�J AKASO V50X doesn’t come with an SD card so you will have to get one, this model supports up to 64GB SD Card. 0000001519 00000 n Shortcut Menu Swipe down from the top of the screen, you can quickly turn on Wifi, lock the display and power off. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at the Akaso V50X. ‎AKASO DV allows you to see what your camera sees on your smartphone or tablet in real time. You’ll need a micro HDMI to HDMI cable like this one. It should say waiting to connect wifi etc. endstream endobj 235 0 obj <> endobj 236 0 obj <> endobj 237 0 obj <>stream Then select I cam on wifi and put in password 1234567890, then go to the app and click connect. Done. Save $77.26. The app works for now and I haven’t noticed any glitches yet. Like the Elite, the V50X has 10 video resolutions and frame rates to choose from. Power on the camera and select the down arrow button. Roll over image to zoom in. 0000001847 00000 n AKASO V50X Native 4K/30fps WiFi Action Camera Touch Screen Detachable Camcorder. 5 ��@�y �Af'�S�Q�TZ4�DȀ�׺�y��糳�¥X8�y���u�z�����Ĥ��,}&�0Wal�-��TKZ�ڻ���H]ip��(R%FBu�����e�0U*�D�4�K[P�T�heJ>?=��g�W���x�e�է�J=�ne%�guzeF���;Yf��3,�����M��/Q�kd��Ս�2i��ယ�g�ۑ�O�w���?�+N�?>(�����iA�6�ޝ�eok�����~���1I*UE[q�u��t��C 9 TL�\�@�]�\�-U���G�(T9����@���&��Ի\̏���li}cg�����/M'�&��#�5�}���2[CZ}C;�ҔM|���,(NK�X�kO��oJ.��7RS��:#g�)Jq�I�&q��I���� N{�'����7����%Y�YzͲ�*ի��ʴ��u�I�+j�Z�[f��9k1[��+. Hi there we can’t hear any audio when playing back a video recordered on AKASO ek7000. BUILT-IN WIFI AND HDMI OUTPUT: Just download App(roadcam) on your phone or tablet and connect it to this action camera, you can share your wonderful moment on social media instantly. Also cannot stay connected to wifi and downloaded videos to the phone. The app will connect to the Akaso V50X via WiFi and will let you control the camera remotely. This means you will be able to easily connect your smartphone or tablet to it. The last of the Akaso action cameras in this comparison is the V50X. 239 0 obj <>stream �z�� %PDF-1.4 %���� Then go to WIFI settings on your phone. U8���r����8�6�uSn�[?�� �eOn��[���9�aJn��[���'7Oɝs��m�Hfn��ú�C��i�FZ)�� �rV& �n~�e�o You have to get the app, Icam-Akasko, install it, and open it. <<6FC6E0442712AD439F6D0406A8F984AC>]/Prev 1131862>> Press the Up button again to turn off Wifi. Turn on phone or tablet and open your Wi-Fi connection settings. 230 0 obj <> endobj Micro HDMI Output: Easily connect your camera to your TV to view your footage and photos. Then go to WIFI settings on your phone. AKASO DV allows you to see what your camera sees on your smartphone in real time. 0000001453 00000 n ----Main features---- Control your AKASO action camera remotely: Capture the perfect moment with live preview, control your camera remotely. Akaso V50X Waterproof WiFi Native 4K30fps Sport Action Camera with EIS Touch Screen Adjustable View Angle 131 Feet. Read more detail about AKASO EK7000. With the camera’s Wi-Fi switched on, you need to go to your PC’s networking menu and select the option to ‘Create a new connection or network’. Durable by design, AKASO V50X underwater camera is waterproof to 131ft (40m) with a housing. To capture videos and photos, you need a microSD card (sold separately). 0000033961 00000 n Turn on the camera, press and hold theShutter/Select/WiFi Buttonfor 3s to turn on WiFi. AKASO V50X WIFI. Akaso ek7000 transfer files to pc I just got this camera, the akaso ek7000, and i am having a lot of trouble transferring files to my pc. 0000000016 00000 n Akaso V50X Wi-fi network connection This camera can make a Wi-Fi network and it can be controlled from your smartphone. Answer: First, you need to remove the microSD card and connect it to the computer! zq�X���Ջ���ǭ~q�]�H�|����߸�ݤ���C3�%T�9ڠ����2^�d�� I've got a brief demo in my video review (might not be updated from Amazon AWFUL mode yet - also on YouTube) but let's see if I can make it a bit clearer. ��hr $79.79. The Diving Mode of the action cam can help you get quality shots in the low light situations underwater. You can see everything … GooKit WiFi 12MP Full HD 1080P 2.0inch 170 Degree Digital Waterproof Sports Action Camera White. Besides, download videos or pictures to your mobile device is convenient on AKASO DV app. You will be able to take pictures and record videos by using your mobile device as a WiFi remote. Wireless Remote Control 2.4GHz wireless wrist remote control let you easily operate the camera while skiing, cycling, surfing, etc. Turn on the Diving Mode, it can filter the red light underwater. Just download App(smart DV) on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. You’re going to have to install an app on your smartphone and then you connect to the camera’s Wi-Fi network. 2- Download the 111618_V5 firmware from here then save it to your computer. ... WiFi connectivity: This connectivity allows you to control your camera via the iSmart Pro+ app on your mobile device. I can't get the ismart dv app on windows 10 (or for what I know of) and the computer (Lenovo G70) doesn't seem to be … For a Mac computer, open Photobooth, connect camera to your computer, then select camera from top option bar, you should see the AKASO external camera! Built-in Wi-Fi Connection Just download the AKASO GO app on your phone or tablet, you can real time operate or review the images or videos and share your pictures and videos directly to social media. 8A�N��]�ڭ7�ӈ/�A�g�����_!G�{���mv�Q�"j�Q3!RzyQ�@v;B�,�-���g��X�}1�B�O�rߢŸX���)5�DD�}�Z�!�6"��upƺJ��M4K�L�n�X#�[��A���F��1i�!��0Q�G0�8N��Hc�5+5N��L�� Q�����~�Y� 0000003403 00000 n .noScriptDisplayLongText { display : block; } �L��o�\���9 startxref Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. .noScriptNotDisplayExpander { display : none; } To set up the RoadCam app with the AKASO V50X: Install the RoadCam app to your smartphone or tablet (Android and Apple) Turn on the AKASO WiFi signal by pressing the up button for 3 seconds; Sync your smartphone to the AKASO WiFi. ョンカメラです。最高画質は4k・30fpsで手ブレ補正付きの動画撮影ができます。usbケーブルの給電でドライブレコーダーとしても活用できます。 The Akaso V50X is often hailed as the best action cam under $100. You will be able to take pictures and record videos by using your mobile device as a WiFi remote. endstream endobj 231 0 obj <> endobj 232 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 226.775 340.16]/Type/Page>> endobj 233 0 obj <> endobj 234 0 obj <>stream 3. 0 xref Compare top models from AKASO Philippines such as the Mini Spy Camera Wireless Wifi Ip Home Security Hd 1080P Dvr Night Vision Remote, and Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame WiFi 10 inch IPS Touch Screen HD Display 16GB Storage Auto-Rotate Share Photos via App Email Cloud - Classic 10 Black. Free shipping . Then select I cam on wifi and put in password 1234567890, then go to the app and click connect. To connect to the AKASO WiFi on your smartphone you’ll need a password. The small manual that comes with this also gives the steps. You have to get the app, Icam-Akasko, install it, and open it. Scan for new WAPS as needed. Find the WiFi named ‘AKASO_XXX’ on the mobile devices. Free shipping . Turn camera on, when powered up press DOWN arrow button on right side. It's natural. Welcome to your AKASO V50 Elite. Select the department you want to search in. Built-in Wi-Fi Connection 230 10 Power on the camera and select the down arrow button. The steps that I am about to show can also be used to update the firmware of the Akaso V50 Elite as well as the Akaso V50X. The Akaso V50x is a real 4K action cam with stabilisation at 4K and costs under $100. $75.80. UPGRADE SERIES OF AKASO V50: Featuring 4K/30fps, 2.7K 30fps and 2K 60fps video resolution, AKASO V50X action camera enables you to take incredible ultra HD videos, clearly recording the beauty and wonders in life. 0000002908 00000 n H��V�RA��W��/�� ���vPte���}��=�=`h��*��Ka����wu�n��?�_m��F��\Z�嗺ӎ/9�l2!7޴����N������7�4�AKb5�Ʃ�L����#�L�7·�ƶ��3�M,Y�&M�rX*{����{u�1{%��qY��꓾���I!�ǹ���FQdS}ڣbR����6��D��֬�Q01�Ih���5l��=���UXF���F!��!UM�y�i��fR%� �4Oa��]TE�M�FPev�1 ELECTRONIC IMAGE STABILIZATION: AKASO V50X action camera records smooth, steady video whether you’re skiing, snorkeling or chasing your dog around the yard. You can dive up to 40 meters in depth with the cam. Create stunning video with disruptive effects and share to social media. Then check out earthdye if you have gray hair. :;>Еlwh��qש:�:���glw[ڙv��;��ձ�.��v���CB��mg�d�9���9����u� @� u��|N[g� �K{Q��5��z&����ڵs��]�� � Note that the camera operates like a little wi-fi access point (WAP). ������c�?`�u��-�s��"Ze:��$�ɽC�����g���uu��;�~�����Q��J�}>�7vtg��� ���ƿ�塥zS#�7I����S�'̡< Download AKASO DV and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Home › Action Cameras › Akaso V50X Waterproof WiFi Native 4K30fps Sport Action Camera with EIS Touch Screen Adjustable View Angle 131 Feet. 0000001961 00000 n Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 10 meters. Turing On and Off Wifi Turn on the camera, press the Up button to turn on Wifi, the Wifi name and password will appear on the screen. New AKASO V50 Elite 4K60fps Touch Screen WiFi … 0000000496 00000 n You can take full control of the camera, you can record videos, take stills, change modes and settings and watch your recorded footage. Works perfectly. Once you have done so, select the ‘manually connect’ option and then you will need to enter the camera’s Wi-Fi SSID and password to allow the PC to connect to … We’ll review every aspect of this budget action camera’s features, such as the battery life, resolution, and camera specs – as well as what the camera comes with. With AKASO GO, you can control your action camera from a distance to shoot hard-to-reach footage and preview them from your phone. Done. Another important feature of this action camera is the built-in WIFI connection. %%EOF Durable by design, AKASO V50X 4K rugged camera is waterproof to 131ft (40m) with a housing. After the WiFi is turned on, the screen shows message ‘Waiting for WiFi connection’. Akaso V50X The entry level V50 camera. Works perfectly. It should say waiting to connect wifi etc. [November, 2020] The best AKASO price in Philippines starts from ₱ 105.00. Firstly, Download the APP "iSmart DV" to your phone in advance. There's a problem loading this menu right now. O;���s-z�U'��g�o(9�-)���{=}��N>��M�0���rr���F�ś#�����Kot+�F���>���A) ... Press and hold Wi-Fi button for three seconds to turn off Wi-Fi. Select and use! Question: How to use AKASO EK7000 as webcam? h�b```f``2b`e`�(df@ a6v%;��c�ņ�jQ� IxO�v0�g�/��[�����P�A��(��}?�,�ֽ ��S�'3l]Ь#`�1��.v�.0�/�Z 2X�#�J����M����]L '���.g���oS�����:82'M���p��3C.����;�^˽mQ�6腎�S����+f�Y=#�a�Q���|%͊4�T�ώ�}�X.NNgs�y�,�ws{��1E�����w��"R%՚�d_{_�I��#��. $89.99. You can also see videos I am making with the Akasko. But is this true? It has multiple ways of connection, you can control the camera on the phone or iPad via Wi-Fi, you can easily share your wonderful moments on the TV with the HDMI and download your precious memories to the computer via the USB cable. .noScriptDisplayLongText { display : none; } 0000003661 00000 n Let’s find out for ourselves. trailer 1- Check your current version: Go to Settings, then About. All you have to do is download the AKASO Go app. Decent for the average user. �x�� D�Z_����9��x�9�@ �TA��lLr��*�$�IZgU�mX�(�&�F�yf�w2�03�9��I���������o�C��F���dvm��g���sOd�6@�9��[rqd�#!������qs>�K�E�~���:[����kJ��j�HIz�xY2��!�� AKASO V50X Native 4K/30fps Action Camera Cam WiFi Eis Touch Screen w/ IR Remote. Camera says "Waiting for Wi-Fi Connection." You can dive up to 40 meters in depth. 100 Feet waterproof camera. So far very dissapppinted with purchase, What's the wifi password for the iCam_W9_002328, I have done everything there saying to connect WiFi to camera but it still is not connecting, I can't connect my ek7000 to my Samsung galaxy s7 edge how can i do this, hi i connected mine to wifi but it only is turning on when it is plugged in. M��`��$ÐȰ��(����J_�b�$��{��[��}b�W1�u:���p�D���^1�_S�21�8p%���oV2i8��"�@�@��Ϲ�۴4�/8��)r5BF�G�yV6Q6`�0�0ė�3p9(&03��0�:_���A,%^�[���T�A��$�f� nm� Turn on Camera and hit bottom mode button on right then follow this from" I fix it". �]p�M������"�'�i�Lg>�k�K�����6Nz'����U?m�'JX,��jpTnc��h_ՠ�~'o���i�[59}��Z��iz�7g�jNy��i����W���|v.bw��U �ZSN�5Nֹ8�r�lK��,�w`�`L``R� `��Bh� ������R� i��$�R�#h��I�q�� �B7(T�l$؁X �� � +�\�ѝ@Yf�QP��fKK��)K�@�6�;@����yD�A�aZ��bYv˛,�r���60$0T0�1li�p�n AKASO EK7000 is designed to withstand extreme environments, together with durable waterproof case. Built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI, edit & share YOUR action in minutes. Select your camera to connect to. $84.59. Type: With Mic. how do you connect it to wifi? H�lUPS��Ͻ��%H�� �@B ��\��@�E��U"�� X���c�� Out of the 3 cameras it’s the lowest price, however it does pack a punch when it comes to raw performance in terms of picture quality. �K���M_T/�5�@��5��p�m�J~Y�s/ �˹X휛MI����I��=��iw���N���9���y�O�=���R�