Attended professional development seminars in order to grow as an educator. Prepared and taught lessons in all content areas for third grade and instructed Reading interventions for second and third grade students. Supplemented curriculum with music, art and physical education when these were not taught in the school. Adopted quickly to learn and establish new common core curriculum. Managed, organized, emailed, prepared documents and data to present at staff meetings. Researched and responded to parent inquiries regarding assessment data and standardized test scores. Evaluated student progress, ensuring measurable academic growth. Assisted mentor teacher with pre-assessing students' abilities on content areas. Promoted scholastic and social development by determining individual student interests, traits, and needs. Collected and analyzed data to target needs and improve test scores. Provided individualized academic support to students. Used data to plan instruction for whole and small groups in which students grew an average of 20 points. So while I promise to discuss teaching communication skills to kids, ... LICSW, is a social worker currently serving as a school adjustment counselor in Haverhill, ... 2 Responses to Teaching Communication Skills to Elementary Students. Worked closely with the Reading/Instructional Coaches to ensure student literacy improvement and increase student performance levels using instructional strategies and methods. Employed kinesthetic, visual and auditory educational activities to meet the intellectual, academic and social needs of all students. hreusa says: September 28, 2018 at 9:30 am. Executed full class programs for children involving English as a Second Language (ESL). Learned the processes, procedures and protocol of Bellevue Public Schools. Utilized manipulatives and hands on learning activities across all academic areas. Worked collaboratively with a special education teacher to address the individual needs of the students in a team teaching classroom. Reblogged this on HRE USA. Created many original lessons plans and differentiated learning for special education students. Learn more: Elementary School Teacher Must-Have Resume Skills and Keywords, LEAVE REPLACEMENT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER - Grade 2, Elementary School Teacher (Maternity Leave) - Newark, ANTICIPATED OPENINGS - 2020-2021 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS, Elementary School Science Teacher - Leave Replacement, Central Jersey College Prep Charter School, Elementary School ESL Teacher (leave replacement), Founding Elementary School Teacher (2021-2022 School Year), Primary School Language Art (English) Teacher. FAQ. Created a variety of unit and lesson plans, with accompanying instructional materials, in every subject. Analyzed test scores to surpass local, state and federal standards. Trained colleagues on Windows, Microsoft Works, and Desktop Publishing; resolved technical problems. Planned and implemented lessons from all curriculum areas including whole language development emergent literacy. Received high remarks for having standardized test scores above district level for 2014-2015 school year. Mastering writing at an early age is associated with higher outcomes on standardized testing and overall performance in school, as is outlined by the Institute of Educational Sciences 2012 report by the U.S. Department of Education, titled “Teaching Elementary School Students to be Effective Writers.” Participated in professional development opportunities in the Philadelphia Public School District and CLI office. Organized learning activities outside the school to promote social skills and coordinate Top Elementary School Teacher Skills. Contributed to curriculum development and enhanced Balanced Literacy Approach to Language Arts instruction. Standardized test scores were high, showing that students had mastered the material. Participated in professional development in technology and reading related areas. More immediately, however, you can be ready for your next opportunity or promotion by educating yourself about the duties, responsibilities, and required skills of an Elementary School Teacher and making sure your resume reflects your experience properly. Completed report cards and files on students which were updated regularly. Exhibited flexibility and teamwork through collaboration with grade level teachers and adapting to student needs in accordance to district expectations. Conducted presentations and individual conferences to identify, communicate, and resolve learning challenges. Experience speaks louder than a list of skills. Implemented and wrote lesson plans aligned with Common Core curriculum. Collaborated with grade-level teachers on year's curriculum and created lesson plans that met all State standards. Utilized Internet based assessment tools for tracking and monitoring student progress. Served as part of a study team of teachers, social workers, special education teachers, administrators and psychologist. Prepared classrooms for all class activities. This implies that highlighting any of these keywords on your resume may not be a great way to impress a potential employer. Calculated and used statistical data in preparing report cards. Attended and participated in staff meetings and extra-curricular/school related activities and committees. Earned positive verbal/written feedback from Parents and Principals regarding classroom instruction and student learning success. Planned and implemented cross curriculum-learning activities for students with varied learning abilities and language skills. Performed short-term teaching assignments for classes K-6 and the Special Education Resource Room. Co-chaired and coordinated activities for Family Literacy and Math Night. Besides working with students, elementary school teachers also have to regularly meet and collaborate with other adults, such as parents and other teachers. Provided Language Arts curriculum coaching to teachers K-5. Attended professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops to maintain and improve professional competence. Managed classroom environment and culture to meet learning and social needs of 300+ children leveled Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. Invited to join the district s Leadership Academy for aspiring administrators in order to receive supplemental professional development. Created and implemented lesson plans in all content areas. Resolved personality conflicts; maintained high levels of student expectations and discipline. Planned, developed, and taught full curriculum of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. Designed and instructed common core curriculum for grades 1 and 3 in a variety of subjects. Attended professional development courses, achieving ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) Endorsement. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Elementary School Teacher resumes they appeared on. Applied curriculum theory strategies for instruction and classroom management techniques. Imputed grades on TLE, distributed progress report and report cards. Demonstrated proficiency with MS Office Suite, Internet, and streaming video. Used computers to input grades for report cards. Presented professional development sessions across Tennessee at Leadership Conferences. Assessed students' academic development; communicated with parents on a regular basis. Enriched students in the foundation of Phonics, Reading, Mathematics and Writing skills. Initiated team teaching for across grade level grouping to meet the individual needs of students. • Basic computer and word processing skills • Skills acquired through professional development. There are several critical elements to effective reading instruction in middle school. Served on a technology project in conjunction with the University of Michigan and the Saginaw Public Schools. Researched/created curriculum that combined challenge and fun to promote scholastic and social development, while adhering to state standards. Composed pacing charts for curricula and correlated existing materials to state standards. Developed monthly newsletters for grade level and parent communication. Developed an SGO for group of thirteen math students to monitor academic growth and reflect on instructional Collaborated with administrators, parents, and students on Individual Educational Plans (IEP) for students with special needs. Facilitated parent-teacher conferences to address sudents' progress and any learning or behavioral issues. Employed as a Migrant Math teacher but also worked with the Physical Education Program. Analyzed test scores and created goals with 2nd grade team members. Additionally, employer Elementary School Teacher job descriptions list Primary Education as a desirable experience, even though Primary Education appears 8 times less on resumes, suggesting that it's worth considering including this keyword if you possess the experience. Maintained classroom behavior and social interaction through positive framing and a responsive classroom management. Delivered instruction to fifth grade students in subjects of reading, science, mathematics, history and religion. Developed bilingual curriculum with concentration in science and language arts. Selected as team member for District Literacy Framework Committee; developed a framework for the county system for Common Core Standards. If you want to teach in an elementary school, there are a few basic teacher qualifications that you will have to achieve. Managed classroom environment conducive to social and academic growth. Identified and secured training aids and instructional materials. Facilitated parent meetings to discuss and encourage literacy practices at home. Administered a variety of core curriculum subjects in 1st-8th grade. Administered running records, DIBELS, ITBS, Gates MacGinitie as well as other informal and formal assessments. Created lesson plans and instructed all academic subject areas to classrooms of up to 32 students in grades 1 and 5. Differentiated instruction for students in a multicultural setting -Conducted professional development in Developmental Spelling -Fostered a community within the classroom. Provided additional course materials and resources for children to utilize during learning activities and in imaginative/creative play. Tested students for Dibels and conducted math intervention groups daily. Created course materials and teaching methods that received an excellent response from students - increasing their test scores and reading comprehension. Arranged parent-teacher conferences to maximize student learning. Consider if you have the following qualities, which are necessary for an effective and rewarding elementary school education.