Other first aid categories. internal bleeding damages the body both from the loss of blood and from the pressure the misplaced blood puts on other organs and tissues. ... Internal bleeding is bleeding which occurs inside the body. Initially, internal bleeding may cause no symptoms, although an injured organ that is bleeding may be painful. First-Aid Treatment A lay person cannot stop internal bleeding. Shock - not to be confused with emotional shock – is a life-threatening … Eventually, internal bleeding usually becomes apparent. Bleeding: First Aid Treatment For Severe Internal & External Bleeds Bleeding or haemorrhage is basically the loss of blood. treatment usually takes place in a hospital's emergency depar First aid advice for bleeding wounds including nose bleeds, severe bleeding and shock including what to do and when to get medical assistance. If extensive bleeding causes light-headedness or symptoms of shock , the person should be laid down and the legs elevated. Sometimes the blood will leak from inside the body through natural openings. First Aid/Internal Bleeding. Other times the blood stays inside the body, causing pain and shock, even though you cannot see the blood loss. Bleeding Topics in this section First aid advice for bleeding Show all. Shock. It can be from an internal organ, known as Internal Bleeding. However, the person may be distracted from this pain by other injuries or may be unable to express pain because of confusion, drowsiness, or unconsciousness.