A fun fact on this song is it was co-written by the manager of the Runaways, Kim Fowley, the same dude who co wrote “Do You Love Me." “Comin’ Home” (“Hotter Than Hell” 1974), Fun rocker that is about traveling the rock star lifestyle, and the relief of “comin home” to his girl from “Hotter Than Hell.”. Bands, jumping onto the craze did some disco tunes to keep up, such as the Rolling Stones with “Miss You.”  Paul Stanley said in “Extreme Closeup” that “This stuff (Disco) is easy to write.” Paul wrote this song, “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” in a few minutes.  Some fans hate it. What I mean is that when it is time for the guitar solo, there is a semi-slow part, and then the solo speeds up a bit. But here goes. Complete your Kiss collection. The Camel Clutch Blog is proud to have featured over 50 guest bloggers and contributors since its inception. google_ad_height = 280; British Polygram TV's Greatest Hits is a fine 20-track collection that contains all of Kiss' best songs, from "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Strutter" to "Beth," "Plaster Caster," and "Cold Gin," on one disc. One of the few highlights from the band’s poor attempt at a concept album called (Music From) “The Elder.”, 49. This song is one of the best songs from “Destroyer,” if not one of KISS’ best songs EVER.  I mean, this song fit Gene to a T. Gene’s KISS character is the Bat Demon, and this song’s sinister tone, and lyrics just suit him perfectly. “Shandi,” from Alive IV. To thrive and to still be hugely relevant in the music business for 40 years is pretty much unheard of. This song features Peter on vocals, and a great Ace Frehley guitar solo. The hottest band in the world…….KISS!!”. 1997 Preview SONG TIME Detroit Rock City. Good song about how the gal who left him won’t ever have “a love like mine.”. That’s the beauty of a great song: It has the power to move you on a personal level, which is far more important than what anyone else thinks. Also Paul turns in an unbelievable vocal performance here holding one note out for what seems like ten minutes. I hope you enjoyed reading the list. I hope you all will listen to some of these songs, and give them a shot, and of course debate. Calling Dr. Love But when the band fired up and the 100-foot drum risers came out and the fireworks started popping and the pyro blazed, they melted away into a couple of 10-year-old kids. I had my iPod on shuffle and this track came on. 28: 28. 18. Great song, Whitesnake and Whitford St. St. Holmes Rock Riverbend Concert Review: Cincinnati, OH Concert Review, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Slaps Baron Corbin at WWE NXT Event (Video), PW Radio Classics: History of ECW with Scott Williams, Pro Wrestling Radio: WWE HOF Bob Backlund Interview, Pro Wrestling Radio: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Interview, Pro Wrestling Radio Classics – WWE WrestleMania 22 Recap, Pro Wrestling Radio Classics – Killer Kowalski, Carmella’s WWE Title End and Other WWE Thoughts, Top 5 Potential Shawn Michaels WWE WrestleMania 35 Matches. 1975 Rock and roll all nite - 74 1975 Some say they sold out because of their vast product line, or they say they are not great musicians or whatever, but you just can’t argue with their incredible live show, and the songs are just unbelievable. I love the obvious Led Zeppelin influence on this song, which was written by Vinnie Vincent, but oddly, Vincent does not play on it. The US version covers only selected hits from 1974 to 1980 (with an exclusive live version of "Shout It Out Loud"), while non-US releases … So here goes: It was July 28, 1996, and while the world was watching the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, that evening I was sitting in Madison Square Garden, the “World’s Most Famous Arena.” In my opinion, it is the best arena ever. Here is Paul again singing another “love gone bad” tune. I could not believe I was going to see these guys after being a fan for 19 years. by Mike McPadden 9/9/2015. As most music fans know, KISS are not exactly the darlings of the critics, especially Rolling Stone Magazine. “C’Mon and Love Me (“Dressed to Kill” 1975). 22. I remember my friends came along just to get away from our boring little small town. Richards, and Jagger wrote this tune, but Ace’s playing, and singing just knocks the song out of the park. What is awesome about it is the jazz /swing feel to it, but yet it still rocks. I just love this song. I love the whole Led Zeppelin-esque instrumentation that is going on as well. “Goin’ Blind” (“Hotter Than Hell” 1974). The band’s early records had subject matter of partying, and making out with girls, and such. I have it in the top ten based on its reputation, and based on it being the closing number to KISS’ modern shows, but the constant repetition has me a little soured on it. The song tells a story about a young man who is going to a show around midnight, and gets killed in a head-on collision with a mack truck. The CCB reaches millions of people per year and you can be sure you will be read when you post on the CCB. It is a classic, and one of the band’s best songs. Rock and Roll All Nite. Great party, and rock anthem from “Destroyer.” Love this song. KISS (The Band) song list curated by Matthew Campbell. I loved the Sonic Boom album; there are a lot of cool songs on that one. Paul Stanley sure knows how to write good breakup songs, or songs about love going bad. The 40 best Kiss songs: 30-21. “I Will Be There,” from Carnival of Souls. I love the chorus; it reminds me of “All the Young Dudes.” The harmony vocal part after the guitar solo is great and reminds me a lot of the harmony part in “God Gave Rock and Roll to You,” another Kiss must-hear. Beginning with Paul Stanley yodelling, this is one of the great Kiss songs of the 80s. All rights reserved. 2.0 out of 5 stars It was ok. 20.”Makin’ Love” (“Rock and Roll Over” 1976). “Take Me” (“Rock and Roll Over” 1976). Features my favourite KISS songs, maybe missing a couple but there's only so much you can fit on a CD. Ace sings it now with his solo band, at least he did awhile back. 44. After that, the band was revealed, after the curtained was pulled back, and I saw my heroes, and heard them playing “Deuce,” from their self titled album, “KISS.”  Seeing Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and my favorite, Ace Frehley live for the first time was magical. The great ones ripped the roof off of the place. 19. This song is in my opinion, the best song on “Asylum.” I really do not like that album much. A few curiosities appear as well, such as "Sure Know Something" and "I Was Made for Lovin' You" (they're far more disco-oriented than you might remember) and a newly recorded version of "Shout It Out Loud" … Every rock fan should check them out. I could listen to the song over, and over, and never get bored. It represents a significant moment in “KISStory.” It is Ace Frehley’s vocal debut on a song he wrote called “Shock Me.”  I loved it when I heard it, even though his voice was obviously not as strong as Gene’s, Paul’s, or even Peter’s. I definitely recommend a listen. Speed," "New York Groove," "I Stole Your Love," "King of the Night Time World," etc. KISS. Paul is great in this sexy rocker,and Ace plays a sizzling, Jimmy Page influenced solo that still blows my mind. This song kicks off “Rock and Roll Over.” Killer tune. I Love this album though. It’s a blast. If you haven’t seen them yet, go see them. The song is about a female fan’s concert experience, and how she wants the band, etc. This version of the song was on the Soundtrack to “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.”. I love the drum intro on this one, and it’s just a cool song. KISS Double Platinum (1978) [Compilation] Double Platinum was not the first Kiss compilation on the market, 1976's The Originals being the first one, but it was the first greatest hits package that received a wide release and one that is still available today. Kiss does a cool job on this, but check out the Megadeth version from the “Warchest” box set. “I Will Be There,” from Carnival of Souls. Before I go, everyone knows “Rock and Roll All Nite,” but I feel with those best-of collections, you are never truly getting “the real best of” stuff. This song is one of the best songs from “Destroyer,” if not one of KISS’ best songs EVER. According to the “Extreme Close Up” VHS/DVD, Gene advised him to change the name to “Beth” so it did not look like he “was playing for the other team.” Paul then elaborates in the VHS/DVD that when they gave record stations “Detroit Rock City for a single, “Beth” was put on the other side as a throwaway. It is a fun song, even though I think , at least back then, the song, as well as most of the “Dynasty” album got KISS away from what they were, a hard rock band that was dangerous. It is such a great song. Intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, middle eight, then guitar solo. Please refresh the page and try again. The CCB is a great outlet for your blogging or a great way to promote your own site, blog, and/or podcast through Guest Blogging. Dreamin' Unreal 11 points - added 9 years ago by guest - 51. 6. The truth is I say that after every Kiss show I go to. A pop culture addict who loves to talk about movies, music, books, comics, and all of the other things that move and entertain us. It takes me right back to the Eighties. BA1 1UA. I know that is a sad story, but what is so great about the song is the realism of the song. If there is a good you tube link for said song, it will be underneath. Till next time, rock on! I wish KISS would play it in concert, but I know now they cater to families, so no luck, but the song kicks butt regardless. It was too bad Ace at the time of the song’s writing, and recording, didn’t have the confidence to sing it, as Gene sings it. Welcome to the Camel Clutch Blog. It is one of the best songs in the band’s catalog. Great classic from the band’s first album. Dave Reffett is a Berklee College of Music graduate and has worked with some of the best players in rock and metal. Love this song, even though it is a bit repetitive. “Let Me Go, Rock and Roll” (“Hotter Than Hell” 1974). DJs turned the single on the other side, and started playing “Beth.” The song won a “People’s Choice Award.”, 7. It is awesome live, as it is played a lot faster than on the recording. “King of the Night Time World,” from Alive IV. One of my favorite non-makeup era songs. This is a great obscure song by the band. However, I highly recommend people give this song a listen. The song,”UnHoly” is fantastic. Instead of getting it right and focusing only on truly overlooked gems (such as "Magic Touch," "Larger Than Life," "Shock Me," "Parasite," "Talk to Me," "Rocket Ride," "Watchin' You," "Mr. Very cool tune. Love Her All i Can 11 points - added 11 years ago by BradHemphill - 1 comment . Guitarist Mark St. John (RIP) only appears on this one album as he had to leave the band due to an arthritic condition. Total classic. I know some of you out there reading this are saying, WHAT!?!?! List Rules Vote for your favorite KISS songs, not just singles and hits. You wont regret it. Definitely check it out. Great song. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 26, 2020. Read more. The musicianship they showed in that performance was incredible. It is a typical Gene loves the girls song, but I love how the song rocks, but there is a sense that you can dance to it. Shout It Out Loud. I hope KISS fans, and even non KISS fans enjoy this blog.  Well, here we go. Paul plays the semi-slow part, and Ace plays the sped up part. This song, and the next song JUST missed being in my top ten. Nonetheless, the song is a naughty, but at the same time, fun rock tune to just turn your stereo up to ten, and just listen. He teaches lessons in person and worldwide via Skype. List of KISS songs, ranked from best to worst by the Ranker community. First off, let me say that “Revenge” is a killer record and one of the band’s finest hours, but I put this one on here, which isn’t even a song but a band jam, just because Eric Carr was such a monster drummer and newer generations of drummers need to study this guy. I just don’t think they get the respect they deserve as songwriters. Like Gene Simmons said, concerning removing the makeup, on their VHS/DVD ” KISS: Extreme Close Up:” “We made the point.”, 41. “Hotter Than Hell” (“Hotter Than Hell” 1974). I urge people to check it out. Love Gun Tour, 9/2/77 (2nd Night) http://youtu.be/0NK7X2DjxXs, 12. The 40 best Kiss songs: 40-31. 46. 9. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. It has the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra backing them up. The song is a great rocker with an interest guitar solo, and an excellent live song. This is another that JUST missed the top ten. The exiled former WWE executive has returned to a... Roman Reigns returns to WWE RAW tonight to make a big announcement. This always puts me in a good mood. Author: Gracchus Gruad. He also is a master clinician and a highly-in-demand private guitar teacher. Paul sings about ruling the night, and such. Articles from the Camel Clutch Blog have been featured by some of the world's most respected websites including; CNNSI.com, Foxsports.com, Yahoo News, Business Insider, MSNBC, NBCsports.com, and more. (Image credit: Casablanca) 30. The song has a swing style which makes it a neat song to listen to. Also the version of “Creatures of the Night” from the Alive III record is awesome. The CD has a different cover now, I believe. Love." Receive news and offers from our other brands? The subject matter is a bit risque, but the song is great. Email Eric Gargiulo at. The guitars, and the drumming are excellent. The critics like things with a message, and all that kind of nonsense. 26.  “Shout It Out Loud” (“Destroyer 1976). To me, Kiss is the most underrated band of all time. One of my all time favorite KISS songs. This song should be taught in a “great songwriting 101” class. Another great obscure song sung by, and written by Simmons. Listen free to Kiss – Greatest Kiss (Detroit Rock City, Black Diamond and more). “Young and Wasted” is worth checking out as well, and, of course, “Lick It Up,” which is a live staple for them. “I Still Love You” (“Creatures of the Night” 1982). I had a good laugh because when the show ended, the same guys who were talking smack on Kiss were now like, "Oh dude, I need to buy a shirt” and “I’m getting Peter Criss’ signature drum sticks." Awesome song, from my favorite KISS album. I even liked seeing KISS Tribute bands playing this song. Great little rocker. It took me awhile to really like this song, but it grew on me. The Heartbreak Kid is back…well sort of. The 40 best Kiss songs: 10-1. Yep. “Heaven’s On Fire” (“Animalize” 1984). Great on the record, and great in concert. U2’s 50 Greatest Songs A definitive guide to over 40 years of music that changed the world. I just love it. When I was seeing the band in concert, I always looked forward to this song. “The Oath,” “A World Without Heroes” and "Mr. Blackwell” are all classics from this record. “Strange Ways” (“Hotter Than Hell” 1974). I actually just got back from seeing them last night in Manchester, New Hampshire. Of course,that was obvious because it starts the album.  Regardless, the song is their best song. Making Love. I play this song at least twice on my stereo. I don’t think we will EVER know who played guitar on that album.  When done live, Paul can use his vocal gymnastics to the fullest. In 2009, he formed the musical project Shredding The Envelope and released the critically acclaimed album The Call Of The Flames. Its status as a band favourite is illustrated by fact it's one of only a few of the bands' non-makeup era songs to have been performed live after the band returned … I Want You (Rock And Roll Over, 1976) Paul Stanley: “I wrote I Want You at a soundcheck on stage in England. For casual fans, this is likely all the Kiss they would need, even if it does contain a few odd selections. An upbeat song from “The Elder.” I personally think this is the best song on the album. It is a classic, and one of the band’s best songs. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? “I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire),” from Animalize, “Saint and Sinner” and “War Machine,” from Creatures of the Night. This is the tribute album version by Yoshiki. Amazing song. Beautifully, and powerfully sung ballad by Paul Stanley, and co-written by Stanley and Michael Bolton. (From Houston on 9/1/77) http://youtu.be/FW4RMaVERYY,  32. I admit that this song will always be a part of my soul, and the song is KISS’ “signature” song.  It is a good song on the recording of “Dressed to Kill,” but the song is way superior as a live song. New on this album is a 1996 live recording of “Shout It Out Loud.” 30.” Got to Choose” (“Hotter Than Hell” 1974), Nice song sung by Stanley. He is an instructor at (and the head of) the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal department at The Real School of Music in the metro Boston area. Sung by both Simmons, and Stanley. How they justify many of the band’s contemporaries like Aerosmith, and QUEEN being in, and keeping KISS out, I don’t know. You will receive a verification email shortly. It has been in just about every KISS set list since its existence. I am sure that athletes, musicians, and pro wrestlers, and their significant others can relate to this song. Dave has worked in the past at Sanctuary Records and Virgin Records, where he promoting acts like The Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson, Korn and Meat Loaf.