Follow Drew, a young bladesmith, as he forges a Damascus pattern blade for the judges in this clip from Season 5, Episode 8, "The Zande Spear." It can be bought in Character Creation for 9,000 Gold after completing Story Mode with Mitsurugi. Beginning with its manufacturing process, the Damascus blade was an extraordinary tool. Damascus Short Sword Handmade Wakizashi Sword T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Maple Wood Saya & Brass Fittings, Japanese Wakizashi T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Full Authentic Green Ray Skin Saya & Buffalo Horn tips, Katana T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Hadori Polish and Black Saya with Engraved Dragon, Duo Shirasaya Sword Set Katana & Wakizashi T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Hadori Polish, Wakizashi Shirasaya T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Hadori Polish and Ebony Wood Saya With Buffalo Horn, Battle Ready Katana T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Purple Acid Dye & Hadori Polish, Shirasaya Katana T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Hadori Polish and Rosewood Saya With Buffalo Horn, Battle Ready Katana T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Hadori Polish and Full Ray Skin Saya, Katana Sword T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Red Acid Dye and Hand Printed Flowers Saya, Shirasaya Katana T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Hadori Polish and Haxagonal White Maple Wood Saya, Katana T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Gloss Black Saya, Japanese Katana T10 Folded Clay Tempered Steel with Purple Acid Dye and Feather Hadori Polish. Classic editor History Comments Share. Damascus steel was a type of steel used for manufacturing blades in the Near East made with wootz steel imported from India. This is a weapon that appears in every soul calibur game except for Soul Edge, Soulcalibur & Soulcalibur Legends. The WKC/Knights head damascus blade in lion head hilt fitting with a plain painted scabbard bears the inscription highlighted in gold leaf to Oberst Petri, Kommandeur of the Schutzpolizei of Köln-Solingen, on the occasion of Freedom Day Feburary 1, 1926. : 194 M.Atk. Fabricated Damascus steel is better known as pattern-welded steel. Some will refer to folded steel as Damascus Steel Katana because it is characterized by distinctive patterns reminiscent of flowing water. This sword making techniques are so secret till only a few families blacksmith in Damascus are mastered. Sword 9 displays the most distinct bands on the micrographs and also appears to give the most attractive damascene pattern (Figure 2). 60 Melee with today’s modern steel, folding is done to increase the beauty of the blade and add that folded steel pattern which is loved by many. The legendary sword made famous by Damascus and Persian has overcome the greatness of Japanese Katana sword and the sword Excalibur of King Arthur. It is unclear when the ancient city was founded, but evidence has been found showing that an urban center in the area existed in the 4th millennium BCE. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Ten Things the Ancients Did Better than Us 2. Aside from being beautiful, Damascus steel was valued because it maintained a keen edge, yet was hard and flexible. It requires level 60 Melee to equip. History. This is the same wootz however, it cost less in labor. It was blamed on several factors which include the following reasons: 1. Close up of Damascus steel blade: Around 500 AD, swordsmiths of the Middle East began to produce knives and swords with strength and cutting abilities unequalled by any other civilization of the time. Strong and beautiful, the Damascus sword. British Raj suppression of this very industry This Sword can be obtained only through the Instance: Sealed Demons. The superiority of these weapons came from the steel that they used to fashion them. The difference between Nihonto and Damascus steel varies a lot and due to the fact that the secrets of making Damascus steel are lost, some people compare between the two. 1 Sources 1.1 Metalwork 1.2 Shops 1.3 Drops The main source for obtaining Damascus Short Sword is by crafting them through Metalwork. In 1260 the city fell to the Mongols under Hulagu Khan , and it was sacked c.1400 by Timur , who took away the swordmakers and armorers. Melee is one of the 19 Stats in Damascus and part of what dictates Combat Level. The Damascus steel swords, also known as pattern welded steel swords, are entirely made with 1095, 5160, L-6 and O1 steel, creating a … If you continue to use this site you understand and agree to the use of cookies and accept them. Recipe: Damascus Sword (60%) — 1 pcs. A Step Closer to the … To this day, no one knows the exact elements and heat components that ancient swordsmiths used to produce Damascus steel; although, we do know the steel was originally made from wootz steel. Sword 7 contains graphite stringers not shown in the micrographs. It has been claimed that ‘Wootz’ is in fact a corruption of ‘ukku’, the word for steel in many South Indian languages. The three wootz Damascus swords all display band spacing in the 40-50 mm range. The process was a loss to metal smiths 2. Time has changed, but a Damascus sword continues to serve its owner the way it would centuries ago. Damascus steel was created from wootz steel, a steel developed in India around 300 BC. Damage It is produced by melting pieces of iron and steel with charcoal. Some blacksmiths were misled to believe that a different technique was used to produce this steel. Physical Description. The truth is that Damascus steel and the type of steel commonly used to manufacture Folded Steel Katana are not the same. Damascus continued to prosper under the Saracens; its bazaars sold brocades (damask), wool, furniture inlaid with mother of pearl, and the famous swords and other ware of the Damascene metalsmiths. It requires level 60 Melee to equip. By about the 15 th century, production of these exceptional swords … Wootz steel was a phenomenal grade of iron ore steel made in India. It is known that by then the Indians were already producing Wootz steel for over two millennia. Article about: This is an Eickhorn damascus sword and i most admitt that these pics absolutely do it no justice, in hand this … True Damascus steel stopped being produced on a large scale in the 14 th century when the Turco-Mongol conqueror Tamerlane devastated Damascus and carried all the sword-smiths back with him to work for his armies. This word only entered the English language towards the end of the 18th century, when Europeans first began learning about the way this steel was produced. moreover folding needs to be done properly otherwise there can be failure between the layers which will create weak spots. Such blades were reputed to be tough, resistant to shattering and capable of … 0. Slightly recovers HP of all party members. : 99 Soulshots Consume: 1 Spiritshots Consume: 1 MP Consume: 0 Crystallization: Crystal (B-Grade) - 180 Soul Crystal: Stage - 10 Grade: B Base price: 2,018,280 adena And what is the actual price? 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