A wide angle lens. What a wonderful finishing touch for a very polished look! Looks like the crown was cut about 1/4 of an inch too long but caulk can fix that problem. I love this! Proof alone that you had a great Mother's Day - which I already knew because you are a great mother with great children and with the cutest carpenter on the planet. But it's really good now. Adding Crown Molding to a Bookcase; Kitchen Cabinets. Crown molding makes a huge difference. They are basically what you had before but they are attached to the wall. It looks great! ;-) Truly, though, it is beautiful and you and your cute carpenter make a good team! Moulding adds elegance and detail to a simple bookcase. It is so nice to know I have friends who are just enough girly with out being too girly... does that make sense? Step by step tutorial. We are currently "updating" two bookcases but having issues because ours sit back into an alcove and have a weird gap at the end (its where I store the tubes of wrapping paper. What a Cinderella transformation on the bookcase, from plain to lovely! The part that makes these bookshelves look custom is the trim work so we added crown molding to the top. Once the top horizontal molding has dried enough that it’s stable, add the crown molding piece in the same fashion (clamps really are a necessity for this step to keep it level). It turned out fantastic, Cristina! There's nothing exciting about them at all. Shelai ;), I know I commented earlier, but I neglected to say how much I really LOVE this room! Cut the two depth pieces of crown molding for the sides of your bookcase. In order to do that, we added a couple of 1x2s to the top using a brad nailer. In order to add the crown, you’ll need an extra piece of wood at the top to have something to attach the crown to. Reply. 25 IKEA Billy Hacks that Every Bookworm Would Love - Hative More furniture in the field with fried chicken? Great inspiration post. The next time you pass through Tennessee just stop by and visit for a spell and y'all can transform some things around our house. Sort of like the icing on a cake! Add molding to laminate cabinet doors best laminate. You can always add the crown molding upstairs in future years as you repaint each room or hallway. Wall Fixtures. Until it was decided that we needed built-in closets on this wall and these bookcases really needed to find another home. justagirlabby says. Cristina Garay. Just drive a screw upwards from the inside of the top of the bookcase, going into the scrap wood space fillers. Add strips of moulding to the front edges of the bookcase along the sides, top, bottom and shelves to create a total transformation. xox. 1″ x 2″ x 8′ basic pine trim. p.s. :-) On the top of the bookcase we added a continuous top face frame trim and then replace the existing crown molding with a finish nailer and nailing in the same spots as the old nails. I've got some bookshelves in need of just a little lipstick myself :), Gorgeous! xo-Lisa. Have you entered the new giveaway yet? Add a piece of trim at the top of the bed box to match the trim on the tops of the bookcases. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I love it!I have a weekend link party on my blog if you'd care to join:http://westernwarmth.blogspot.com/2012/10/weekend-warmth-5.html. Long fourth dimension agone I commissioned my brother-in-law, Stanley, to built this shelf (picture below) amongst lots of storage compartments to exercise a build-in desk surface area for my daughter. very well done!rita, I was thinking to do the same thing! I love it!!Brenda. Before Kathy Lee and Hoda plucked them off the street. Just a little mascara and highlights. Fresh paint finished the job. Big hugs to you.FABBY, This looks awesome! C) cut one 31 1/2″ piece of the 1″x2″ trim. Two bookcases wrap around the corner to host tableware and collectibles in this dining room. I love how they finish off any plain shelf and turnes into an elegant one. CAS, I love the bookcase makeover! Your daughter's book case looks lovely with the added molding. This is gorgeous, and love the morning show references, ha, ha. Much more the royal blue eye shadow and JC Penny spiffy dress crowd. Add a piece of trim at the top of the bed box to match the trim on the tops of the bookcases. 8′ crown moulding. www.fabtwigs.blogspot.com, Great tutorial Cristina! Looks fantastic after its mini makeover. Moulding is available in many styles, so you can choose the style that best fits the existing woodwork in your home. I would like to invite you to share this at my party, Twirl & Take a Bow at www.houseontheway.com. Caulk. Wall. =) Deanna. Apr 12, 2013 - How to add molding to a standard bookcase to create the look of a built-in More information Adding crown molding to the bookcases in the library. Posted on Sep 14, 2020. And thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. Then glue dhe 4 cuts to the front part of the bookcase. And where, please, did you get the white curtain rods that the toile drapes are on? Thanks, Karen. I'm so glad this post was of help. I ADORE it! 3. Explore. Use a pin nailer and … Heather :), Oh, my goodness! What a difference the trims make. OH how sweet! So appropriate for a library, I do believe. Add the finishing touches. We love it! The furniture can gossip, find out what's going on in the neighborhood, who's spouse is drinking too much... all the dirt! Aug 22, 2013 - How to add molding to plain bookcases. Thanks so much for letting me know!! Your whole house is such a cohesive reflection of your fabulous style!! Pat, Alright..that is stinkin awesome, cute and adorable, and very chic too! Christina, the molding looks fabulous! Add strips of moulding to the front edges of the bookcase along the sides, top, bottom and shelves to create a total transformation. I guess I need to put my bookcases on my back and start walking up and down the sidewalk. And then we added another piece of shoe molding to the top to hide the gap between the 1 x 8 and the bookcase. Love this room and what a nice Mother's day gift. I've been wanting brown toile curtains for quite some time. You don’t need them everywhere, just corners and the middle of the bookcase edge. Isn't it amazing how quickly bookcases can go from average to fabulous built in look by adding crown! She looks so lovely and modern! Jan 22, 2013 - Wondering how to make your library feel fancier? Jul 16, 2017 - How to add molding to plain bookcases. You had me fooled with the window mouldings, and now the fancy bookcases too? Why's it called shoe molding? Step by step tutorial. The brad nail holes can easily be covered with wood filler. Can't wait to see your pics taken with your news lens. Even the most basic and boxy rooms suddenly look taller and just generally upgraded in a surprisingly significant way. Compare prices & save money on Bookcases. I LOVE a mini makeover, they are the most statisfying C: It might be a mini makeover, but the the impact is stunning! I just noticed this post that I missed last year. Great lipstick! 2 Hours. It looks much more uptown now. Step by step tutorial. Thanks for an awesome how-to! Superb! Fabulous update! Simply add crown molding or trim big enough to fill that gap and voila! What a gorgeous room and what a beautiful transformation! I love the added piece of Pine, that is not something you often see in a book case makeover. Step by step tutorial. Such a huge difference the moulding makes. Isn't that just the coolest mini-makeover I've ever seen?! The body is ready. Usually there will be a space between the top of the bookshelf and your ceiling. A few years back I added chair rails to a room and new door trim-UGH! Crown moulding adds so much. We added crown molding to the top of our kitchen cabinets. He's cute as a button and funny too. It’s just sometimes we all could use a mini-facelift. Once again, moulding brilliance! Several moulding profiles used together are called build-ups. Several moulding profiles used together are called build-ups. You commented on my blog that you couldn't even attempt what I had done...and now that I'm looking at your post...I have to say the same thing!!! : ) Your bookcase now looks fancy shmancy for this room. Prerequisite: Woodworking Essentials. Where, oh where, did you get yours? For the sides pieces, the molding is going to have one end that is mitered and the other with a straight cut that goes to the wall. I love this and the fact that you showed exactly how to do it! How to Add Crown Molding to a Billy Bookcase 1. It's amazing what a difference a little molding can make! I love your pretty room too. Hi The Yarbrough's! Dressing up a plain wooden bookcase with moulding can transform not only the piece but also the room. The crown adds so much character to a plain shelf. In a transitional home, stay away from dentil crown moldings or moldings that are very ornate. I like mismatched chairs, crickets singing in the rain, chalkboard paint, sweet tea with lime, thunderstorms & knights in shining armor. 200 matches. Your bookcase looks awesome with it's fresh new lipstick. When you're considering how best to add trim to any room, don’t just think ceilings and floors. The main box and both adjustable shelves of this bookcase are cut from ¾-inch birch-veneer plywood, with lightweight ¼… The center section was my husband's gun cabinet. Because nothing says fancy like a piece of shoe molding. By the way, do you mind sharing what type of nail gun you use? ( Also fill the nail holes on the trim pieces, door panels and the small seam along the sides of the bed box. I think even Oprah would be wowed ... And the yentas on The View? I love the color pallette you chose. just what I needed. Your home is beautiful. It is gorgeous!! This is such a great tip! if i have learned anything from fancy nancy it's that a crown makes everything fancier. Amazing what moldings can do... job well done. Next, we attached the crown molding to the top of the box so that it looked like the bookcase was now built-in. See more ideas about Home diy, Bookcase, Diy furniture. See it all began in this home awhile back, this home that was born in 1923! And painted the pine and the molding white to match the bookcases. Many kitchens are equipped with cabinets that end flush against the ceiling; by adding crown molding to the top of the cabinets you can give the kitchen a higher end, more finished appearance. To cut this piece, place the crown molding upside down and against the miter saw fence, just like it would sit against a wall and ceiling. Step 2 Fill Any Holes. You have me inspired! Step 3 sand footboard and bed box. Love your bookcase unit and curious what's going up in the center. The crown in the bath will look better once the drywall crack is fixed and the crown is caulked (all your crown needs caulking to blend with the uneven walls and this is normal). Thanks for the great tutorial....which I had to pin for a future reference. – Built In Bookcase Trim: When you add crown molding to your space, it is important that you don’t forget about bookshelves. Have a great weekend! Reply. Sand the Bed Box. Apr 17, 2016 - DIY: Excellent instructions on how to add crown molding to plain furniture. It’s just a mini-makeover. Transfer the bookcase depth... 2. ;-) Sharon @ mrs. hines class, Hey! That lens is at least twelve years old. Happy Mother's Day to you! This guide on how to add crown molding to a bookcase will elevate any room's decor. They are chic and classic! Wait them to dry. Gives it a more expensive look. Welcome to 2012, you beautiful bookcase, you. Such a simple fix, but what a difference it makes. I'm wanting to add crown moulding to our kitchen cabinets so this will definitely be helpful. xo Heidi, The bookcase looks great after it's makeover! Continuing the crown molding around the ceiling will work fine and really give them the “built in” look. justagirlabby says. Jul 11, 2013 - How to add molding to plain bookcases. Firstly, glue the 1 cuts to the outside part of the bookcase. Jealous about your cute carpenter... AND your wide angle lens. What's it got to do with shoes??? Your builder should be able to show you one. Moulding adds elegance and detail to a simple bookcase. :-), This is such a beautiful transformation! I love your fancified bookcase! (I hear that double spanx is a thing for celebs at award shows, but it sounds like something you couldn't even breathe in. The bookcase is a very challenging project that requires considerable handtool skills. *sigh* I wish I had a cute carpenter to carry out my vision. I love your bookcases!! You can add crown molding to make your mantel stand out as a design feature in your space. $24. this shopping season, Seasonal Bedding: Cozy Layers for Colder Climates, DIY Wood and Acrylic Floating Picture Frame, 20 Scrap Wood Storage Holders You Can DIY, Garage Organization - Charging Station + Tool Storage Cabinet, DIY - Inset Cabinet Doors - A Beginner's Way, Closing the Space above the Kitchen Cabinets, How to plank a ceiling (Shiplap on the ceiling). Add 1 inch to this measurement. Once you have your bookshelf in your space, adding crown molding can make all the difference in making your bookshelf look like it’s built in. Isn't it amazing how quickly bookcases can go from average to fabulous built in look by adding crown! Thank you for your visit Cristina and for leaving your sweet comment.great tute and your moulding looks amazing. There were some slight gaps, but we fixed that with caulk. Ohhh snap! Spanks are effective too, but not so easy to get into... :). Crown molding is a decorative trim piece the sits on an angle, and is used to cover transitions between surfaces for decoration. :) Yes, you can build a better mousetrap aka bookcase by adding a touch of custom through one featured accent or a full redo. Nothing extreme. Step 2: Cut the side pieces of the moulding with a chop saw. Leslie, What a big difference that made in the bookcase! Thanks for sharing! Reply. B) cut two 11″ pieces of the 1″x2″ trim. Kind of like when Kathy Lee and Hoda nab an unsuspecting woman off the street and take her into the studio. Next it was time to hide the seams between the bookcases with thin wood called “latices” Thanks for sharing :)Deborah. All I need is one of those nifty nailguns!! I think we should take down the decorative corner pieces and just run a straight piece across the front painted yellow like the rest of the trim work.... thank you for letting me think out loud!! How to add molding to plain bookcases. This is not Extreme Make-over:  The Bookcase Edition. What am I missing? Adding Crown Molding To A Room (And Some Built-Ins) We hoped to have all of the nursery’s extra chunky crown molding painted, cut, hung, caulked, and touched up by the end of the weekend, and we just made it by the skin of our teeth (where did that gross expression come from anyway? So sophisticated...the new look totally says "downstairs library." Step by step tutorial. -K, Great upgrade! That definitely put it over the top. What's next? I love the new hair color...I mean crown moulding! Your photos are gorgeous. It looks perfectly at home in the library! Hi Camila, I think it can be done, but IMHO it might look weird, the crown sticking out of the flat sides of the bookcase, not a good transition. April … Decor Hacks : DIY: Excellent instructions on how to add crown molding to plain furniture… -Read More –