One of the most common annoyance in Windows 7 and later is the automatically adjustment of system volume while you are making PC calls.We have received so many mails asking for solution of this problem, so today we are going to post the solution in this topic. Raise the slider to increase how much Discord will lower the volume of your other applications. The issue was that no matter what I did, Discord couldn’t pick up what I say into my microphone. If your audio device is function properly as you mentioned on voice recorder, back to teams clients, we would like you to make a test call to see the results: At the … User Info: SilentZed. Any way I can get a feature like in TeamSpeak where I can have it lower my volume when he speaks? To open Discord’s user settings, click the cogwheel icon in the bottom-left corner. * Please enter only numbers. Only happens to me, the others hear each other with normal volume, but if i speak at the same time, i cannot hear them because my pc lowers them. Hello everyone, I just noticed the newer program OBS Studio when I had been using OBS Classic since a few months ago. When I speak; When others speak Oct 13, 2004 1,844 0 20,060 101. Microsoft Agent | Moderator Replied on March 27, 2020. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print ; Email to a Friend; Flag Post; Product: HP ENVY 13 2018 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) My mic on my end has been giving off static and audio issues for others or when recording. This was seen by bringing up the volume mixer and watching what … #14. Listen to the sound of your voice. I changed the settings in the windows which reduces voices when in calls, changed the Discord options which lowers the volume when speaking with others etc. 0 captaincharisma Distinguished. is there an actual fix for this issue? Bump on this. That would happen to me on my old PC while listening to music in the background would lower the sound in warcraft during certain conditions like when Lore Walker Cho would speak in MSV pausing the music would bring the volume back to normal. used version : SinusBot Beta 0.9.11-ee30ef7; used operating system : Ubuntu server 15.10 64 bits; hardware specs : VPS, Xeon E5v3 @2.4GHz (only 1 core), 2gb ram; used browser : Tried to disable ducking with chrome and firefox. This is another important feature to improve voice quality on discord. This is only in Steam voice chat. How can I stop this behaviour? Whenever I lower the volume of microsoft teams in windows volume mixer, my microphone input sound becomes lower, when I talk on discord. Try lowering the volume of your built-in speakers. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. 2) Put your earphones/headphones on, don't play any music and just try talking to people with them on. One problem usually happens is when the user forgets their mic is muted or their input volume is at 0% and hasn’t changed it yet. If gamers could adjust discord's output volume to be louder than currently possible, game volume adjustment wouldn't be necessary. This is all with Mic boost set to maximum etc. #7. Skype itself shouldn't be lowering the volume if that doesn't work you could try reinstalling. You can also try to lower the active channels in warcraft sound settings. bu lowering the max volume it tricks discord into thinking its at 100% but really its not. Check for sources of background noise. Previous Next. Many gamers need to adjust the volume of their games to account for the low volume of Discord's voice chat. Anyway, I have disabled ducking in the instance settings, but the bot still lower its volume when I speak. My config.ini : This just started today. It was also fully charged so that wasn’t the issue also. For some reason, this controls both your microphone & speaker levels. You could also isolate whether it's Skype itself or your microphone by trying a call on a different program to see if it has the same issue (example. Jan … However, it could be a result of both applications (or others) running at the same time. You've probably damaged your ears or something. I noticed that if I speak loud enough that the microphone volume bar hits max, the volume on Windows setting will be decreased to 90 and I can't increase it back to 100. Worst part is after i exit the voice channel i have to wait like a minute to get my voice back. Remember that your voice will only sound as clear as your microphone. Aug 31, 2014 @ 10:35am I had the same problem. Maybe this could be your solution. 1. ARuarkGuy. Try these : 1) Practise speaking to everyone from a distance, so that you have to be louder, instinctively. 2) Close Google Chrome then reopen it. Jan 24, 2018 #3 sounds like you have it turned up too loud and its drowning your voice out . I have had this issue with Mic volume being low for quite a while now, (since W7 release) I guess since I changed to Windows 7 64bit. So, they can hear what I hear, even though I'm using an earbud headset. So purchased one, and still I have the same issue. There can be many reasons why Windows 10 volume increases automatically or Windows 10 automatically lowers volume. This will apply to you or others in the channel, depending on how you set the two toggles beneath. If the max is reached again, it goes to 80 and so on. Discord; Feedback; Account & Server Management; Attenuate other speakers when I speak Follow. I have been using the OBS Classic audio playback for all those months with the Windows System volume set at 21 and everything is fine. If you are on Skype or any other VoIP software speaking to your office mates or friends, quiet volume can irritate the user on the other side. You're welcome im big brain -5. [Fix] Windows Automatically Reduces System Volume for Games & PC Calls - Last updated on July 29, 2009 by VG. Right click your volume icon, go to playback, then the Communications tab, and check the lowest box for 'do nothing', that should keep your sound from getting muted. < > Showing 1-8 of 8 comments . i already had the settings to “do nothing”. Select Open Volume Mixer. I tried to start other apps as administrator, still no sound. Any way I can get a feature like in TeamSpeak where I can have it lower my volume when he speaks? Whenever I'm calling with my friends in a Discord channel, the internal sounds of my computer (YouTube sounds, SoundCloud sounds, etc) are transmitted. i have to window out of game to readjust my volume far too often. This helps reduce my own voice echoing back in his stupid microphone because he isn't wearing headphones. Oct 11 @ 5:13pm You need to set your "Master Volume" in the sound settings to 100. If the volume is set to zero in the app, you won’t be able to hear anything. This requires certain games to have different system volume levels, making it difficult to adjust them all together or switch between them. It seems to raise the volume if I speak a bit louder. Reset The Voice Settings In Discord. This audio bug seems to waver the audio of the game whenever I have a call going or I am in a chat where people can openly talk (such as Discord or Skype). By attenuation, you can lower down the volume of other applications when you or anyone speaks. Turn ON both the options. Discord; フィードバック; Account & Server Management; Attenuate other speakers when I speak Tatos | Aszu 2019年10月08日 23:56; My streaming friend refuses to use headphones. The AirPods were connected as I could see it being indicated on my PC. Once in the user settings, switch to the “Voice & Video” tab, then scroll to the fourth section from the bottom, labelled “Attenuation”. Again it worked to a certain degree by lowering the amount of sound they hear, but they still hear a great deal that it was ineffective. I … This happens even if I disable the “exclusive mode” in windows microphone settings. I tried connecting my AirPods and started to speak into it. so its difficult to stay in touch with my team in game. I bought a new headset and the issue still happens when I speak in-game after about thirty seconds. 0 K. kasper_frost03 Prominent. Your objective is to do some very deliberate testing involving changing settings, enabling/disabling applications, etc. Plugging your mic into the right port on your sound card can sometimes be confusing … I disabled ALL mic enhancements, but it keeps raising the volume if I lower it myself. George Xu MSFT. Now you know how to solve the issue using the solutions provided above. I have tried other solutions which include right-clicking the speaker icon on the taskbar and disabling or lowering a bunch of settings. The built-in speakers on your computer might be playing back the sound that your built-in mic is picking up, which could cause an echo. If you’re on Windows 10, then head to the sound control panel, go to recording, click on your mic, and raise it’s volume. You need to lower the max volume on the volume mixer (probably around 25%) have the game/whatever you want to stream at a good, easy and comfortable level and make sure to rise the discord volume to like nearly 100% to hear your buddies. When other people speaks they have a normal volume, but if i speak at the same time, their volume is like the were too far from me, so if like TS or W10 make them speaks lower in order to speak myself. Mar 7, 2016 @ 4:53pm Check the Connection: Sometimes these types of errors are just a small oversight. If I hold the mic to my mouth then it's audible, but the volume still significantly decreases. I watch Cops with no pants on. So the sound issue is resolved. HP Recommended. Skype and Discord work finely. * Please try a lower page number. “When I speak” will reduce the volume of games and other applications when you speak. Tatos | Aszu October 08, 2019 23:56; My streaming friend refuses to use headphones. -I have also hit properties on the mic and went to the "Listen" tab and made sure that the "Listen to this device" box was unchecked, to be 100% sure I ticked it, hit apply and heard insane feedback then re-unchecked it. Before getting to that let me also address that while using TS, when others would press a key to talk it lowered my game volume,windows application volume as well. my volume lowers in discord when using it as voice comms for gaming. With the problem occurring in both Teamspeak and Discord that is an indication that the problem is not specific to one particular application. it still lowers my volume, sometimes it mutes. My friends are complaining that they can only just hear me even with their volume set to 200% on Discord. If it you couldn’t find the voice settings, here’s how to get to it. Funkeh . If these solutions did not help you, you must disable any third-party audio control panels (like the one from Dolby) if you have one installed, and also check for any physical damage, which may be … Hi, Im using a Rode NT-1 XLR Mic with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio interface. If you are producing an event and are not hearing sound, please contact us. Since one of the last two updates razer synapse keeps raising my mic volume as I speak. When I wear headphones my most important rule is not to have it at a comfortable volume but always have your headphones at the lowest bearable volume. Everytime I seeing someone else's computer, the volume of the microphone in Windows settings decreases 10 by 10. So I did hours of troubleshooting and finally stumbled on the 'loudness equalization' setting on realtek Gigabyte Realtek HD Audio Manager... unchecking this forces me to up the sound by alot to get the same desktop volume in my recordings, but it stops lowering the desktop volume when I speak. discord). Mic gives off static when in discord or recording ‎08-26-2019 02:49 PM - edited ‎08-27-2019 05:04 AM. Hi MAW1960, Glad your post your question sir, my pleasure to assist you. Set the attenuation slider to 0% to get the best performance. The first solution for mic volume too low problem in Windows 10 is try the default troubleshoot feature. Most likely, you just need to boost the microphone volume in settings. After hours of trying everything to fix the keystroke that lowered the volume of any game and not lowering TS I found the fix for me, real simple in fact. Vegeta. When I speak into Steam Chat I can hear what I said a few seconds ago. This helps reduce my own voice echoing back in his stupid microphone because he isn't wearing headphones. I thought it was my motherboard, then my microphone, then lately I thought I would try a sound card.