The image of the veneer shown here, is a representative sample of the species. Comparing Douglas Fir Plywood and European Pine Plywood. The common domestic North American type of marine-grade plywood used as a ‘go-to’ for many shipbuilders is Douglas-Fir Marine Plywood 5. The Douglas-fir Structural I plywood features a balanced layup providing flatter panels with superior strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. Plywood – Douglas Fir Exterior Grade Ply 2440 x 1220mm x Various Thickness ... Douglas Fir Plywood is a one piece rotary cut clear face veneer which gives it a wild and pronounce grain. Plywood made from Douglas fir is a softwood plywood typically sold in 4-by-8 panels of varying thickness. There are two plywood adhesives: Interior, which doesn't stand up to frequent wetting, and Exterior, which isn't affected by long-term wetting and would typically be called waterproof. Button. The exact colour depends on the season it is harvested. Button. C grade varies the most, from very close to BC to open knots with voids and loose patching. Buy SPRUCE AND DOUGLAS FIR WOOD from Swindon Aircraft Timber Company who supply materials for building your own aircraft, balsa wood, plywood, Okoume plywood, GL1 plywood, Spruce and Douglas Fir, permagrit tools etc. CS45E-36 Plywood,DouglasFir(ExportGrades) Forsal©bythaSuperintendentofDocuments,Washington,D.C. Marine grade plywood is made by arranging 5 or more plies of Douglas Fir or Western Larch wood in a perpendicular manner so that the grains are alternating from vertical to horizontal. The higher grade panels are sanded Marine-grade plywood is a sturdier, higher-quality material made of Western Larch or Douglas-fir that is not treated with chemicals. Slide title. Shop undefined 1/4 Cat Ps1-09 Square Structural Douglas Fir Sanded Plywood, Application as 4 x 8 in the Plywood department at Lowe' Old growth or reclaimed boards can be much more expensive. Douglas Fir Plywood [DFP] is a one piece rotary cut clear face veneer which gives it a wild and pronounce grain. Birch Plywood; Laser Plywood; ... Douglas Fir - A Grade (face) Two examples of 8ft x 4ft sheet. The outer layers are cut from a single sheet of veneer and should have no open knots and visible splitting or patches. However, if treated like fir marine plywood, exterior plywood can be acceptable. Fir Plywood . The strength values published in CSA O86 are for Sheathing Grade panels based on lay‐ups containing only C‐grade veneers. Pine Front: 1 of 5. Interior. The Exceptional Properties and Benefits of Douglas Fir Plywood. Veneer for inner plies can be any one of 21 listed species, including Douglas fir, western hemlock, and most spruce, pine and fir species in Canada. DHH Timber Products are the sole importer and main distributor of Clear grade Exterior Douglas Fir Plywood in the UK. ... Veneer Grade. What Is AC Grade Plywood?. Also for heavy construction work, laminated arches and roof trusses, interior and exterior joinery, poles, piles, paper pulp, vats and tanks. Price5cents Item #12182. Should be widely available as construction lumber for a modest price. Marine grade can be sawn without getting an interior void on a freshly cut edge. Basswood. Weather Exposure. Compare; Find My Store. 9 Results Wood Species: Fir. Douglas fir timber is prized, as are many evergreens, for its resistance to rot. Characteristics & Color Variations of Wood Flooring With Knots, Canadian Plywood: Douglas Fir Species Guide, Physical Properties of Baltic Birch Plywood. It has two outer facings, one known as the face and the other as the rear. PLYWOOD - EXTERIOR PLYWOOD Exterior Grade Softwood Plywood is most commonly used in the construction industry for its structural qualities and price point. Lumber of this grade is intended primarely for use in housing and light construction where it is exposed, as paneling, shelving and other uses where a knotty type of lumber with the finest appearance is required. The thickness and size of panels, along with their structural integrity should be consistent throughout all grades, with the main differences being cosmetic. How Much Per Square Foot Does Mahogany Cost? Vertical Grain Doug Fir Plywood comes in 4′ x 8′ Sheets available in 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch thickness.Vertical Grain Doug Fir Plywood has coloring that is pale yellow to a reddish golden light brown. Plywood is an engineered lumber composed of three or more layers. Douglas fir plywood is a multi-purpose plywood made with wood from Douglas fir trees. It is usually made from softwoods such as Douglas Fir or Pine. The outside and odd numbered layers run vertically, and the even numbered layers run perpendicular across the width of the sheet. Aspen. SKU: N/A. Slide title. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Select Grade Douglas Fir . It`s sapwood is narrow and light in colour, whilst the wider heartwood ranges from yellow to dark brown. Pine Front: 3 of 5. Model #119668. Grades/Types Standard Grade Sizes ... 1/2" , 5/8", 3/4" Note Specifications may change, please check with your local Windsor Plywood location to verify availability. Home; Products. Douglas Fir CLEAR GRADE SOFTWOOD Uses: More veneer and plywood are produced from Douglas Fir than any other timber. Interior uses range from sub flooring to roof decking. ACX is often used where a combination of Interior ply can be made of other species of wood, such as other varieties of fir, pine and cedar. It has a straight grain and is average when it comes to shrinkage and warping as compared to other softwoods. The two outer layers, or ply, are always made of Douglas fir, and have their grain running vertically with the length of the sheet. Item #622774. Button. faces are Douglas Fir. It is excellent marine plywood for use when the plywood has a coating of fiberglass instead of varnish. AC plywood will have no voids on the “A” side and can potentially have interior voids. The edges will be totally solid. He has published a novel and stage plays with SEEDS studio. PLYWOOD - FIR VERTICAL GRAIN Botanical Name: Pseudotsuga Menziesii Common Names: Douglas spruce, Coast Douglas-fir, Douglas yew, Blue Douglas-fir, Oregon pine, Red fir, and Red spruce Sources: Grows in western United States and Canada; introduced to UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Wood Species. 23/32 Cat Ps1-09 Tongue and Groove Douglas Fir Subfloor, Application as 4 x 8. RigidCore™ 100% Douglas-fir industrial plywood meets or exceeds a variety of industrial panel applications in trucks, buses, boats, RVs, manufactured components, displays and more. The grade of all plies of veneer is B or better. Plywood containing other selected Canadian sowood species in face and back plies is labelled CSP and is manufactured to comply with CSA O151 Canadian sowood plywood. If fraying occurs, the edge can be smoothed by using a rotary tool and a sanding band accessory. The decorative faces set Douglas Fir apart. We are located in Swindon, UK , Tel +44 (0) 1793 791517 Description. Visible patches are common. Marine-grade Plywood is a premium panel using the same fully waterproof glues as regular Exterior plywood, but manufactured with only Douglas-fir or Western Larch veneers, and with additional restrictions on veneer grade, core gaps, patches and other characteristics. AB is as close to perfect as it comes. Prices are PER SHEET (4×8), we cannot sell half-sheets. for pricing and availability. Douglas Fir has a wild grained, rotary cut, one piece face veneer which is very much in fashion. Marine grade uses exterior adhesive. Douglas Fir Sheathing. More resilient, water-resistant glues are used in marine grades, which are sometimes used in boat construction. Since every tree is unique colour and grain may vary from log to log. Douglas fir is an evergreen common in many forested areas, and the plywood … He is a voice, acting and film teacher. Cedar. Pine Front: 2 of 5. Rated for both interior and exterior use, Douglas fir plywood is strong, stiff, and sturdy, and it is less susceptible to warping than SYP plywood, though it is harder than the average softwood, so it can be a bit rough on power tool bits and blades. 234 douglas fir plywood products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which plywoods accounts for 3%, doors accounts for 2%, and solid wood boards accounts for 1%. The trees grow quite large, making Douglas fir a good choice for large timbers for bridges, piers and similar types of construction projects. Appearance: Generally straight, sometimes wavy grained with a medium to fairly coarse texture. Comparing Douglas Fir Plywood and European Pine Plywood. Weight: 15 lbs: ACX is an appearance panel with a satin-smooth sanded face that is ideal for interior and exterior applications. Alder. Specialized types of fir plywood can include marine plywood, which is used in the construction of boats. Roof, wall and floor sheathing for strength and durability. Many people display them as Christmas trees. Slide title. 21. We offer several types of marine grade plywood, from medium grade, general use Douglas Fir to top of the line 100% Okoume and Sapele plywood. This generally means that it is for use on the exterior of a home or building, and is meant to be glued on. These strength values can also be used safely for plywood grades of higher quality. Douglas fir is an evergreen common in many forested areas, and the plywood made from it is a common building product available in a range of grades and ratings for a variety of applications. This more affordable alternative to other Marine Plies uses the same glue and is still Marine Grade, but will lend itself better to painted finish or reinforcement applications. Douglas Fir plywood is cut and milled in the Pacific Northwest. Morris specializes in many topics and has 15 years of professional carpentry experience. Douglas Fir has a wild grained, rotary cut, one piece face veneer which is very much in fashion. An attractive panel for visually striking interior walls and ceiling panels - when compared to alternatives such as veneered plywood or MDF. B. AB grade Douglas fir can be stained and finished with exposed grain, although it is not as commonly used in this way as hardwood plywoods such as Baltic birch. Douglas Fir Plywood (Sheet Goods) Douglas fir works well with machines, but has a moderate blunting effect on cutters.The Douglas fir also accepts stains, glues, and finishes well. Features. Trade Names : Douglas Fir, Silver Fir, Douglas Spruce, Spruce Similar Veneers: Pacific Fir, Spruce Douglas Fir grows in Western United States, Canada and has been introduced to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. A wide variety of douglas fir plywood options are available to you, such as outdoor. Available Sizes: The decorative faces set Douglas Fir apart. It is harder than average for a softwood and can be rough on power tool bits and blades. Cut Douglas fir plywood with a plywood blade to prevent the edge from fraying, although fraying may happen with any blade. 3/4 Cat Ps1-09 Square Structural Marine Grade Douglas Fir Sanded Plywood, Application as 4 x 8. Douglas fir plywood comes in three basic grades. BC grade is slightly rougher, with some open knots and minimal splitting. Get free shipping on qualified Fir Plywood or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Lumber & Composites Department. Additional information. This type of wood’s thin sheets of veneer (plies) are usually set up perpendicularly as part of a process called … D fir species is known for their high performance against strong forces against harsh … Douglas-fir plywood for cabinet making and other uses. MEK Dispenser, Type 2 Catalyst, Graduated, Honeycomb, Carbon-Core, Plain, 5 LB Density, 4' X 8', Nida-Core, Carbon-Core, Plain, 17oz WR on Both Sides, 5 LB Density, 4' X 8', Nida-Core, Honeycomb, Thick, 5 Lb Density, Panel Kay-Cel, WR Fiberglass Reinforcement, 25 LB Density, 4' X 8'. Douglas fir is an evergreen with long, soft needles. The plywood core will vary depending on the quality of the panel but will usually be Douglas Fir, Meranti, or Okoume. He also teaches stage craft and lectures on playwriting for Oklahoma Christian University. … A structural exterior (water resistant) adhesive is used to adhere the veneer layers together. Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description. Douglas fir plywood is rated for both interior and exterior use, depending on the glue used in laminating the plies. This perpendicular arrangement of the individual plies is what gives the plywood increased strength. ... Douglas Fir. Plywood with a grade D will also sometimes be followed by the letter X. Plywood made from Douglas fir is a softwood plywood typically sold in 4-by-8 panels of varying thickness. For strong, durable and contemporary buildings; Specifications. The plies are laid, one atop the next, with glue in between in odd numbers. Add to cart. Douglas Fir is inherently strong and has a large diameter log; when used for plywood, it produces a sheathing product that is naturally strong, visually appealing, and very reliable.. There are number of species of wood used for marine grade plywood. An attractive panel for visually striking interior walls and ceiling panels - when compared to alternatives such as veneered plywood or MDF. This type of marine grade plywood meets the high standards for weather and water resistance, but it is permitted to have a number of aesthetic imperfections. Birch. This is the same adhesive as used in AC Exterior grade plywood. Domestic in origin, please see below for grading key. Two species types; unsanded Douglas Fir Plywood (DFP) and unsanded Canadian So wood Plywood Douglas Fir Marine-Grade Plywood quantity. As with all our products, J. Gibson McIlvain strives to provide a higher quality. Both faces are smooth with no open knots on either side. Douglas Fir is a naturally strong and weather resistant species, so Douglas Fir marine grade plywood is exceptional in all aspects – except appearance. Model #231331. Douglas Fir Plywood: Slow growth inland Douglas Fir yields fine-grained, smooth faces. AB marine grade Douglas Fir plywood is frequently used for lapstrakes and hull planking on wood boats. It’s sapwood is narrow and light in colour, whilst the wider heartwood ranges from yellow to dark brown. Mark Morris started writing professionally in 1995. Douglas fir plywood has qualities that are typical of most plywoods.