I am recommending products to people that I know will benefit them and also growing my team. No wonder my hair was a disaster before Monat! They charged my credit card for 131$ with out even ordering the shipment. If you find the right market partner to advise you correctly on products and how to use them, then your hair will be a dream. Monat is great with their products, their workers know how to really introduce and recommend the best products FOR U! Start a new comparison . I’m also having itching and burning and little red bumps on my scalp. Please before getting anything double check and make sure it’s what u want. I felt like my hair was heavy and greasy. Ridiculous! Saw my results within 6 days, they even give hair and skin quizzes!? Their lash Serum is amazing! Big waste of money, do NOT buy these products! So I contacted them and they canceled the order for me. Absolutley horrible, stay away from this product and save your head. A 30 day money back guarantee is all very well, but that doesn’t fix the long term effects of having your hair fall out. But after reading each ingredient, I decided that Monat products do not adhere to my standards. Score: 81/100. I spent over $60.00 on two products. Buy literally anything else, the positive reviews here are mostly consultants. Monat products include: Shampoo; Conditioner; Scalp Rejuvenation Oil; Hair Rejuvenating Vitamins/Supplements; Similar to other MLMs, Monat has not had its products tested by the FDA, which should concern any distributor who is considering joining. I’ve since seen some bad monat reviews out there that are negative, but that simply is not my personal experience with them or the experiences of my family and friends. I bought the Berry Scrub & its works amazing for my dry/combo skin, but it also works even for all skin types. Featured . Don’t waste your time and money with this experimental product. Then they sent me an email saying they were going to send out the order, but I didn't want them to charge me shipping (because I'm suppose to get shipping free with $84 in product), but the website wouldn't let me cancel because they were out of stock on the product. First off, it is great to see that you are doing your research before buying into a “seemingly good” product or company. I was so skeptical to try these products because of some negative reviews I had heard but one of my friends has been using Monat for about a year and her hair looks amazing! Actually DISGUSTING. It didn’t only bring my hair back to life, but Monat has taught me how and motivates me daily to take good care of my hair. Monat Balance Renew Shampoo Review Verdict: The Monat Balance Renew Shampoo is a gentle hydrating cleanser which penetrates the scalp with nourishing ingredients. Bad Customer Support . I signed up with monat back in January (2020) and i didnt like the product- gave me pimples on my head and caused dandruff which ive never had in my 20 years of living. However, take a look at Monate’s ingredients: Monate Renew Shampoo Ingredients: Then the natural ingredients of Monat go in a repair your hair. Have you seen an opportunity where you can make money from a hair care company called Monat and are wondering if it is a legitimate company or is MONAT Shampoo a Scam? I canceled my membership but still I did not get my money back; besides, their products made my hair worse. 1. This product put me in depression from losing my hair. I signed up with monat back in January (2020) and i didnt like the product- gave me pimples on my head and caused dandruff which ive never had in my 20 years of living. This product is awful! I have been using a few of their products since then- I follow the brands instructional videos step by step to ensure that I am applying, washing, conditioning and doing everything properly. I’ve been using Monat’s hair and skincare products for about 3 months now. I’ve tried a few styling products, just ok, nothing better than any other high quality products out there sold in salons. Monat is the worst company ever!! (There packing is so cute btw) They sell wellness hair,skin, and even have a doggy and kids line! I paid $35 for the shampoo, which is ‘guaranteed’, I paid an additional $20 for shipping, which is NOT refunded, and they want an additional $20 to send the half-used bottle back to them, which is also not refunded. That is just silly to expect. But I think there’s many reasons why somethings doesn’t work for someone. I get really really mad. Not to mention their rude, disrespectful and disgusting attitude employees on their customer service line. The bottle was delivered sealed when you remove the lid. Welcome to our MONAT Global Review! Monat shampoo has left my hair feeling…amazing, I love monat hair products top of the line works for me it is the…. The conditioner repaired my ends really well but I was very dissatisfied with shampoo. Honestly the product is amazing!!!! Read the full GHI review. If you’ve been looking for legitimate ways to make money online, you’ve probably come across Monat shampoo and now you’re wondering, is Monat Shampoo a scam? MONAT BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner – Black 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for busy, on the go, short hair. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Product lines include Hydration, Volume, Densify Duo, Stylized, Power Boost, Magnify, Monat Junior, Monat Black, Colour Enhance, Effortless Style, R3, Advanced Hydrating, and Restructuring.2. Don’t bother even hearing what the sellers are trying to get you to buy, don’t waste your time. First of all, I applaud you for taking the time to research Monat Global before you take the word of a distributor who wants you to join their team. Although I was not able to order as I live in Switzerland and COVID is going on, Emma Hirth, working from PA was super helpful and I had a great experience with her. Ovation Hair Products . LikeStress! I used them and they made my hair feel dry, frizzy, and look damaged. Now I’m extremely self conscious about my hair and wear extensions. My hair is now amazing I have bleached blonde hair. Monat is the worst company ever!! Great Experience with worker, IG: hirth.emma. My hair fell out and had lots of breakage. Then they blamed it in my bank and said I need to talk to them. Now not at first i couldnt see a huge difference but thats because its not going to work within the first day or couple of days. I will definitely not be ordering anything else from this company as if I ever have to return anything again, it is next to impossible to get them to refund your money within a reasonable amount of time. I love both. And the best part! I've been trying MONAT's skincare products for the past 2 months and I have found new holy grail products for my routine! I can purchase a drug store product and get better results. I followed Monat's "Select sampling" routine and immediately loved loved loved the products. Look into what’s going on in your life and I’m sure you’ll find the real problem! Not everyone will like the same things. If I could give this company a zero I will. 2. I had someone approach my husband about buying products for his wife (me). Its really sad to see all the bad reviews. Because just like removing fake nails, you see whats underneath. Ovation Hair Products. I hope this review helps you decide whether or not you would like to try Monat! Then my mom decided to try out MONAT. It was awful. Monat has some of the best haircare products I've ever used. There is no reason for it to take this long. When I first started using monat I only used the shampoo and conditioner. First of all, the shampoo and conditioner I was using for years (cheap store brand) was coating my hair with chemicals, waxes and silicone. I have a bad tendency of wanting to try all self care products that’s becoming popular. However, as a company, they are one of (if not the worst) I've ever dealt with. Along with their Hair mask.. nothing.. All and all, for the prices Monat charges for their products I do expect results. I understand my husband was doing something nice for me but to spend $200 on products every month is t what he expected. Hair care is amazing, skin care is out of this world - so good. I called the company 2 weeks after trying the product and they sent me a return label to print. Now I'm trying to order product with my $84 minimum order and it charged me shipping! I started getting compliments on my hair and made the decision to give the business a shot. I started using Monat about 7 or 8 months ago. There’s a lot of controversy on the products. Here is the proof. It takes DAYS to get refunded when you return anything. Overall, Monat has worked SO well for me. MONAT Class Action Lawsuits. Which variety would you like to review? I made my initial investment of £199 for the product pack back within the first week and earned in the last week what I earned at my last full time job.I can't wait to see what is next, my side hussle is somehow becoming my main hussle and I'm so grateful I said yes.I had no sales, social media experience and I have received the best training, met incredible people through Monat. I have a good hair day. I never write reviews this isn’t for likes. They even gave me itchiness and dandruff. But I hope Monat will one day make it in a bigger bottle. Once you strip your hair of all the layers of chemicals from cheap shampoo..your hair begins to heal and breathe. During that time I hated the shampoo as conditioner. It is shinier then it's ever been and getting healthier by the day. Find a variety. Olaplex is amazing, and far better ingredients list! The product I purchase was for extreme damage tear water joke, Thieves! You could be allergic to an ingredient, if you have used it for a while then you started getting hair loss you could have something else going on in your life? Monat Review Conclusion. You have probably read lots of enthusiastic Monat reviews including those about Monat Revive shampoo. I called the company 2 weeks after trying the product and they sent me a return label to print. I originally wrote about my Honest Review of Monat Hair Care for Postpartum Hair Loss in October 2017 (as a separate post). Monat focuses exclusively on hair care. It helps to improve the strength and density of your hair while also making it more manageable (easy to comb, less likely to get messy, etc). On top of that, I keep getting these flexship orders that I never signed up for. First, their products are really expensive and their whole thing is you get a discount if you order a certain amount, which I did the first time. The thing with Monat is it strips off all the heavy buildup waxes of cheap shampoo that accumulates over the years. I still haven’t been able to find something I love more though, so I keep buying it. To be quite honest, I had never even heard of Monat. Monat Global. I quite using them then decided after a lot of research and a year later to give it another shot. So I have to pay $40 on top of the $35 product to be refunded $30. Each brand score is calculated based on set of relevant criteria and displays company performance over time. I wish I could have. I could be getting very lucrative commissions, too, for promoting their expensive products. Monat has over 70% complaints (out of all reviews) most are related to their customer service few people complain about the products themselves In other words – … Now I am almost a year and using monat and my hair has never looked so good in my life! He said I don’t want to pay more than $100. So I called to inform them I would be shipping back my products for a full refund they created my shipping label and they also paid to have the package sent back. This company is a SCAM. Most people use this one! I could never leave my hair out i just through it up into one big sloppy ponytail everyday and slopped some gel on top to make it look presentable. Everyone of recommended monat to is so grateful and happy with the results! But the customer service is HORRIBLE. Look up ‘MONAT lawsuit’, you will be scared! I don’t know but what I do know is that it made me lose more hair :(, The best products used in my life. My hair has never been more healthy. Think for yourself! These products are horrible. Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner review: We tested Monat's Advanced Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Their customer service is not good. hundreds of dollars spent for hair loss, hair thinning and literally nothing more. You get 30 days to try the products or return them if you are not happy- what other company offers this?These negative reviews do make me wonder what they have been doing with the products or if they have even tried them...My hair has never felt so good! I used multiple of their shampoo systems, rejuveniqe oil, rejuvabeads, blow out cream, the junior line detangler, super moisture mask, and the moxie magnifying mousse. >RECOMMENDED: Money Making Program. They are scam with good sales people on the phone. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. At least 4 class action lawsuits have been filled against MONAT global. Do not use this product save your hair and stick with your usual products or consult a real doctor. 3. Expensive and useless. So he got some products thinking it’s a one time thing not signing up for products the next as to what the lady selling it told him. Stop listening to people and do your own research and make an informed decision that's best for you. But this time to use only monat and for the full 90 days they reccomend to see results. DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid review. When I was ordering, the consultant that helped me was very nice, but when I got the product I feel like it mad my hair very greasy. Her instagram is @Hirth.Emma. And im in love!! #3 when an acquantance got me to sign up, they signed me up for some flex ship program but did not explain the program in full detail. Monat … I put 2 Moxie products in my cart so I could order this next time, waiting for the 3rd Moxie because they said they were "out of stock". left BURNS on my scalp. First, let me say I have been using Monat hair products for over two years. You have to let your hair heal and recuperate from all the chemical layers you have been putting on your hair from the cheap shampoos you buy at the store. Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Monat Global and Ovation Hair Products as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. ... Revive or Renew Shampoo – I started with the Revive for more volume, and now I am trying the Renew, which is just for the average hair. Apart from that, it also protects while restoring the youthful appearance of the hair. Not forgetting the amazing skincare too. I decided I needed to try it. I wish I can post the before and after pictures showing the damage in just two months :(Please stay away. I worked as a market partner for Monat. Plus the damage done to my hair. After my review of Rodan + Fields last month, I polled my readers and asked which company they would like me to review next. The best cleansing & conditioning in a single bottle saves time and steps. Ive ordered a few products, inclduing their eyelash growth serum, also using since June, again, no results what so ever.. It’s also safe and compatible for colored or chemically-treated hair. Monat Vegan Skincare | Fact vs Fiction. Thats so cool! It does work and it is not a scam. It just takes time. So, I fell for the Monat trap and ruined my beautiful long hair. Viscosity goes from 5 to 1500 Centistokes, the lower the number the more liquid the silicone is which also means it is easily washed out of the hair. Monat Renew Shampoo And Conditioner This is a package of two hair care products, and it is often the first product that people new to Monat choose to purchase. We tried the Men’s 2-1 for my brother’s balding head and didn’t notice a difference. By Kristine H. Mineral point , WI. This truly has allowed me to write an unbiased review of Monat. Anyway. I received compensation for this post including complimentary samples of Monat Revive Shampoo and Conditioner for Volume to review. They took out almost $200 the next month and when he called they said oh no there’s a cancellation fee and so forth. So the first couple months using Monat, you may not like your hair. Monat Global . I have tried repeatedly to get my refund back but they kept telling me for more than a month that it’s still in the refund department. my hair feels and looks like I'm using just water on my hair. Based on the above i do not see a reason to promote this company. You will not get amazing hair within the first wash! Definitely recommend these products and cant wait to try more skincare products :), what a waste of money. When I went to cancel all upcoming orders and the one they emailed me about, I was told that I had to PAY to do that. The products are a little pricy but you only use a tiny bit and they last you a long time. This is my personal opinion & experience, as well as what I have researched about the product. Monat is the worst company ever! I love monat hair products it is the first and only product that has realy helped give back some volume and overall condition of my hair I am 50 yes old so as you can guess I've tried a lot of products I love the monat products. 1,190 reviews. They refuse to give your money back even though they tell you to give the product 3 months but the return policy is 30 days. Many people experience hair loss and breakage who are not using monat and their first thought is never “oh it’s my shampoo!” No! It became so thin. They reimbursed my money then took it back out of my account AND I never received a product. As far as lawsuits if we are going to buy things based off of that then we'll never have anything. When a chemist/formulator compounds it with other ingredients they are able to achieve a balance to what they desire which moisture retention with no buildup on the hair.Do your research people! The REJUVENIQE OIL is my favourite product. If I could give them a one Star I would. Monat reps will bash silicones but Unfortunately a lot of people don’t quite understand silicones, specifically Dimethicone and how it works. It’s a total ripoff and I can’t believe I fell for this whole scam. This Monat dry shampoo spray is a waterless shampoo that removes oiliness, dirt and impurities between washes. By the way, all positive reviews are written by who I can only assume are trolls and fake profiles, because NOT A SINGLE ONE seems to be written by English speakers- very bizarre grammar and spelling! Monat Volume Shampoo and Conditioner (Review) April 4, 2015 By Sam Sly 32 Comments. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. I joined Monat 3 months ago. The only difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme is that the former just has a product involved. Worse company ever. I heard it works for some and for others it doesn’t. But then over the months you will notice that your hair gets better and better. Monat has literally taken over the social media world, and the hair care industry in just a short matter of time. Disappointed. I wouldn't recommend ordering anything from this company. Waste of money. No breakage and my ends are so full!! Looking at Monat, we’ve got a company that was first launched back in 2014. This company is such a rip off, they make it difficult to order and honestly, I didn't think their products were that much better than Living Proof which I have used for a long time. And for all the people saying you cant mkae money from monat look at all the millionares from Monat. Upon trying to cancel (since I dont like the products and dont want to order more), they are telling me that I need to make 3 purchases to be able to just order anytime (instead of them sending automatic shipments) or pay $25 to cancel. Then I would use other brands for aftercare and styling. But Monat be gentle line has completely transformed my skin and now i rarely have any blemishes ever. Don’t risk your hair on a false hope. Would recommend the skincare products but not hair care products. So many different reasonsFor hair loss!! As for my skin, i always struggled with super terrible flare ups of acne and cystic acne. It was very very dry and thick and frizzy. The company has been doing a great deal of marketing and promoting on social media, and this has created for a good deal of buzz and hubbub for it. Family friends in the US had been using the products for years and I had seen well known people in the US work with the company.I wanted to try them out for myself. This is made worse by the fact that myself and everyone I have ever talked to who has used MONAT has had their hair and scalp damaged and some are still recovering after years. 2.5. So I contacted Monat and they said since I already ordered (referring to me previous cancelled order), that I cannot get free shipping and have to wait until Dec. 25! They kept sending me automatic emails saying my next order was ready, but I was not out of product yet, so didn't need to order. Monat products are expensive, but overall good products. Monat is a network marketing company that sells skin, hair, and pet care products. The minute you give someone else the power to make the decision for you, you lose!! You could use it incorrectly like i was. I am not affiliated with Monat in any way. Monat triied to take 92 dollars on my account for no reason. Don't believe negative comments as some people just commenting for likes :). Absolutely love the products. Love love love the products and I use everything now!! I feel this business is very rewarding and I like Monat is all about gratitude. There will ALWAYS be someone that doesn't like something. #2 the MLM structure of this company is extremely shady and unethical and prays on women, especially stay at home moms. With fabulous results! I'd never thought it was even possible. I can't even believe that my hair can look this good. Read this full MONAT Shampoo review for the full story on . Monat shampoo has left my hair feeling completely brand new, I feel like I have been to the hairdressers after every wash! Love that all their products are vegan and cruelty free too. I tried this thicking spray and I noticed my hair is thinning out and I’m now bald. My hair is falling out of my head and whats left is EXTREMELY thin. It has made it so thin, and I had to cut a bunch off. I began using them from in January of 2018 until August of 2019. Not only their products are broken and overpriced … Monat won by a landslide. When ever I talk to their operator, she tells that they are working on it. The Monat shampoos and conditioners last forever, but the dry shampoo does NOT! The products are ridiculously expensive and for what?? 1.0 out of 5 starsNot the real Monat shampoo even though it was "sealed" Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2020 I'm actually a daily user of Monat products, especially the Renew shampoo, so I know the real product vs. fake ones. they do NOT care. I was intrigued by the claims Monat makes about their products. For example, Monate claims their products don’t contain sulfate, which is an artificial ingredient. Do not waste your money on this product! Do not use this company. OK products, but overpriced and HORRIBLE customer service. If you have seen any of my previous Monat Product Review posts, I am very transparent and I do my best to provide you with an honest, unbiased opinion. Monat isn’t 100% natural. For starters, this is an MLM. Because I wanted to take the time to try the products for a longer time period, I posted a separate review including research I had done on Monat and (both positive and negative) experiences of other Monat users. 12/05/2020 Monat. My scalp got oily more frequently so I had to wash my hair more regularly. ABSOLUTLEY DISGUSTING. The colour has brightened, my hair feels alive!DO NOT BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS! Horrible I lost my lashes thanks to this productAnd the shampoo left my hair super dry and now I have bald spots. Hair thinning since using Monat. 2.1. Today I am sharing my 3 months Monat journey with you guys, help this gives you some ideas or helps you make a decision. they will screw you over. On top of all, they charge you a fee of $25 if you want to cancel your subscription before making a second purchase. However, negative customer reviews and numerous ongoing lawsuits should make many shoppers think twice before signing up to buy or sell Monat products. Me and my mom shared a bottle for like 3 months without running out. Honestly if I could give 0 stars I would. Another one is on the way for fraud and deception.