The Master of Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI) program at Carnegie Mellon University is the first program in the world dedicated to preparing professionals for careers related to human-computer interaction, user experience design and user-centered research. Building on decades of research in psychology and human behavior, the human-computer interaction master… The research done in Georgia Tech's Master of Science in HCI seeks to develop user interfaces that are … Ideally, interacting with technology would be as easy and intuitive as interacting with other humans. So, why do so many products and services fail to achieve this ideal? In the Human-Computer Interaction … A degree in Human Computer Interaction is available online as a master of science and offers a flexible curriculum. The MHCI program integrates service and design thinking into a rigorous HCI … Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study of how people use computers throughout their lives. Explore the design methods, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use. … The Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) prepares students to ideate, design, implement, and evaluate computer-based technologies so they are useful and usable for end users.