In doing so, I ordered the parts from Stewmac and these parts did what I wanted. I am in the process of building a guitar from a kit purchased from Stewmac. Mounting Rings, Guitar Displaying items 1 - 13 of 13 Sort : ... Curved Short Humbucker Mounting Ring, Black. Worked great. HBRSC1C. $38.99 Humbucker Pickup Beauty Ring (1) Humbucker Pickup Cover (5) Humbucker Pickup Mounting Ring (4) Mini Humbucker Pickup Mounting Ring (1) P-90 Pickup Beauty Ring (1) P-90 Pickup Cover (5) Pickup Cover (22) Pickup Mounting Ring (1) Single Coil Pickup Cover (5) Single Coil Pickup Mounting Ring (2) Color/Finish. Outside dimensions are 3-1/2" X 1-3/4". Now I have just what I wanted for my new guitar. Metal humbucker mounting rings with chrome finish. Guitar Hardware - Humbucker Pickup MOUNTING RINGS Trim Bezels - Set of 2 - … For example, if you have an F-spaced humbucker, standard humbucker covers won’t fit your pickup. They Standard Flat Bottom Rings and are made for a Flat Top guitar, but do have a little give for a small arch or contour. Curved Short Humbucker Mounting Ring… Includes mounting screws. It’s important to remember that not all guitar pickup covers are compatible with certain pickups. We also provide some custom guitar pickup rings for discerning players. Inside dimensions are 2-3/4" x 1-1/2". Replacement pickup mounting rings and pickup covers for humbuckers and single coils from Seymour Duncan & Fender. Flat bottom for most flat top guitars. Free shipping over $49.00. HBRSC1B. Curved Short Humbucker Mounting Ring, Black. Neck ring is 3/16" height and bridge ring is 3/8". I wanted to change some parts, including humbucker rings and switch plate from ivory to black. TELE Single Metal Pickup Mounting Ring, 1qty, Metal Color Choice: Humbucker Mounting Rings, Set of 2, Bridge & Neck, Color Choice: Strat Single Coil Pickup Mounting Ring, 1qty, Choice of … $3.50 Add To Cart : Curved Short Humbucker Mounting Ring, Cream.