Dartmouth researchers and their colleagues have built the first smartphone app that automatically reveals students' mental health, academic performance and behavioral trends. Mohapatra said he wanted to create an app similar to the now-defunct Yik Yak, an anonymous message board that came under fire for racist and misogynistic posts and was shut down in 2017. The app also has a page that connects users with Dartmouth’s different mental health services. Unmasked was originally launched at Dartmouth College in January 2020 and it rapidly became a frequently used platform for individuals struggling with mental health issues on campus. In other words, your smartphone knows your state of mind -- even if you don't -- and how that affects you. Dartmouth's StudentLife app can tell you if your mental health is hurting your grades Indeed, the Dartmouth community has reacted to the pandemic and prepared to operate digitally, providing varying mental health resources — from formal resources like the Counseling Center to apps like Unmasked and organizations like the Dartmouth Mental Health Student Union — to help maintain students’ well … As a result, other colleges began to use the app, and the virtual support community began to expand quickly. ... Unmasked is an app originally launched at Dartmouth… Innovative ways to tackle such issues are therefore always in demand, especially by students at Case Western Reserve University who wish to advocate for adequate support on campus. Mental health issues have always been either under-represented, misunderstood or both.