Deep friction massage (DFM), popularized by James Cyriax,24 is one of the first proposed manual treatments for tendon disorders. It can treat tendonitis by applying sustained pressure and friction to the tendon to improve pain and mobility. The goal of deep friction massage is to move across a ligament or tendon to mobilize it as much as possible. treatments. Friction is a massage technique used to increase circulation and release areas that are tight; particularly around joints and where there are adhesions within the muscles or tendons[1][2]. This is cross friction massage technique specifically for patellar tendonitis, patellar tendinosis, Chondromalacia patella, patello-femoral problems and post surgical or post injury knee pain. Skin rolling, fascial spreading and muscle stripping used to decrease adhesions before cross fiber friction technique is used; Frictions applied across tender adhesions. The beneficial effects of DFM on tendon, as proposed by Cyriax include traumatic hyperemia and increased blood flow to the tissue, elimi-nation of adhesions, and mechanoreceptor stimulation. Deep transverse friction massage (DTFM) With a DTFM massage, a qualified massage therapist will use short back and forth motions with their fingers around the affected area, rather than over it. Studies have suggested that deep friction massage is the type of massage that is most beneficial for treating tendonitis. Friction is defined as “an accurately delivered penetrating pressure applied through fingertips”[3] .