It’s…, Want to hack into most secured servers like FBI with your Smartphone? Digital Scale+ is a working, functional weight scale utilising the 3D Touch capability on iPhone to measure weight. EFS Card drivers have an easier way to weigh and pay via the Weigh My Truck mobile app from CAT Scale. This list contains a total of 7 apps similar to Happy Scale. The only issue that I didn’t like about this app is the intrusiveness and the number of ads. The best thing about it is that it weighs most things precisely and accurately. Version 1.7.1. iOS 14 updates! 3 Grams is a 3 in 1 Digital Scales App. Just open the app in Safari using your iPhone with 3D Touch (iPhone 6S/7/8/X/XS ONLY) and start measuring! Description. AU $9.80. Scale 4 gramsDefinitely a funny prank cuz it don’t work except tell you you've got an eighth on the screen when it hasn't even really waited 7.5 I guess if you want to rip somebody off no pun intended, 2. List updated: 11/4/2020 9:50:00 PM Get Started Now Weight Watchers Online. It can weight anything up to a weight of 500 grams without damaging the screen. Just be sure to take your results with a grain of salt. I tested the accuracy of the app by taking 10g of uncooked rice. Unlike the Greater Goods scale, the Eufy P1 can display only weight on the actual scale, reserving the other specs for the companion app. TerribleI have never seen so many ads in an app before... every 5 seconds a full screen advertisement would show up... 4. One odd thing that I observed when it comes to this app is that you have to use it in a specific way to produce an accurate result. You can pour the sugar, spice, or anything nice on the screen to get a better idea on what amount is appropriate. You can pair this weighing scale with your phone using the VeSync app that you can download and install from the Google Play store. The default coin is a US Quarter, but if you’re going to use a different coin, you can tap settings and select “Others.”. Apple® Health; Google Fit® more coming soon! Your email address will not be published. Get it now! But do take note that it may differ from phone to phone, and what may not be accurate or precise on my device might be better on yours. (save me manually entering the data) I have an Android phone with Samsung Health (S Health) on it (which I already track some other stuff with). It doesn’t weigh the material. Otherwise, you’re going to have to pay for the ads’ removal. Digital Bluetooth Weight Scale Body Fat Muscle Analyzer Bathroom IOS Android App Descriptions: Body Fat Analyzer is a comprehensive body fat analyzer that provides detailed body composition analysis by measuring your weight, body fat percentage, body … Although, we’d appreciate if you could lower the number of ads. 3. Have questions about digital scale apps or know of a more accurate digital scale app? Primarily targeted at women, My Diet Coach is a weight tracker and calorie counter app. 5. This app gives … A major advancement away from traditional onboard load scales, AppWeigh “Smart Scales” are the Bluetooth enabled weight sensor and app for air suspension trucks and trailers that clearly displays your truck weight on your … Bitte zögern Sie nicht, unsere Partner direkt zu kontaktieren. Online Plan; Our Mobile Apps; Weight Watchers Mobile Apps. Unfortunately, due to the implementation of credits, I couldn’t do any assessment of accuracy performance. Fitbit isn’t just about smart wristbands, though these scales talk to the same smartphone app. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 21. Price: Free with in-app purchases Crush your workout of the day with hundreds of WOD benchmarks in WODster. My Tanita app for the BC-401, RD-953 and RD-545 for Android Home Page. Open the Weigh My Truck App and Sign In. Unboxing Digital Weight Scale with App - For iOS & Android. You are most welcome and I am glad you liked it. You'll have to convert it from dps to pixels using the display scale factor. You can determine the weight of items up to 1000 grams. It works similarly to the second app on the list. My Diet Coach. As a rule of thumb, do take into account that these apps cannot give you an accurate or precise measurement. Digital Scale+ is a working, functional weight scale utilising the 3D Touch capability on iPhone to measure weight. Let me known in the comments section below! One of the things which can prove to be a drawback is that it its calibration isn’t set up. 3.Pretty cool!It’s funny to see people’s awful reaction to this app! However, it also has some drawbacks like lack of Play Store app, older version of Android, lack of support for various newer apps and games, etc. For this test, I weighed a nail-cutter. Another positive about this app is that you can move to SD support through it. It’s just too much on our experience. Cookie Policy . I’ve tested a few apps for you. Put the coin on the designated space as specified by the app. AU $9.31. Plus, the new myWW+ has even more of what you need to lose weight. This app uses the device’s proximity sensors for 3 directional levels, such as X, Y, and Z. We added it as it seems to offer more than just a weighing scale. Mi Smart Scale 100g precision, 5kg-150kg range Tracks weight + BMI with Mi Fit app Graphical LED display If you can live with that, then that’s good. The 3 Grams 3-in-1 digital scale app is more than just a weighing scale app. You can learn more about our affiliate policy here. Digital Weight Scale PRO is a weighing scale app for all devices. Weight and journey tracking. openScale . The app displays a circle, which is an approximation of how much volume a particular substance will take up. It app can be used for random weighing and even as a prank app for others. I was able to get the weed scale app to work half the time. Award Winning Weight Tracker App developed as a tool mainly to help motivate a person following a diet and/or exercise program to reach their desired target weight within a predefined period. Drivers can weigh and pay conveniently with their EFS Card using the CAT Scale Weigh My Truck mobile app, and never have to leave their truck. Scale Estimator suggests that you inflate your plastic bag properly as the result varies on its rigidness. This can be purchased through Square Shop. Weight entries can be automatically imported from apps that support exporting to the Apple Health app, and Happy Scale will export all your weights to Apple Health so other apps can see them. Mobile digital scale lite has realistic weight bounce when the object is placed and removed. Available on Android and Windows Phones. The first real working scale for Android! $29.99 $ 29. Bluetooth® 4.1. However, it can function like one, albeit not as accurate as you’d expect. The yearly plan will cost you $219. The app shows an area of a circle that should be an equivalent of the selected weight of the material. Then these scales are usable. The Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Scale can either be used manually or, for more insight, it can be synced with its companion app (iOS, Android) so that you can store, analyze and track your body weight, BMI and other health data over a period of time. FREE Shipping by Amazon. But if you need a rough estimate without a scale, this might do, although use it at your own risk. As they are right now, digital scale apps that are available for your Android smartphone or tablet have accuracy issues. With WW (Weight Watchers® Reimagined), all you need to do is be you! Journey tab (and blue dot challenge) You'll see the days you've stayed within your SmartPoints Budget range represented as a blue dot.