Should you desire light-colored stock without stain, be sure to buy only surfaced (S4S) stock, and carefully inspect it. Furniture, kitchen cabinets, millwork, doors, and moulding. I've been walking right past hackberry for a good many years - on the way to better varieties. 4 out of 5 stars (7) 7 reviews $ 36.99 FREE shipping Favorite ... because here they come. The wood planes and turn well and is intermediate in its ability to hold nails and screws, and stains satisfactorily. Wood is typically off white in color with black lines interlaced throughout. Hackberry dries readily with minimal degrade. The hackberry wood I am using has a lot of interlocking grain that is getting major tear out as I am working on dimensioning the lumber. The color of hackberry ranges from creamy white (sometimes with a grayish cast) to a light yellowish tan, with no sharp contrast between heartwood and sapwood. Now, though, the wood becomes kitchen cabinets, inexpensive furniture, and inevitably, boxes and crates. In earlier years, its tough, flexible wood was used for barrel hoops, and many a pioneer cabin was equipped with durable hackberry wood flooring. Ultimately, you need to find a wood that won’t be too difficult to split. You can carve hackberry, but its coarseness isn't very appealing. Experts agree, American Hardwood sells! For more related content, subscribe to our newsletter! For clean cuts, rip with a rip-profile blade with 24-32 teeth. Hackberry is a tough stringy wood , ... Split and crack are two different things. Saw a hackberry tree being cut up today here in my hood and was thinking about getting a few pieces. Is it worth fooling with? Avoid using twist drills. Grain can be straight or interlocked. It has a fairly high shrinkage and is most suitable in cut stock (small/short pieces). GENERAL DESCRIPTION The hackberry makes an excellent shade tree since its spread is nearly 30 feet and for that reason, it is found shading many backyards nationwide. Because hackberry burns and chips almost as easily as white ash, be sure to take shallow passes with your router. Hackberry has low water requirements and a high tolerance to salt and alkali soils. Hardwood Finishes More Eco-Friendly than Ever, Know your Hardwood Floors by Starting at the "Finish", Revealing Hardwood Treasure beneath Carpeting and Linoleum. Unless harvested in winter when the sap is down, hackberry has the tendency to develop a bluish-gray stain. Yet surprisingly, it outranks walnut in shock resistance. I've read it's a rather bland wood. There is little difference between sapwood and heartwood which is yellowish grey to light brown with yellow streaks. It's the cells and how they're arranged in bands called rays, and the size and distribution of pores, that make the difference between fine-textured wood and coarse-textured wood. This yellowish-gray to light-brown wood has grains that can be either straight or interlocked. I then realized I was splitting some hackberry wood. Showcasing wood & mixed media works of art. It is considered soft wood and isn’t terribly strong. It is also known as the nettletree, sugarberry, beaverwood, northern hackberry, and American hackberry. Not so with the hackberry. This instrument features 24kt gold plating, elegant contours, and a CA finish. Clean cuts require sharp tools. Therefore, you’ll want to go with something that is easier to split. A measure of the hardness of wood, produced by a variation on the Brinell hardness test. The demand just isn't there yet. Hackberry has irregular grain. Drying Tips: This wood … Hackberry grows best in the thick forests of the bottomlands. Avoid splinters along straight grain by taking shorter strokes and using stop cuts. The natural spalting lines provides a nice contrast to the warn tones of the Hackberry. There are 492 hackberry wood for sale on Etsy, and they cost $52.94 on average. Grain can be straight or interlocked. But, the stain does not harm the wood in any way, and like the varying hues in yellow poplar, it does have its own appeal. Special Note: These pieces may occasionally contain light mineral stain or trace amounts of black line spalting. All Rights Reserved. What Is The Common Hackberry Good For? Although hackberry's commercial volume has steadily risen over the years, don't expect to find it at a typical retail outlet. Scrollsaw, Carving, and Decorative Projects, Hardness ratings help you choose the right species, How To Make A Translucent Transom with Veneer, Air-drying lumber is more than a matter of time, Grip stuck plug with this homemade grabber. I recently made a good sized bowl with a local wood, hackberry. In turn, the colonists early on either adopted those names or chose their own for the tree. Staining hackberry won't cause you any problems, unless you have to compensate for blue-stained wood by going lighter in those areas. Grain Means texture, too Texture means the relative size as well as the amount of variation in size of the wood cells. To avoid tearout, the jointer knives should follow the grain direction. The slight, pleasant fragrance adds a nice touch to the burn as well. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Sometimes the grain runs straight and then again it can be interlocked. Any exceptions-and special tips pertaining to this issue's featured wood species-appear under other headings on this page. Its resemblance to ash makes it a great option for people who like the appeal of ash but can’t afford it. The wood is very low in bending strength while the breaking strength is about typical for its weight. Don't skip grits when ding hackberry, as it easily scratches. For this reason, it … From shop CooksHardwoods. East to Central New England. While hackberry isn’t a particularly interesting wood, the spalting process gave it character that a piece without spalting would never have. However, you can use it for furniture such as chairs and tables, and for cabinets, too. Smooth crosscutting requires at least a 40-tooth blade. WORKING PROPERTIES And, says our source, you might not notice it on the surface of rough-sawn stock until planing. For more information about our hackberry live edge wood slabs for sale, give us … ... We saw all of our own woods and the grains, knots and live edges of the slabs many times reveal what work-of-art is hidden inside. Veneer isn't available except to the architectural trade. Other Common Names/Trade Names: Common Hackberry Scientific Name: Celtis occidentalis Best Single Characteristic for Identification: Ulmiform parenchyma arrangement and several rows of large earlywood pores. Small purple, cherrylike fruits (edible by birds) that ripen in the fall. Definition of the Janka hardness rating for wood. Hackberry has irregular grain. Each wood was graded on a scale of A-F based on how satisfactory the bend was. The rather unusual grain effect has made it popular for paneling and novelty furniture treatments. Hackberry is moderately hard, heavy, and has medium bending strength, high shock resistance, but is low in stiffness. Sands to a medium lustre, finishes easily, and is stable when dried. The most common hackberry wood material is wood. Bends that were very smooth, clean, and well shaped were graded as an "A". The common hackberry tree is often a host to butterfly larval. Watch grain direction when jointing this wood. Rout with sharp, preferably carbide-tipped, bits and take shallow passes to avoid burning. Eventually, though, someone called the tree hackberry, and the species at least had a title, if not respect. Splitting Hackberry Wood. Woodturners might reject it for the same reason. Wood of the Month: Hackberry Fans Make a Case For an Underrated Species By Jo-Ann Kaiser FAMILY NAME Celtis occidentalis of the family Ulmaceae. Unlike the much harder white ash, hackberry will yield to carving tools if you like its look. The concave top assembly and center band are visually pleasing and makes the perfect transition to body of the pen. Hackberry wood has an irregular grain that can sometimes be straight or interlocking, and has a fine uniform texture. This page was last edited on 12 February 2020, at 19:15 (UTC). PHYSICAL PROPERTIES © 2020 Meredith Corporation. And its wood, despite being fairly easy to work, was long ignored. Drill this wood only with bradpoint bits, and lift the bit from the hole occasionally to clear it or you'll burnish and burn the stock. It is a very soft wood compared to walnut. Eliminating Finish Blotches on Maple and Cherry, The Confident Choice for Eco-conscious Specifiers, American Hardwoods: The Natural, Eco-Friendly Choice, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts (Red Oak), Fixing Cracks and Squeaks in Hardwood Floors, Installing a Hardwood Floor Over a Concrete Slab, How to Install Hardwood Floors Over Radiant Heat, How to Apply Specialty Finishes for Hardwood Trim, American Hardwoods and Their Role in Carbon Neutral Design. Hackberry is a tree with an elm-like form and is, in fact, related to the elm.The wood of hackberry has never been used for lumber, primarily because of the tree's softness and an almost immediate propensity to rot when in contact with the elements. In other areas, hackberry may only attain half that size. Records from the period make no mention of the even then abundant tree. Expand Signature. Very stringy and I always thought it leaves more ashes in the stove than other types of wood. This evening I was splitting some wood when all of a sudden I noticed a very sweet fragrance odor in the air. According to a spokesman for a major hardwood producer that processes 10 million board feet of hackberry annually, the wood has only one fault. Then, follow these suggestions for working this under-appreciated wood. Hackberry is a lumber species that does not stand on its own too often. Grain bias (preparation): Typically, woods bend more easily when the grain is flat (parallel to the wide side of the piece). This is why you’ll want to choose to hackberry wood. To avoid tearing, feed figured wood or twisted grain at a slight angle (about 15°), and take shallow cuts of about. MAIN USES Then switch to 15-20 degree bevels for finer cuts. But local mills within hackberry's range carry it, and large hardwood suppliers can special order the wood. I picked up a peice and stuck it to my nose and got a real good wiff of it. CooksHardwoods. Expect to pay about $1.50 per board foot or less. Use a backing board under the workpiece to reduce tearout. WORKING PROPERTIES The wood planes and turn well and is intermediate in its … The wood is very susceptible to blue staining before and after kiln-drying, and has irregular grain, occasionally straight but sometimes interlocked, with a fine, uniform texture. But, to me, the grain pattern is beautiful to look at so it it’s worth the trouble, so far. Smokey Black Epoxy Hackberry Wood Crotch Bowl, Wood Bowl, Epoxy Wood Bowl, Inlay Wood Bowl, Rustic Décor,Home Décor,Centerpiece Bowl,Gifts TheWildRenegade. Hardwood Lumber – Hackberry/Sugarberry Workability Hackberry or sugarberry planes and bores well but is intermediate in shaping and turning. The common hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) has the greatest range, but a southern hackberry, called sugarberry, produces the most commercial lumber. Other common names given to the hackberry include common hackberry, sugarberry, nettletree, beaverwood, northern hackberry and American hackberry. When you run into interlocking grain, plane it at a slight angle to avoid tearout. “On the last day of the world, I would want to plant a tree.” — W. S. Merwin. And on end grain and cross-grain cuts, use a backing board. You'll want plenty of open time. At 37 pounds per cubic foot air-dried, hackberry wood weighs about the same as black walnut and is nearly as hard but not as strong. Today, hackberry still is one of the most neglected hardwoods in North America, but for little explainable reason. The wood is very susceptible to blue staining before and after kiln-drying, and has irregular grain, occasionally straight but sometimes interlocked, with a fine, uniform texture. A High Point University student steps into the lumber industry to learn how a hardwood tree transforms from lumber to a finished product | Appalachian Hardwood,,, Browse our photo gallery and find an American hardwood floor to complement almost any architectural style | Photo, © 2020 Hardwood Manufacturers Association, How Selecting Materials Impacts Our Lives, Trend Alert: Wood Planks Warm up Ceilings and Walls, From modest to magnificent: Create an entertainment space for any home. American Hardwoods Offer a Breath of Fresh Air, Mix – Don’t Match – Wood Textures and Colors; Experts Across the U.S. Urge Diversity in Design, Straight Talk About Hardwoods from Four Savvy Design Pros, Hardwood Flooring Trends – A Touch of the Creative, Hardwood Flooring Must-Know Shopping Facts. Just look at the bark. Feed straight-grained wood into planer knives at a 90° angle. Plan on white glue for joining because like ash, hackberry absorbs glue slowly. Strength The wood weighs 37 pounds per cubic foot making it intermediate in weight. Because of its characteristic, hackberry wood is not that commercially viable. And in summer, hackberry carries 2-4" long, roundish, tooth-edged leaves that end in a sharp point. Some common uses for Hackberry lumber include cabinet making, furniture, millwork and molding. Deeper bevels of 25-30 degrees will cut better in rough-in work. But it's one you should look out for. Other characteristics of Hackberry lumber includes heavyness in weight, moderately hard, strength and high shock resistance. The wood is heavy, but that helps keep sparks and smoke at enjoyable minimums. Hackberry obliges, starting with its easy-splitting nature. So the wood tends to Historically, North American tree species received colorful, descriptive names from the Native Americans who first encountered them. Hackberry is closely related to sugarberry (Celtis laevigata) and is a member of the elm family. Unless you have an electric or gas-powered splitter, you’re going to be using brute force. I know Wood Doc said it's used alot in woodworking. Sands to a medium lustre, may require some care in finishing,and is stable when dried. Hackberry is good stuff ... and even kitchen cabinets are made from it because of the interesting grain pattern and spalting. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. How Much Dimensional Change Should You Expect? Rather, it has been used as a substitute for red oak, ash or elm. If so, you know that you can do a... read more. It has a good steam-bending classification. Osburn Matrix insert, Husqvarna 455, DHT 28T splitter, and two 4-legged wood … Although not nearly as hard as white ash, hackberry does have a blunting effect on cutting edges, so opt for carbide cutters. Even its leaves more closely resemble the nasty nettle weed. Increasing demand for it as a substitute for more costly white ash has increased hackberry's volume in the marketplace. But the characteristics of each hackberry species remain the same. Our hackberry live edge wood planks come from hackberry trees, which are often regarded as being closely related to elm trees. In fact, along the Mississippi River, specimens nearly 4' in diameter and 120' tall have been recorded. Recognizing hackberry isn't difficult. #birch #black_walnut #bois #bois_de_bout #bradford_pear #cedar_of_libanon #cherry #cucumbertree #cypress #débit_sur_dosse #débit_sur_quartier #elm #end_grain #eucalyptus #flatsawn … This is a handcrafted Concava twist pen made from stabilized Hackberry. It is a moderately long-lived hardwood with a light-colored wood, yellowish gray to light brown with yellow streaks.. The wood you could call "poor-man's ash". Hackberry may look like ash, but it's not as rugged. Good firewood relies on several qualities to make your fires burn well. When you run into interlocking grain, plane it at a slight angle to avoid tearout. COMMON NAMES Hackberry… Keeping hardwood floors looking beautiful is easier than you think. Janka hardness. Hackberry's first commercial role was as hoops for barrels because of the wood's toughness and flexibility.