This was one of the only interactive brand guidelines examples that I saw, but I think it’s extremely helpful. This approach can help you tell your brand story to new employees as part of their onboarding or people outside of the company. Customize it with modern fonts, contrasting colors, and high-quality stock photos. It could be a brand new designer, or a reporter writing an article about your company. In this brand guidelines example from Little Free Radical, they make sure their values are exhibited all over their guide. Many brand guidelines examples that I came across while writing this article used only hex codes to name their brand colors. PowerPoint templates are available for download. Now that you have a lot more space to work with, you can explain why certain colors or fonts were selected. Otherwise, you are going to have too many “official” colors to keep track of. Especially if your content is going to be seen on a bunch of different platforms, channels or social media networks. Echelon brand book. Bynder, the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), announced the launch of Digital Brand Templates and enhanced Brand Guidelines, designed to accelerate content creation and empower more creative, agile brands without compromising consistency. This extra element to their visual brand helps make their content distinct from other brands. The Minimalist Brand Guidelines template is a Swiss Style inspired design available in both A4 and US letter sizes. AMSTERDAM - October 8, 2019 Bynder, the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), today announced the launch of Digital Brand Templates and enhanced Brand Guidelines, designed to accelerate content creation and empower more creative, agile brands, without compromising consistency.. Get more ebook templates on Venngage! Brand Templates Save valuable time. Within a minute or so you can understand how the entire platform works! An easy way to illustrate that to readers is by including a signature section, like in the brand guidelines template above. No one should have to guess which is a header or a body font when it comes time to use them. If you are one of those companies, I would recommend using your custom font throughout your brand guidelines as well. Company culture is incredibly important to both your team. Though old-fashioned, “analog” branding hasn’t quite gone the way of horse and buggy, businesses today need a diversified array of digital branding tools to cement their real-world presence. Tech Company Branding Guidelines Presentation Free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. Overall, it’s one of my favorite examples of a truly ingenious branding manual! Like a triangle. These rather massive changes were undertaken to position the company as something that connects the creatives of the world. 35 templates. Owning functionality in this way becomes a direct expression of the brand’s commitment To achieve that level of recognition, they normally use the same camera settings in every photo. When people see that graphic out in the world they should immediately think about your company. But if you want to break away from the crowd you can use really any shape or graphic you want. Throughout this article, I’ll introduce 30 great examples of brand style guides, also called guidelines, brand books, or brand manuals. Your brand guidelines should outline exactly what your brand stands for. It is a corporate identity guidelines template in a class of its own. The triangles fitting together shows how the colors will interact. This gives creators, designers and the press more flexibility to use their logo in many situations. In my search for great examples for this article, I found that a handful of larger brands used this idea as well. Professionals who experience something special every time 2. Each color in their palette has been approved for use on a device, or not, with a smart icon. If you’re going to present your branding guidelines to people outside of your nonprofit organization, be sure to make it very eye-catching or interesting.