This does take four AA batteries which is not included. BestReviews wants to be better. Setup is easy as to screwing on a cap to bubble solution then turning bottle upside down into the machine… Worth considering if you want a machine that can fill the air with numerous bubbles at once and aren't easily annoyed by noisy toys. Posted 02/05/2008 by Sharon S. Bowen. This ultimate bubble party machine blasts 7,500 bubbles per minute at the push of a button. Simply pour the solution into the spout until the machine is full, then attach the included auto-feed cap to the solution bottle and insert in the spout, push the button and watch in amazement as tons of bubbles blow into the air! This container comes with two liters of bubble solution that you can use manually or in a bubble machine. Gazillion tornado bubble machine This product is great for little kids who tend to always spill their bottles of bubbles. Posted 10/30/2007 by Maureen van Hoek. It includes a 7-in-1 bubble wand and produces large, colorful bubbles that won’t pop immediately. This is the third one I have needed to purchase. My granddaughter had a blast chasing the bubbles in our back yard. Gazillion Bubbles Machine. Gazillion. Please take our 3-minute survey, and give us feedback about your visit today. $17. We are giving a bubble machine to our church nursery for their playroom. If the DIY method isn’t for you, we recommend the Gazillion Bubbles Solution. Bubble Rush Bubble Machine.