One of the factors destabilising the soil is the presence of sheep on the hillside. Our market lambs are raised on native grasslands & locally grown feed. This limits the type of farming that can be practised here, the most common being hill sheep farming but cattle are grazed in lowland areas. Sheep are the main livestock farmed in these regions, simply because in mountainous places there is little else in the way of livestock that will thrive. Many Hill Farm businesses operate on the margins of financial viability, with 25% of hill farming families living below the poverty line in the UK. Hill farming is an agricultural practice that takes place mainly in Wales, Scotland and some parts of northern England. Many years after swearing off the farm life when she left the family farm for college, and following a career as a nurse, Joyce Keibler and her husband Gary chose to spend their “retirement” as sheep farmers. In 2005 they bought Hemmer Hill Farm outside of Louisville, Kentucky’s Northeast End and began raising Saint Croix sheep. Over 27 years producing some of the finest sheep in Montana. Hill sheep farming takes place in the north and west of Britain in highland areas such as Snowdonia and the Lake District. 1 talking about this. "We need sheep farming to be profitable because it's the only sustainable farming system for New Zealand hill country from an erosion and nitrogen discharge perspective. The aim of this project is to develop this participatory approach for hill sheep farmers in Cumbria and Yorkshire. We are located in the foothills near Cochrane, Alberta. There are cool summers and high rainfall. In Ireland, hill breed ewes account for 23% of the national ewe flock with a further 18 % the national ewe flock are hill breed crosses. A report commissioned by the government notes that the sheep make landslips more … Hamshire/Suffolk Sheep. Two groups of hill farmers will each identify a disease issue relevant to their hill sheep and support them in finding solutions through holding meetings, gathering evidence, getting the right advice and then sharing what they have learnt. Welcome to Big Hill Sheep Farm. Herdwick sheep, which were reputedly brought in by the Vikings, are well adapted for coping with wet and cold conditions and are probably the most hardy breed in Britain. Almost 30% of these hill breed ewes are found in Galway Hill sheep farming plays a vital role in Irish agriculture and in maintaining the natural landscape along with providing income to local communities.