The infiltration rates for the proposed infiltration systems located within areas of silty clay have been revised. Design and Install with Confidence. Downstream Defender® is an advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator that captures and retains TSS, oil and floatables from surface water runoff. The Jellyfish ... 2005 Stormwater Manual for Western Washington. Find a Rep. Country: State: County: Market: Role: Product Information. The inclusion of these manufacturers does not represent an endorse of … Vortechs TM by Contech <10 acres, recommended <5 acres with <1-acre impervious cover 1, 2: 1.6-25 cfs 3: 9 standard sizes: 9 ft x 3 ft to 18 ft x 12 ft 3: Small footprints of predesigned models are suitable for urban areas and as a retrofit to existing networks. ... Standard 9: A long-term operation and maintenance plan shall be developed and implemented to ensure that stormwater management systems function as designed. 94 Hutchins Drive Hillard, OH 43026 Portland, ME 04102 800.821.6710 207.756.6200 Contech hydrodynamic separator and filtration products provide pretreatment for stormwater prior to storage to provide the best water quality and reduced maintenance costs for the most demanding rainwater harvesting applications. • Contech provided all of the pumps and controls, providing a turn-key system from a single provider. maintenance events. Maintenance forms, hard copy (matches fields in website) ... Manual/shovels/clamshell Vactor truck Other (describe): ... Contech CDS 2/1/2013 1 2 12345 333 Main Street Bigville CA next to hwy 880 38.248869 -122.03525 y y y y y 3 installation includes diversion box and CDS unit Smallville WCS-1 Product Model Downstream Defender Flogard High Eff. Stormwater, 9(8), pp. Surface inspection and maintenance with no confined space entry. Contech has created a network of Certified Maintenance Providers to provide maintenance on stormwater BMP’s Contech – Vortsentry HS The VortSentry HS is a compact stormwater treatment system that uses helical flow technology to enhance gravitational separation of floating and settling pollutants from stormwater. (SMMWW), chapter 12 Emerging technologies, or Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington (SMMEW) chapter 5. transportation . maintenance plan section of the O & M Manual). nevada department of . (25 Sep, 2007) 25 Sep, 2007 Contech Engineered Solutions CDS Inspection and Maintenance Guide Bio Clean Environmental Services, Inc. Easy maintenance using a vacuum truck or similar equipment. The EDB is a sedimentation basin designed to detain stormwater for many hours after a storm. TECHNICAL GUIDANCE DOCUMENT APPENDICES XIV-77 May 19, 2011 Proprietary Hydrodynamic Device Manufacturer Websites x Table XIV.1 is a list of manufacturers that provide hydrodynamic separation devices. The Ecology stormwater manuals list treatment technologies that have a relatively small footprint. The Treatment Shaft Technology is ideal for CSO Applications. These include filter systems, such as the Contech Stormfilter, the CDS Media filter, High Efficiency CDS. We perform inspections (including camera inspections) and maintenance on all underground detention systems including: R-Tank, RainTank, StormTech arch chambers, isolator rows, Cultec, pipe detention systems by Contech, ADS, Lane Enterprises, and others. CDS-100 Diversity Switch CIC Series Interface Converters CiM-25 IP-Enabled Monitor & Control CRS 1:1 Series Redundancy Switches for Legacy Modems CRS 1:N Redundancy Switches for Legacy Modems ICS-75 Combiner Shelf RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch RRS11/L Solid State Transfer Switches An updated version of the comprehensive reference booklet, Keystone Design Manual & KeyWallPRO Operating Guide, is planned for later this year. Maintenance and Cleaning Manual Floatable Skimmers, Hamilton County, TN Best Management Practices Manual, Section 8.1 – Floatables Skimmer repairing and reseeding eroded areas on embankments. A compact, low-maintenance stormwater treatment BMP, it enables engineers to consolidate pollutant removal to a single point in the drainage system. Can be online or off-line. (D.Md. StormTrap has proven experience in providing exceptional stormwater solutions for a range of markets. First Hydrodynamic Separator with Full NJCAT Tier II Approval DESIGN Products widely approved by regulatory agencies such as Ontario Ministry of Environment and Conservation Authorities In-house engineering support for system design Systems incorporate an internal by pass weir to accommodate peak flows during high intensity storm events. Plants filter out pollutants and promote evapotranspiration. The CDS systems were designed by Contech, and the design documents can be found in the Appendix of this report. ms4 permit nv0023329 . 18-28, November/December 2008 Maintenance of Stormwater BMPs: Frequency, Effort and Cost By Joo-Hyon Kang, Peter T. Weiss, C. Bruce Wilson and John S. Gulliver While there are many resources available to aid in the design and construction of most structural Modeled performance for CDS unit with 2400 microns screen, using Ecology PSD. ... a hydrodynamic separator (CONTECH CDS Unit) will be utilized for water quality CONTECH STORMWATER SOLUTIONS, INC. v. BAYSAVER TECH. • A CDS hydrodynamic separator for pretreatment. 3, 4: Continuous Deflective Separation (CDS) R by Contech CSO Treatment shafts can be built using various methods such as slurry wall, diaphragm wall, sinking … The New York State Stormwater Management Design Manual, revised January 2015. annual report for fiscal year 2019 july 1, 2018 – june 30, 2019 The underground ... bottom. Pre-cast models can treat peak design flows up to 700 L/s; cast-in-place models handle even greater flows. With comprehensive lab and field testing, the system delivers proven results and site-specific solutions. stormwater . High Efficiency CDS Contech Stormwater Solutions 200 Enterprise Drive Scarborough, Maine 04074 (800)-925-5240 ... hydrodynamic separator structure that is accessible for cleaning and maintenance but not ... 11.12 of the Department’s Drainage Manual. 2. Conducted at grade, Stormceptor’s design makes inspections and maintenance an easy and an inexpensive process. • A 500’ long, 96” diameter, DuroMaxx cistern provides 188,000 gallons of storage. Our Electronic Air Spring Damping System is a suspension system that makes life on the road – as well as that of fleet managers in the office – much more comfortable and efficient. Figure 4. While regular maintenance is crucial, it shouldn’t be complicated. During long hauls on the road, the truck is both the driver’s workplace and home rolled into one. 7. Healthy Flow-Thru Planter The City requires that vegetated stormwater facilities have at least 90% plant coverage to ensure stormwater treatment functionality and encourage the many environmental benefits these features provide. 9-25-2007) United States District Court, D. Maryland. The system is a proprietary product called CDS ® manufactured by Contech Construction Products, Inc. Contech Stormwater Solutions. Road Trip, but in Comfort. An MTD is required to be NJCAT verified and NJDEP certified when the MTD is used to satisfy the requirements of the Stormwater Management rule (N.J.A.C. Maintenance The CDS system should be inspected at regular intervals and maintained when necessary to ensure optimum performance. Manual. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. FABRICATION Units designed to Canadian Highway … Using continuous deflective separation technology, the CDS system screens, separates and traps debris, sediment, and oil and grease from stormwater runoff. Pretreatment when space is limited . Our flexible designs will meet your project goals, and our experienced stormwater professionals will guide you every step of the way. Although unscheduled maintenance cannot be planned for in a maintenance plan, The CDS Stormwater Treatment System is a high-performance hydrodynamic separator. Rocla offers a complete design service for CDS® products that takes into account the catchment’s characteristics, pollution load, hydraulic site constraints and opportunities, system capacities, velocity, backwater, as well as the location of services and access for cleaning. management program. If you have questions or want more information about the software, please contact the Keystone engineering department at 952.897.1040. Page 2 of 4 August 2020 ITEM 604.5102NN15 - STORMWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM (SWTS) 800.821.6710 800.809.2801 Barracuda® First Defense® HC as manufactured by as manufactured by Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Hydro International 4640 Trueman Blvd. Unscheduled Maintenance (despite having a proper maintenance program, unexpected deficiencies can occur at any time, prompting the need for repairs and maintenance, e.g. The design also allows for easy inspection and unobstructed maintenance access. Stormceptor Maintenance. Poorly maintained flow-thru planter This neglected planter has a lack of vegetation. • Two additional CDS units to treat runoff from roadways not collected in … Design, assemble, install, operate, and maintain CDS Systems in accordance with Contech’s applicable manuals and documents and the Ecology decision and conditions specified herein. Criteria Manual. DuroMaxx cisterns are leak tested and labeled with the UPC seal to ensure a reliable long term storage solution. Ecology recommends use of the inspection and maintenance schedule included as Attachment 1. Inspection and Maintenance is fundamental to the long-term performance of any stormwater quality treatment device.