried fruits such as cranberries, currants & apricots. It’s a great way to use of leftover chicken or turkey. This looks so simple and delicious! This Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad is filled with toasted sliced almonds, chewy sweet dried cranberries and fresh celery for a little crunch.Dressed with a creamy poppyseed dressing and seasoned to perfection, it’s one of those tummy filling dishes that I love to make. I had no idea what I was doing on the back-end of my website for sure. From "The Good Carb Cookbook", posted for safe-keeping. Chill the salad in the … Paula's Almond & Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe - Paula Deen Adding a little heat is such a great idea! It seems that I’m always scrambling a bit for a last-minute dinner idea. I’m always in “A” mode, when I finally slowed down listened to my soul, it was whispering. Put the mayonnaise, sour cream, dill and white pepper in small bowl and stir to mix well. Waldorf Chicken Salad: The Recipe Inspiration. Packed with incredible flavors. Tender chicken, sweet cranberries, toasted pecans, and crunchy celery all wrapped up in a creamy dressing. Ah yes, what we did when we first blogged, so many bad photos on my part… ugh. Perfect for a weekday lunch , Dear Cynthia, the bits of sweet apricots in this salad is a wonderful and delicious idea. This vegan chicken salad is amazing piled on a sandwich, stuffed in a wrap, or on top of a crunchy salad! Taste for seasoning. I find my zen zone in the kitchen as well, it’s where time is my own and it moves at a much different pace then life. Hey Christina, I just saw this comment! It was one of the first posts I published when I first started my site on...Read More » Apricot jam is the “secret” ingredient in most baked goods, and it’s what gives pies and pastries that lovely sheen. Apricot almond chicken salad an all white meat chicken salad with sweet apricots, crunchy almonds, and tangy fresh tarragon. For a low-carb version serve as lettuce wraps or all alone. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt, sugar, and lemon juice, if necessary. Thanks for sharing your recipe on Foodie Parties. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Made with protein-packed seitan, hearty chickpeas, and creamy vegan mayo seasoned with fresh dill and scallions. (insert sad face) (I’ve also added affiliate links which help maintain and run my site…thank you! I’m hooked. We never run out of conversation. I can’t believe it’s been nearly 8 years since I first published this Chicken Salad with Apricots, Almonds and Tarragon. So easy to make and delicious! For the curious, Waldorf chicken salad gets its name from New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where it was created in 1896 not by a chef but by the maître d’. ), I seriously love chicken salad, especially when the weather starts to warm up. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; It’s a peaceful place where I can go and create. Read more... Home » Easy » Apricot Almond Chicken Salad, Filed Under: Easy, Fast, Fast and Easy, Food, Gluten Free, Salad, Savories Tagged With: almond and tarragon & chicken salad, apricot, Chicken salad, Chicken salad with cranberries, Gluten Free Chicken Salad, Poultry, rosemary and walnuts, salad, Sandwiches, Zen chicken salad, What a wonderful blog, Cynthia! Debi, I haven’t read that one for a long time…but #5 is my favorite too! xo, Catherine. I love your salad, although I’ve never been a huge fan of tarragon! Add oil and sear chicken on both sides until … I decided to give this a try even though I hate plain yogurt. Step 2 Stir together almonds, chicken, dried cranberries, and remaining ingredients; serve immediately, or cover and chill up to 24 hours. This is what I want for lunch! Thank you! Chicken salad made with toasted almonds, grapes, dill, apricot preserves, Dijon mustard, onions, and celery. And even better if you have some tasty chicken salad like this by the time you’re through Would make a perfect lunch! Add the diced chicken, celery, scallions, grapes, almonds, and herbs and mix well. The slightly sweet apricots, tangy thyme and crunchy almonds are a delicious combination. It sure looks great. Copyright © 2020 • What A Girl Eats • All Rights Reserved •. Nice tang! Mondays always seem to be the most hectic. This Whole30 easy chicken salad recipe is a riff on a classic Waldorf chicken salad. Thanks for sharing your zen thoughts. It also makes THE BEST chicken salad sandwiches, especially on whole wheat or dark rye bread. Your chicken salad sounds and looks amazing! amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; But feel free to use whatever you prefer. I don’t think I have tried that combination before – I need to! Chicken Salad … This Creamy Dill Chicken Salad is crunchy, cool, and SO refreshing! I LOVE … We eat a lot of chicken. Nice recipe! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; This was the perfect lunch today – I had everything on hand! Rub the seasoning and oil into the chicken breasts and spread out them onto your lined … I’ll have to try this. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad2417becbc2a8c9df6123e55b0ce416" );document.getElementById("fc748fb4a5").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Other than that I followed it exactly. added sugars 0g How to Make It Combine lettuce, cucumber, almonds, and feta in a large bowl; toss. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; Preheat skillet over medium heat. Any twist on the same old grilled or baked chicken is always well received. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; This chicken salad has a little of everything in it and is a great way to use up leftover cooked chicken … Made in advance, it can be chilling in the fridge ready for sandwiches and snacking on busy days. Cover the salad and chill for at least 2 hours before serving. Turn chicken and continue to cook until chicken … Very bright and light…this is perfect for the summer , I love all of the ingredients in this chicken salad especially the apricots. In a large bowl, add the cooked chicken, grapes, celery, green onions, almonds, and dill, then … In a bowl combine all the chicken salad ingredients, reserving some of the almonds. This chicken salad looks delicious! Welcome to my blog ​where I cook healthy food with a global spin! This looks so good! We are cooking soul mates!