In addition, FiberSkyn 3 provides an excellent, authentic ethnic drum … Has the look of a skin head but acts like plastic. - ORDERS OVER $199 SHIPPED TO THE CONTINENTAL U.S. Remo 11" FiberSkyn Banjo Head BJ1100-H5 quantity . Category: Banjo Heads. Fiberskyn banjo heads emulate the look and sound of a real skin head. Find a Dealer. FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING! Renaissance head : Smooth top with an opaque color of natural bee’s wax, this banjo head is a bit brighter than found on a fiberskyn head. I found a few surprises while experimenting with banjo heads. Replacment Banjo Head, Fiberskyn, 11″ Diameter, High Collar The Fiberskyn Diplomats have warm tones due to a poly-spun fiber single layer of Mylarr film. Fiberskyn 3 The Fiberskyn® Diplomats® have warm tones due to a poly-spun fiber single layer of Mylar® film. They’re known for their warm full tones, resonance, and sustain. I like a banjo to ring, and have enough response to punch through and drive the rhythm, but to each their own. Cancel Notify Me. $23.95. They are known for their warm full tones, resonance, and sustain.Special Sale while supplies last. $22.00 . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Remo 11" Fiberskyn(R) Banjo Head, High Collar, BJ-1100-H5 at the best online prices at eBay! FIBERSKIN BANJO HEAD(B1099)Remo 11" Fiberskyn High Collar Remo 11" Fiberskyn The Fiberskyn Diplomats have warm tones due to a poly-spun fiber single layer of Mylar® film. Warranty. Fits 11" pot assemblies. This item: Remo Banjo Head, Fiberskyn, 11-inch Diameter, Low Collar $34.04. This head has a warm, round tone and described as “plunky” or with an Appalachian mountain kind of sound. Fast Shipping. Standard Deering head diameter: 11" *Note* 12" Heads are specialty heads for our larger 12" diameter banjos* B1099 Remo 11" Fiberskyn Banjo Head. OME Fiberskyn® Banjo Head quantity. Warranty: Details . Meet our Staff. Fiberskyn banjo head 8" Item ID: BJ-0800-H5 List Price: $56.75. Description. $31.99. … Sold Out. Remo Banjo Head, Fiberskyn, 11-inch Diameter, Low Collar. Details. Find great deals on eBay for fiberskyn bongo head. Replacement Remo renaissance and fiberskyn Banjo Heads w/PBCO logo. The Fiberskyn banjo head embodies the look and sound of the old calfskin head with modern, synthetic skin conveniences. Monthly payments available Learn more. Sunday: 8:30am - 8:00pm (EST) Monday: 8:30am – 10:00pm (EST) Tuesday: 8:30am – 10:00pm (EST) Wednesday: 8:30am – 10:00pm (EST) Thursday: 8:30am – … They’re known for their warm full tones, resonance, and sustain. Related products. Remo BJ-1100-M5 Banjo Head, FIBERSKYN, 11" Diameter, Medium Collar: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio The revolutionary Kavanjo Pickup System is now available in Frosted Top, Renaissance and Fiberskyn head types for all makes and models of 4, 5 and 6 string banjos that can be fitted with an 11" head. Combining 1-ply of 10-mil film laminated to a 3-mil polyspun fiber, its sensitivity and soft articulation make the Ambassador® Fiberskyn® the most popular Concert Snare, Concert Bass, Concert Tom and traditional Field drum drumhead in the world. Details Price QTY; Product Diameter: 11" Product Material: renaissance $ 19.95: Add to Cart Product Diameter: 12" Product Material: renaissance $ … Qty. $38.95. I have a number of them hanging on strings to keep the birds and deer away from my blueberry bushes, and fruit trees. Sweetwater percussionists got to compare these heads in-house against some cowhide heads, and we've got to say, the Remo Fiberskyn bongo heads didn't leave us wanting. Reference 111337. Golden Gate GB-3 Deluxe 5 … Send to a friend *: *: * WE ARE OPEN and still fully operational. They use a heavier laminated material which gives a darker, warmer tone, with softer response and slightly muted treble. Your email address will not be published. REMO 11 Inch Banjo Head Fiberskyn High Collar. In Stock. BJ-1100-H5. Favored by clawhammer players. Web Store. The dark, warm, round tone of FiberSkyn 3 heads is highly recommended for traditional jazz, R&B, and classic rock drum set applications, as well as for concert snare drums, bass drums, and toms. Add to cart. Ships from and sold by FiberSkyn is the trademarked name of a synthetic plastic material in sheet form that is used in the manufacturing of drum and banjo heads by an American company called Remo.. Fiberskyn consists of two layers glued together, PET film and Tyvek.The Mylar provides strength, while the Tyvek adds thickness, a less synthetic sound, and an appearance reminiscent of animal skin. FREE Shipping. Even if you use traditional heads in the studio, they're sure to stretch out and crack when exposed to the elements. Size: 11", 12" Reviews There are no reviews yet. The sustain is short similar to coated heads … Web Store, Ontario, Phone: 1-855-588-6519 French Phone: 1-855-472-0335 Email: View Store Details. Diameter & Crown : Clear selection. Add to wishlist. More Information . FIBERSKIN BANJO HEAD (B1099) Remo 11" Fiberskyn High Collar Remo 11" Fiberskyn The Fiberskyn Diplomats have warm tones due to a poly-spun fiber single layer of Mylar® film. Be the first to review “Remo High Crown FiberSkyn Banjo Head” Cancel reply. Most modern banjos use an 11"-diameter head. Deering 11" High Crown Fiberskyn Banjo Head. The Mondo Fiberskyn Djembe drumhead is weather resistant, and provides a superb authentic drum sound with maximum projection, lively overtones and slaps tones. Use the average diameter to the nearest 1/16" to order the correct size. Reviews. Support: 30 Days. Mellow tone More Details... Watch Video. The Fiberskyn Diplomats have warm tones due to a poly-spun fiber single layer of Mylar film. A Ren head will bring highs and warmth to a pot without much of a tone ring or mass. 17 results. String setup Three strings (.012, .015, .026SS) Standard, DAD tuning. They are less bright than top frosted and renaissance heads. Add to cart. Choosing the right size banjo head Measure your banjo for the correct head diameter Your banjo's rim may be slightly out of round, so take at least three diameter measurements at different points on the outside of the banjo's tone ring or rim top. Shop with confidence. Fits 11" pot assemblies. Fiberskyn Banjo Head $32.00 Renaissance Banjo Head $32.00 Bottom Frosted Banjo Head $30.00 Clear Banjo Head $30.00 Kevlar Banjo Head $40.00 "This Machine Surrounds Hat... $69.50 TO CHAMPION THE BANJO AND INSPIRE FREEDOM OF CREATIVITY AROUND THE GLOBE BY SUPPLYING THE BEST QUALITY, AMERICAN MADE BANJOS AVAILABLE TO PLAYERS OF ALL … OME FIBERSKYN® Banjo Heads have a similar look and tone of calfskin heads without the problems of stretching, shrinking, and breaking due to changes in humidity. Higher tunings, better pitch stability, and weather resistance, just to name a few reasons. Made in the USA . Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Medium crown banjo heads are used on all upperline Deering and Vega banjos made after 2006. Special Sale while supplies last . Product Details. Add to cart. High Collar Fiberskyn Banjo Head 11-4/16'' 451937: Reserve. This FiberSkyn head is Remo's thickest, and best simulates genuine calfskin (traditionally used in old-time banjos). It takes less mass to move a Ren head so they work when a fiberskyn head will tend to shutdown the tonality of the banjo. Remo BJ1100-M1 Coated Topside Diplomat Banjo Head (11-Inch) - Medium Collar. Online Catalogue ; Drums and Percussion ; Drumheads ; Percussion Instrument Drum Heads ; Banjo Heads ; Banjo Heads . Add to … More Information; SKU: 930004018558: Manufacturer: … It is my experience a fiberskyn head will cut down too many highs on an already plunky banjo but will make a brighter banjo plunkier.