Now you can see exactly how much pressure is applied for each preset. Since this type of HTV is so thin and stretchy, sometimes a quick blade will bounce on the material and create what looks like dashed cutting lines. Hi Dena! After cutting and weeding, you should have a clear transfer tape to mask the material and pick up the design. The EasyPress is more suited for HTV projects than a home iron due to its lack of steam holes. Cricut Explore Projects Cricut Explore Air Vinyl Projects Diy Craft Projects Vinyl Crafts Project Ideas School Projects Wood Crafts Paper Crafts. If you’re still having trouble, please email This iron-on glitter is super sparkly and easy to apply. In some cases, you’ll start to see a clear halo around the HTV which is adhesive being pressed to the edges. Please email us at to find a distributor in your area. So after centering and attaching the shapes (if the paperclip now has a line through it and says Detach then you know the object currently selected is attached), drag the arrow in from the bottom right corner to shrink the shape until it’s about a half inch. We’ve been mostly using the PowerPress machine for applying Siser glitter HTV because it’s just a lot quicker and easier. Her ideas and abilities to incorporate HTV into her projects is inspiring. Hi and thanks for reading! But after working with an iron for a while, you’ll likely find yourself thinking there’s got to be an easier way, and there is! Apply. Question: Can I use transparency paper to transfer on to my t-shirt if so do I need to use parch paper to cover my transfer or is my transparency paper heat resistant? The 12″ x 10″, 9″ x 9″, and 6″ x 7″ function the same, but the Mini’s heat settings are different than the others. This mask or carrier sheet keeps the design aligned and is ready to be heat applied. Lily is Siser's go-to crafter. However, a heat press is still going to give you the most accurate pressure. Find a firm, flat, heat-resistant surface, around waist high. Just be sure the surface you move to can handle the heat. On the Cricut Explore set the dial to "Custom". And yes, you can use the same time/temp for a poly/cotton blend. Within a few short test cuts, you’ll be able to dial your blade into the cut setting that best fits your project. You can DIY your own iron-on design using heat transfer vinyl! The guides and rollers keep the mat secure while it moves back and forth during the cutting process. Show Menu . The Silhouette Cameo cuts a triangle in a square as their test cut, so I replicated the shape in Design Space. How To Heat Press Flocked HTV . Move the test cut into a corner to save as much material as possible and select “Continue.”. After inserting the square and triangle, select both shapes and use the Align Center tool to stack them evenly. EasyPatterns come on a clear carrier just like EasyWeed®, but it sounds like you may have the a printed pattern that doesn’t come on a carrier. Then the Cricut® EasyPress™ may be the solution for you. A heat transfer cover sheet isn’t completely necessary if the HTV is still attached to the carrier. Except the EasyPress Mini doesn’t have room for a digital read out, so instead there’s 3 heat setting buttons on the side. I’ve made a fair amount of mistakes while learning how to work with HTV on polyester, so let my experience keep you from making the same errors. Kids of all ages love the shimmer and pop, and since it’s CPSIA Certified it’s safe to apply on kids clothing. To heat apply EasyWeed on a Cricut EasyPress, we’d suggest 335°F. Set timer and temperature. With the removal of the dial, the process to select your cut setting is different than before. vi n° 14971 c.s. We do not recommend flipping the shirt and pressing from the back when using Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl. Are you thinking about upgrading from a home-iron for HTV but not ready for a heat press? After weeding, double check that you can see cut lines on the carrier. Hi Ana! vi n° 14971 c.s. Use the Cricut Heat Guide to determine project settings. I’d avoid sliding the EasyPress as much as possible to avoid pushing the decal around. Hi, what cut settings would the Cricut need to be set at when using Siser Easyweed Stretch? Our recommended starting point cut setting for the Cricut cutting machines can be found on each product page of our website underneath the colors offerings. This adhesive can get stuck to your upper platen and later deposit itself on other shirts if no cover sheet is used. Once you load the mat in the Explore you will be able to select from a list of choices in the software. Is the temp too hot or did I leave it on too long? Also how long do I press? ©2020 Siser North America. StarCraft HD Permanent. Hi Lily, thank you for your reply. Fresh, new blades are sharper and will require a lower cut setting while older, duller blades need higher cut settings. Glossy. Find out here. Learn how to make a test cut file and hone your settings on the Cricut Maker. Free shipping on orders of $165 or more. Mirror design in Cricut Design Space; Select Glitter Iron On in custom material settings; Place Glitter HTV shiny (colored and glittery) side down on the cutting mat; Once cut, weed away any excess HTV that is not part of your design . For siser stretch we would need a temp setting of 350° firm pressure for 20 seconds correct? However, if you’re layering multiple colors you will want to use one to protect the applied HTV that no longer has a carrier attached. Subscribe to our mailing list; Local Pickup Details; Team Color Charts; $6.95 Flat Rate Shipping. On a Cricut EasyPress we suggest adding an additional 30°F on top of the recommended temperature for best results. 4. I e-mailed your support section and they suggested 330-350 for 20-30 seconds for EasyWeed and/or Glitter individually. How to Cut Siser® HTV with the Cricut® Maker. And only few of them are good enough. If the cut lines appear dashed or you can’t see them at all, then you need to try a higher pressure. Cricut offers a guide to each setting and their temperature range, but you’ll still need to tack on that extra 30°F for best results with Siser HTV, so you’ll likely end up using the middle or highest setting for most projects. I tired different settings… nothing worked. Time to send the design to be cut. This introductory video reviews the basics of Siser Glitter and a guideline of cut settings. Thank you! If anything is lifting after the last press, you can press for an additional 5 seconds. Thanks and I appreciate your help! The EasyPress comes with a Quick Reference Guide—which, of course, I immediately misplaced (my craft room is a glittery black hole). After, resizing you’re ready to try out your test cut! The Cricut Maker costs $399.99. Power Cricut EasyPress ON. The time remains the same! Unfortunately, I cannot offer any advice on transparency paper since it’s not a product we manufacture nor do I have experience with it. Choose "Iron-on, Glitter - 0.5mm (Cricut)" as shown in the screenshot below and continue your cut as normal. Hi Mel! Want to practice? Thanks – I ended up getting a teflon sheet and it works great. If you find you can’t get enough pressure on the HTV, move to a lower table or even the floor in order to get more oomph behind your press. Or can I use my Easy Press without it? imp. The vinyl stuck to the shirt just fine, but I never had to pull the carrier sheet off. I noticed in your video you use the white sheet between the shirt and the Easy Press (I have one), is it necessary? See how it was made on IGTV! Lily, you are such a font of knowledge! Glitter & More; Cricut; Inkscape; Vinyl and HTV; Projects; Product Reviews; Media and Press Releases; Order Status; My Cart ; Home:: HTV:: Siser HTV:: Siser EasyWeed:: 12" x 15" Sheets. How to Apply Siser® HTV with a Cricut EasyPress, Download the FREE “Bloom Where You’re Planted” cut file. Because lots fo heat press machine around the world. All the presets from the dial are available to use, but you have to navigate to them differently. Like the EasyPresses before it, the Mini has a smooth plate and cool color scheme. Perfect for dance and cheer teams and anywhere you just need a little extra sparkle. Thank you! If you need to adjust, select “Material Settings” at the bottom, and the Custom Materials window will appear. It’s best to lift and press in sections to keep the decal in the correct position. That is very helpful. Let’s discuss the first 3 and then we’ll get into working with the Mini. But I would like to know about the price. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Hi Lily! Siser® EasyWeed® Stretch can be applied with the Cricut EasyPress. Additionally, you can adjust the time and temperature to exactly what you’re looking for all while reading off the digital screen. Preheat s. s. pressure. Just out of curiosity, why do you recommend peeling the Glitter HTV carrier before the last 10-15 second press (at 350?) Use Cricut EasyPress to apply PS Film, PS Electric and Glitter 2: you will notice how the material perfectly adheres to fabric texture and does not float above the fibers. For holographic on a poly cotton blend material, what would the temp be for my easy press 2? Settings for every project are likely to differ depending on the type of garments and HTV used. instead of just leaving it on? I have tried multiple settings (iron-on, iron+, all different types of htv vinyl with increased pressure) and have even increased pressure settings on the materials section but it doesn’t cut evenly. The answer is YES – the Cricut EasyPress will work with any heat transfer vinyl product BUT the application and temperature may differ from the manufacturer’s recommendations for a regular heat press. what a waste :(. The Cricut EasyPress is a simple step up to “intermediate” and is good for when you have one foot in each pond, ie: some projects for sale and some for personal use. Options not compatible. Hi Lily just wondering if you are doing multiple layers say 4-5 how long do you press between each layer and do you do a longer press for the last layer. Hi Melissa! I used the recommended settings for my Easy Press 2 to iron on EasyWeed vinyl (set the temp to 335 for 15 seconds since it was recommended to add 30 degrees to the heat press settings you all have posted). Available in over 30 vibrant colors, Glitter contains maximum sparkle without shedding any glitter flakes. The steps shown in the video are what we’d recommend for an EasyWeed and EasyWeed Electric project. Hi Isis! Thanks so much! Lost your quick reference guide for the heat settings for the Cricut EasyPress? Place the cutting mat under the white guides which ensure the mat is centered under the pinch rollers. In that case, you are correct- the pattern side should face up and the design should not be mirrored. Our Siser red presses can be found here but the price may vary depending on the distributor you purchase from and their shipping costs. What would you suggest? +39 0444.287960 Fax +39 0444.287959 r.e.a. Cutting Glitter Vinyl with a Cricut Machine. If you lean to one side a little more than the other or press stronger with one arm, you might notice one side of the heat transfer vinyl is more applied than the other. Plus discover the different way to reach your cut settings on the Maker without having the Smart Set Dial. Additionally, you can adjust the time and temperature to exactly what you’re looking for all while reading off the digital screen. If you’re still having trouble with your project, please email our team at for additional troubleshooting. I GIVE UP! This leaves the adhesive side exposed to the blade, and is the reason why cut files need to be mirrored or flipped horizontally when cut from HTV. For your project specifically, I would use 350°F and press EasyWeed first for 5 seconds (peel carrier hot) then press the Glitter HTV for 5 seconds (peel carrier warm) and finish with a 10-15 second press. Keep reading to see how to change cut settings in Cricut Design Space, how to determine if that cut setting is best, and how to edit the Custom Material settings! "Peel" refers to removing the clear iron-on liner after applying iron-on material to your project surface. Thank You!! 3.6k. Heat Settings for the Cricut Easy Press. Get a printable version and learn more about this awesome heatpress. Thank you for your video using the EasyPress- adding a time/temp column on your website/app for the EasyPress would be very useful for a lot of viewers! When I lifted the press, the carrier sheet was on my easy press. Hi Raquel! 3. Your upper body strength determines how much pressure is applied on the heat transfer vinyl. Thank you. Place vinyl liner side down onto LightGrip Mat. For Example: To heat apply EasyWeed® on a Heat Press we’d recommend 305°F. Excellent for multilayer application. Cricut EasyPress Mat Towel. We offer a large assortment of HTV sheets & rolls. Please send any pictures you have of the issue to and we’ll do our best to sort out the issue. Hi Amanda! While they’re both still selected, use the Attach function (it looks like a paperclip) to lock the shapes in place. This post goes over the most frequently asked questions and issues we’ve received from customers regarding the Cricut EasyPress. Press J to jump to the feed. Putting HTV on wood is not too much different than putting it on a shirt. Good luck! Click the flashing Cricut button on the Maker when you’re ready to send your test cut. Select one. 1. vi 171856 - reg. Siser Easyweed Stretch can be applied with the Cricut EasyPress. Cricut cut settings for Siser EasyWeed . The smooth plate won’t leave impression marks in the vinyl. The purpose of a test cut is to try out cut settings while only wasting a small amount of material. Select save when you’re finished. Heat-Transfer Material. So for 3D Techno, the recommended settings would be Temperature: 340°F, Pressure: Firm, Time: 5 seconds, peel carrier, 20 seconds. With high thickness and adhesive polyester backing it's a must have to create sparkle and bling to your project. If the carrier is cut through, dial back the pressure significantly. I m pressing for 3 secs then removing the carrier sheet and then a further 2 seconds but it not sticking Lastly, can I use the same temperature and time for a cotton/poly sweatshirt? Trust me, I’ve skipped it before and I always regret it! 12" x 15" Sheets. Since we recommend using a higher temperature, the second press isn’t necessary. FREE Shipping on orders over $50 Menu Vinyl. I would like to see Siser put out a PDF with recommended settings for all your products. Cricut’s Heat Setting site, for the Cricut brand of vinyl, alters the temperatures and times based on not only the type of vinyl (which is expected), but also the materials you are applying the vinyl to. Select one. You can accomplish most projects with the Cricut EasyPress sizes we just covered, but the latest EasyPress is for all your mini making! Select images and size and load the mat into your machine. Everything you need to know about cutting heat transfer vinyl on the Cricut Maker is in this post! Should I increase the temperature or reapply same temp, time, and pressure? Siser Heat Transfer (HTV) Cut Settings for Silhouette Cameo, Cricut, Scan N Cut, Graphtec and more. If this blog post was helpful for you, please pin it to Pinterest and share it with your friends! A cutter and a home iron is about all you need when you’re just a “beginner” and making items for yourself and family members. Thanks, Amy! Click here for Siser's glitter HTV tutorial! Printable version. Press timer, then use +/- buttons to set recommended time. The machine software will help you to choose the correct cut settings. I have just been using the 305 degrees and found I had to add additional time for it to not always work! A heat press is still our #1 choice for best quality applications and is ideal for advanced users with full businesses, but with the EasyPress’ growing popularity, I thought it’s time to share our tips for working with the little guys! Click here to read the details on why we chose 143. You don’t always need it, especially when applying EasyWeed® Stretch! Easypress 2 - what temp/time setting for Siser Easyweed HTV? Press the flashing Go button. Placing something darker in the background helps to see the cut lines more clearly. While using the Cricut Mini Easy Press to apply Siser Easyweed, should I be constantly moving the mini while applying the decal or should the mini remain still? How to Apply Siser HTV with the Cricut EasyPress. ©2020 Siser North America. The actual size of the sheets can vary up to 0.5 inch. Hi Priscilla! Viale della Tecnica n° 18 36100 Vicenza - Italy Tel. Available in 15 dazzling colors, including transparent and transparent glitter colors, all with adhesive backing. This gleaming vinyl has a smooth but sparkly finish and it can be applied onto cotton/polyester. Just remember; always follow the instructions that are for the type of vinyl you are applying to your project – not for what you are applying on. If anything is still lifting, continue pressing for 5 second intervals. For siser HTV? Preparation with StrongGrip Transfer Tape. Your vinyl may become sticky if you’re using too much pressure and forcing the adhesive out the sides (appears to be a clear halo around the vinyl.) Good luck! While I do have a separate blog post on cutting HTV with the Cricut Explore Air, this tutorial goes over how to edit the presets in the Custom Material window which is beneficial to know when using the “Custom” setting on the Smart Set Dial. EasyWeed® Stretch requires firm pressure, so you may need to use a low table or apply on the floor in order to get more body weight over the EasyPress as suggested in this post. You can choose a preset that’s higher or lower than your current setting (I’ve cut HTV on the Tattoo Paper setting before because that’s what worked best. Select an option. You can apply glitter heat transfer vinyl to a ton of different surfaces. Flip and press for s °F °C. This is the same process you’d go through if you used an older Cricut cutter on the “Custom” setting of the Smart Set Dial. Discounts available, fast ship, cut to order. This is different than what you did in your video. Tile is cool and will pull away the heat, so try to stick with a wood floor or wooden cutting board (that you purchased just for crafting. To avoid this issue, do your best to stay centered over the EasyPress. Thank you! Siser Easyweed, Siser Stretch, Siser Glitter, Siser Ultralite, Siser Brick, Siser Flock, Siser Metallic, Siser Electric. Our suggested setting is Iron On, so you could scroll through the list or type “Iron On” in the Search box to find this setting. This re-vamped cutting machine first appeared in August 2017 and boasts a sleeker style, more cutting tools, and the ability to cut fabric (which we tested in this blog post.) Lily is Siser's go-to crafter. The shirt instructions say not to exceed a temp of 320; however, typically 350 for 20 seconds is the normal recommended press. However, you can see our recommended settings for a home iron and heat press on each product page of our website under the “Application Instructions” tab. I made the local sign shop pretty happy with 3 meters of 15 kinds and colors of vinyl. User account menu. If I was adhering the EasyWeed vinyl to wood instead of cotton, would the temperature and time (335 degrees for 20 sec) be the same? Why 143? I’m sorry you’re having trouble with EasyWeed® Stretch. Now you can finally choose your cut setting! You may need to clean your mat (or use a new one) to prevent dashed lines from small bits of debris stuck under the vinyl. I placed my HTV shiny side down on my standard green Cricut mat, loaded it into the machine, and pressed go. Her ideas and abilities to incorporate HTV into her projects is inspiring. Do you recommend an extra 30 degrees for all types of Siser HTV? We do not have a graphic with all the temps and times for Siser HTV and the EasyPress. Close. The recommended setting for each Siser HTV is available on the product pages of our website. Transform plain items into glitzy treasures with Siser Sparkle! Siser Glitter HTV is a bit thicker so you have to use a custom setting to cut it. Log In Sign Up. Siser s.r.l. Refer to Glitter Vinyl Kiss Cut Guide below to adjust machine settings (a kiss cut goes through the vinyl film and leaves the liner intact). Unload the mat after cutting, and use your Siser® Weeder to pick out the triangle. The EasyPress is more suited for HTV projects than a home iron due to its lack of steam holes. Cricut EasyPress users frequently ask what settings should I use to apply Siser?Heat Transfer Vinyl to my project, can I use Siser?HTV? +39 0444.287960 Fax +39 0444.287959 r.e.a. So this time I am looking for a reliable one. Would the instructions be the same to apply Easyweed Stretch using a Cricut EasyPress? Click “Make It”  in the top right and the mat preview screen appears. It is just going to be a daunting process to test every single one and recommended starting settings would help a great deal. Well versed in Heat Transfer Vinyl, Lily embraces the methods and materials to deliver creative content week after week! I just bought some Siser Easyweed & Electric HTV vinyl and I have a question about using it for the first time. CAUTION: Use in a well-ventilated area—vapors from heating process may be irritating to sensitive individuals. Select “Browse All Materials” for a full list of available materials to cut. If the HTV is still not sticking, try a cold peel or increased pressing time. Also, the heat/time was 335°/15secs. This is a good start. Polyester isn’t easy to work with like cotton, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. The great thing about HTV is you don’t need much to start out. I would suggest reaching out to the place you purchased from or the brand of paper for assistance with your questions. Cricut Design Space does not have a built in test cut function, so the first thing to do is create a cut file that can be used as a test cut. How do I use the Cricut Easy Press? What Can Glitter Iron-On Be Applied To? If I have 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend what are the settings and time? ‘. Regards Janine. I changed the dial on my Cricut Explore Air 2 to ‘Iron On’. Learn how to cut with your Silhouette CAMEO! If you have any lifting areas on your design it is likely that the spot didn’t get enough pressure from the EasyPress. Easypress 2 - what temp/time setting for Siser Easyweed HTV? I would suggest pressing the EasyWeed® first (335°F for 1-5 seconds) since it’s thinner and then the Holographic (350°F for 10-15 seconds.) All the tips above can also be applied to the Mini. If you can feel the cut lines from the front then you’re getting dangerously close to cutting through the carrier and should consider lowering the pressure. I hope that clears things up! For Siser® EasyWeed® HTV we recommend the Iron On setting or a pressure around 118. Yes, Vina! If the design isn’t sticking, I’d suggest pressing again for another 5-10 seconds. Download the FREE “Bloom Where You’re Planted” cut file and try these tips out! Some sites say to do this. Posted by 1 year ago. What heat setting do I put it on? SPECS: Click here for HTV cut settings for Cricut; NOTES: Because every monitor/screen is slightly different, the actual colour of the product can vary from the image. If the test cut was successful, then the triangle and square will weed away easily. Viale della Tecnica n° 18 36100 Vicenza - Italy Tel. This is the site formerly known as 651VINYL® We have changed our name and re-branded our company. I am just starting out witn a Cricut Maker and I bought only Siser products from a local sign shop instead of buying Cricut media. I was just wondering I bought a polyester shirt (and I am putting Siser Easyweed on it) and I have a Cricut EasyPress 2. Glitter HTV Catch the eye using Siser glitter PU heat seal film. imp. HTV APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Application Instructions (Home Iron): Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen Cover design with Kraft Paper or non-stick cover sheet Place on flat, hard surface (ironing board not recommended) Press iron with medium/firm pressure for 10-15 seconds If areas lift after application, cover and press for 5-10 seconds. Due to the variety of cutters and blades available, it’s impossible to list every potential cut setting, but we do our best to cover the most commonly used cutters. Cricut Heat Guide; What is "Peel"? However, depending on the age and wear of your blade, Iron On may not be the best setting for you. Don’t forget, EasyWeed’s carrier is a hot peel and Holographic’s is a cold peel. A starting point would be nice to have. I’m so sorry, Lala! Everything peeled out separately….which ruined the design. This saved me a lot of trial and error on a rush project! EasyPSV™ however, has different cutting directions. What pressure did you used? I just wasted a complete roll trying to cut out a a siser easyweed htv iron on. Hi Todd! Nobody wants food debris in their HTV!). What is the actual best instructions? Want to cut Siser® HTV like a pro? The dial is featured on the Cricut Explore One, Explore Air, and Air 2 and allows you to choose from popular material presets. Sorry, Linda! As with any new vinyl or new machine, before jumping straight to your main product you should do a test. Have you upgraded to the Cricut Maker yet? Siser Easy Reflective 10" is perfect for garments and accessories that need to stand out in low lighting. Do the heat temperatures / times need to be altered depending on the material you are adhering the htv to when using an EasyPress? When using Siser with Easy Press, do you flip the shirt over and heat the back once you’re all done? Hi lily, would you consider all or most Siser products to be compatible with the Cricut maker? Thank you!!! You can also use the Slice tool, however you’ll have to delete out the extra triangles that are created in that process. Hi Cindy! The recommended settings for Cricut EasyPress will continue to be updated as additional base materials are tested and other heat transfer products are released. Watch this video for how to layer EasyWeed with the Cricut EasyPress. Just like when you use an iron though, you’ll need a hard, heat resistant application surface. Even though the test cut on the right weeded ok, the cut lines are practically non existent. Change what needs changing and then go for it. I’d suggest 305®F for 25-30 seconds with firm pressure (so avoid your pressing mat if possible.). Most Glitter HTV can be applied with any heat pressing device. Siser s.r.l. There is also a … The Cricut EasyPress comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Make sure to mirror your designs! I have a Cricut Easy Press tutorial that works with Cricut Iron-On vinyl, the Easy Press, and a Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2. Yes Angelica, all Siser products are compatible with the Cricut Maker :). Have you seen the new updated version of the Cricut Easypress settings? Take a moment to cut a design and see if it has worked. I’d suggest 350F for 15-20 seconds. Cutter settings, application instructions, and recommended accessories & care for Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. Part of what makes this cutter so sleek is the removal of the Smart Set Dial. Here is a quick view of how easy it is to use.