If the water pressure is sufficient, use a multimeter to test the water inlet valve for continuity. If the issue is not resolved through troubleshooting, contact Electrolux to obtain service. Please enter United States zip code into the field provided and click the "update" button to receive a shipping estimate. The water inlet valve is the triple solenoid valve so you have already replaced it. Hi there, Hoping to avoid a service call on what must be an easy fix. Cause #1 Water Valve - 40% of the time Total Satisfaction Rating (362) Water Valve for Frigidaire FFHS2611PFEA Ice maker not making ice. So, if your FFHS2611PFEA refrigerator ice maker is not working, ice maker not producing ice cubes or ice maker stops making ice, the following info will help you identify the problem. 1 Make sure the bail wire above the ice tray is in the down position. Oct 20, 2020. If my diagnosis is correct is it better for you to purchase a new unit. Is your refrigerator ice maker not working or dispensing ice cubes? Here are a few steps you can take to get your ice maker working. Is your Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working? Since ice maker parts are not readily or even usually available for most models, you will need to replace the ice maker assembly. The water filter was replaced two months ago and since then, the ice maker has not worked. If the fill tube is not frozen up, remove the plastic cover from the front of the icemaker. When ice is not ejecting. jeremy5561@hotm; Apr 28, 2020; GE/Hotpoint; Replies 2 Views 207. Destiny Herrera October 24, 2020 at 2:28 pm. Check to make sure the water supply valve is not shut off or restricted by a bracket or fastener. ... My Frigidaire refrigerator's ice maker is not making ice. (Also note that your home’s water pressure may not be strong enough to serve an ice maker.) Conversely, your ice machine will struggle to make ice if the water inside is too warm. The auger does not turn nor do I hear it's motor run. Samsung ice maker in a RB215LABP does not release ice into the bin below. Find the best of Classickitchen from Food Network, Find any best kitchen products Guide reviews consumers … new ice maker not getting water. Why Does a Refrigerator Give Crushed Ice & Not Cubes?. Reply. Check the ice maker for jammed cubes and clear any ice buildup that you find. • This generally occurs when the ice maker does not get enough water. Dispenser will not dispense ice. Make sure to disconnect both the water … A portable Frigidaire ice maker can sit comfortably on a countertop. Replace the water filter and if the condition still occurs check for a Saddle Valve, water valve not turned on all the way or kinked water supply line. You can defrost the fill tube with a hair dryer. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 12, 2007. The water dispenser on my Frigidaire side-by-side (model number: FRS26RLECSO Year: 2004) suddenly stopped dispensing water. Make sure that the water pressure to the valve is at least 20 psi. Over time, the water filter becomes clogged, rendering it inefficient and limits water flow through the dispenser. Fits the following models (20 of 13360 are shown. If it is full of ice the icemaker can't fill. Read ton learn more about this possibility as well as other common reasons for an ice maker not to work. Owner. This usually is due to the water filter being clogged or a restricted water supply. Manually cycling the ice maker will also check the water fill function in the module. Clogged or broken water inlet valve. If the water inlet valve does not have continuity, replace it. Many modern refrigerators come with a built-in ice maker. Certain ice dispensers built into the freezer compartment of your refrigerator offer the option of crushed or cubed ice. Use the owner’s manual to locate the filter and check for debris. A refrigerator with an ice maker must make and maintain ice to fulfill its basic purpose. Before we get into the details of do-it-yourself solutions for your Frigidaire ice maker, it’s useful to develop a basic understanding of how this part of your refrigerator works. If the water’s route is blocked or the solenoid doesn’t work—or if the bail wire is lifted—the ice maker won’t make ice. water pump is working for drinking so it's not the pump. If your Frigidaire refrigerator won’t dispense water or ice and you have not changed the water filter in over 6 months, it is past due for a change. Here are 5 common reasons why the ice maker is not making or dispensing ice cubes. Zip Code UPDATE. If the water inlet valve is defective, or if the water pressure is too low, the water valve will not open. If you have gone through each of these troubleshooting tips and guides and still haven’t found anything that seems to be causing the ice maker from working the way it should try replacing the water inlet valve or the ice maker assembly. Apr 29, 2020. If your ice cubes are small or hollow this may be a result of your ice maker not getting enough water. I pulled the ice bin out, checked for anything frozen or lodged in it and found noting. 17,626 satisfied customers. View Cart. How to Repair an Ice Cube Maker That Is Not Getting Water. Look closely at the fill tube for the icemaker. Sounds like the water pump is shot. Perhaps the water filter is either clogged, or has been moved about? frigidaire water dispenser not working but ice maker is NOTE: After you change the refrigerator water filter, it is recommended to purge air from the refrigerator water system by holding a cup at the water dispenser for 5 seconds on and 5 seconds off until water begins to flow from the dispenser. If the ice maker is not making or dispensing ice, not dispensing water, or leaking, you may need to replace the water inlet valve. Hot water will often make it impossible to create ice in your machine — at least not until it cools back down to room temperature. 3 members in the Classickitchen community. Clogged Filter. Or have you moved your refrigerator and perhaps kinked the copper tubing? The water inlet valve is in the back section of your refrigerator and will need to be pulled out from the wall. Know which appliance part you need to replace. My icemaker stopped working and it was not filling up with water. When you refill the machine for further testing, make sure that you use cold water from the tap. Be careful not to leave it very long for fear of melting the tube, just keep doing it every so often and yes it works my icemaker is working fine. The water dispenser on the … read more. JaneD; Oct 20, 2020; GE/Hotpoint ; Replies 0 Views 248. If you find ice inside the ice mold, it means your ice maker is receiving water and the problem likely isn't with the water supply. Reply. My Frigidaire ice maker is cycling, but no water is released into the ice maker. By Terry Dale Looney from Weatherford, TX Answers: Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working. Jake. Parts for Frigidaire FFHS2611PFEA. Parts for Frigidaire FFSS2614QS6A . JaneD. Crosley CRSE230KW0 Refrigerator. Frigidaire 5303320545 OEM Ice Maker Mold, manufactured by Frigidaire Read More-+ Shipping Information . A majority of ice machines use heat to get the cubes to drop from the trays into the receptacle. The valve requires at least 20psi to function properly. The water dispenser on the front of the freezer works fine. Once you have eliminated an excess of ice on the icemaker parts as the problem, and have checked the supply line of water coming in, the next place to go to diagnose an ice-making malfunction is the ice maker control. If reset button is pushed, mold rotates about 180 degrees, but ice does not release from mold, which then rotates back and “refills” water onto existing ice still in mold. The subject refrigerators don’t. It is recommended to change the water filter first but if the condition still occurs then you want to check for a saddle valve, water valve not turned on all the way or kinked water supply line. Things I have tried: ... Water dispenser not working. Replace the ice maker assembly if it doesn't cycle when activated. Clogged or Partially Clogged Filters Can Cause Numerous Issues. hello there I have an ice maker which has power going to it the paddle seems to be working but the water does not go to the ice bars. I know that water flow is going to the front of the freezer. If the ice maker cycles normally using this procedure but will not cycle on its own then you will probably need to replace the ice maker module (part 2198597). Troubleshoot ice makers for all refrigerator brands including Kenmore, Maytag, GE, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, KitchenAid, and Frigidaire refrigerator ice maker dispensers. There are several reasons why this occurs, ranging from simple fixes to ones that are more complex. The process of ice making begins when a ¼ inch tube connected to a water supply carries water to a fill valve inside the fridge. The machine can produce lots of ice quickly. Try checking the water filter. See all models) Crosley CRSE230KW0 Refrigerator. Not only did it not make the amount of ice Frigidaire represented it would, it broke-down repeatedly, stopped making ice or made ice that the fridge could not keep frozen. How Does Your Ice Maker Work? Ice Maker Does Not Make Ice. With limited freezer space, ice bins and ice trays take up valuable real estate. Can the water valve freeze up, or has it broken? • Dispenser lock out is engaged. Water filters and appliance bulbs are not covered. If the water dispenser on your Frigidaire refrigerator does not function properly, troubleshoot it to resolve common problems. Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho. When I lift the arm for ice making, water drains from the refrigerator onto the floor from below the refrigerator. The ice maker could be jammed or broken, a dirty water filter or kinked water line could be blocking water flow or the water inlet valve could be clogged or faulty. This test procedure is described in the second image below. Ice Maker Geeks August 22, 2019 at 12:42 pm. This easy test for ice makers will quickly prove if the ice maker has failed or the water inlet valve is bad. I am able to turn the auger forward and backward by hand with nothing stopping it with the ice bin out. J. GSH25JSXN GE Refrigerator - Mysterious water issue. Once you notice the ice maker leaking, running through a quick checklist determines the problem, so that you can fix it and avoid water damage to your proeprty. Does Not Dispense Water Step 1 Turn the shutoff valve on the water line counterclockwise to open it fully. Any time the ice maker is not in use, it can be stored elsewhere. Retail Locations: Se Habla Espanol! If your ice maker is not working there are several potential reasons including a clogged or partially clogged water filter. My Frigidaire refrigerator's ice maker is not making ice. So, if your FFSS2614QS6A refrigerator ice maker dispenser not working, ice maker makes ice but won't dispense or Ice maker not dispensing ice, the following info will help you identify the problem. This is usually the result of a clogged water filter or restricted water supply. Last week the refrigerator stopped dispensing water but the ice maker is still making ice. Clogged filters are a common problem if they are not maintained according to manufacturer specifications. Every ice maker has a water supply line. If you have a Frigidaire refrigerator with an ice maker, you may notice the ice maker dripping water from time to time. The first thing I thought about is that it probably was froze up so I took a hair dryer and turned it onto the back of the refrig were the water goes into the icemaker. When I lift the arm for ice making, water drains from the refrigerator onto the floor from below the refrigerator. Mike. 2 Posts . A portable Frigidaire ice maker is a great option for those who love cold drinks but do not have an ice maker in their refrigerator.