Question: What are 5 examples of a Mainframe Computer? The Rugged Industrial Box is excellent for applications that require processing power in harsh environment conditions. Minicomputers — Minicomputers are mid-sized computers. For example, an information systems specialist will view computing somewhat differently from a software engineer. The clustered computing environment is similar to parallel computing environment as they both have multiple CPUs. Microcomputers Are Classified as Desktop and Portable (Mobile) Computers. hello, I am Stephano and I am back. Patrick Kamau (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on September 25, 2019: You are much welcome Onesimus Quayee. These computer types are also very large in size due to the numerous parts and components involved in their design. It is just a matter of how the answer is phrased electronically and grammatically. The incredible growth-rate the internet of things is experiencing has steadily poured ove… Examples of computer ethics include not using a computer to steal or to harm others, especially by avoiding the spread of computer viruses and shunning plagiarism of computer software. Computing definition, the use of a computer to process data or perform calculations. Patrick Kamau (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on December 04, 2019: Iqra qureshi thanks for reading and reaching out. This means a computer user can be able to move with it from one point to another comfortably. This is done by pooling all the computer resources and then managing them using a software. Dumb terminals are not as fast as smart terminals, and they do not support as many display features, but they are adequate for most applications. Accounting Packages. Supercomputers are optimized to execute a few numbers of programs. Ransomware works much like that, except your computer is taken hostage by a faceless bad guy. The placement is also ideal since it will lie on top of a desk and then you can place your TFT monitor on top. It is not a very good choice if you are going to install other drives like another hard disk or a DVD writer. Users connects to the mainframe or minicomputers using dumb terminal – a keyboard and monitor. Well, a computer is an electronic device that accepts data, processes it using set instructions or simply programs, stores the data that has been processed and finally gives us an output on what we have been working on. 4. Great Job. Cloud can be used for storage of files. All the system processes are available on the computer and executed there. However, Computer Science is more geared towards robotics, bioinformatics, and new ways to use computers. You might not know it yet, but ubiquitous computing truly is everywhere. There is a broad list of things you can specialize in within Computer Science. A distributed system consists of more than one self directed computer that communicates through a network. Security: Many organizations have security concerns when it comes to adopting a cloud-computing … Keep reading to gain more. The system unit is usually smaller and more compact. Thanx alot i like your page because u used a simply english so we can all understand well what we are reading, Hi thank you sir really helped with my subject CAT. There are a number of major differences between computers that are intended to be used in one place as a desktop and portables or mobiles that can be easily moved from one location to another. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. The cloud users only see the service being provided and not the internal details of how the service is provided. thanks Patrick for the detailed descriptions.. could you please give the applicable computers used in large data amounts and they should be processed within a short time?? A list of the basic types of computing platform. Desktop computer components and devices, although quite resilient to movement while active are not made to be constantly moved, even less so when they are operational. APIs. Mainframe computers — These are large and expensive computer types capable of supporting hundreds, or even thousands, of users simultaneously. Education is increasingly adopting advanced technology because students already are. Patrick Kamau (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on July 03, 2018: Hello Aryan Goyal, I am glad the article was of help to you. Thanks for the feedback, it makes us keep writing. wendy cortes, thanks for reading and commenting. The term computer is derived from the Latin word ‘computare’, which means to calculate. Thanks for this I like it very well and also loved it . A Note About How Users Connect to the Mainframe or Minicomputers. For tower casing, the motherboard is placed on side of the system unit, while the other major components like the power supply, and mass storage devices are stacked on top of each other in a cabinet. Please can you share examples of mini compiters. All the computers connected in a network communicate with each other to attain a common goal by maki… Tqs for giving about types of computers very nice and easy to study. Patrick Kamau (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on November 10, 2019: You are welcome Ahme. (Examples- … Any software or tools that you have used competently in the past can be considered a computer skill, including web-based tools such as search. Data mining refers to computing techniques to find new information in a lot of data. A distributed computing environment contains multiple nodes that are physically separate but linked together using the network. Is Quantum Computing changing the future of our world? Keep reading to gain more. Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail. The use of the term Minicomputer has diminished and they have merged with servers. Ex: SlideRocket, Ratatype, Amazon Web Services. All the nodes in this system communicate with each other and handle processes in tandem. We do not have different types of Mainframe computers. Examples of Cloud Computing in Education. A mains power supply is mandatory, as desktop computers cannot work without a constant supply of electrical power. The most common presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint. Such a crime could be committed by an employee aiming to sell such secrets to a competitor or by an outside source wanting to steal such secrets to promote his/her own well-being. The size of the casing determines how much space you need on your desk to place the PC. When we talk about green computing then photovoltaic solar panels are most miracle example because it easily converts electricity power into electrical energy Wind Turbine Program Other great type is Wind Turbine system because with the help … Keep reading and all the best. The advantage is an easy backup. For instance, you can mention the following models from IBM; IBM zSeries, System z9, and System z10 servers. Platforms can be low level or high level, modern or legacy.The following are a common types of computing platform. All the best. Answer: A computer peripheral , or peripheral device, is an external object that provides input and output for the computer. Both the client and server usually communicate via a computer network but sometimes they may reside in the same system. Computer ethics also involve avoiding unauthorized access to computer systems and preserving the confidentiality and privacy of data in computers. There are two things that may make you consider going for tower: a) If you have more than enough space, then you can buy the tower casing where there are more functions.