I Nice, I remember a long walk under such an arbor where steel archways and long wires connecting each one transformed into a violet tunnel one spring. Ours was covered. The wisteria in a pot will now branch out in a rounded shape. thank you for your post it has been very helpful. Seedlings are good material for growing wisterias as Bonsai Trees. i have just been waiting for my ADD middled aged self to actually acquire enough patience and self dicipline to attempt, what seemed to me, such a detailed & intimidating project. A Comprehensive Guide for growing your wisterias, Wooden arch that does not rust and gives your Wisterias a place to climb and grow, Metal arch that provides a place for your Wisterias to climb and grow, Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 12' by 10', Use this to provide a place for your Wisterias to climb and grow, One of the many good Wisteria varieties and hybrids, An incredibly long flower cluster that can be up to 5 feet long, Use this fungicide to treat your Wisterias when you see black patches on leaves, Wisteria that gives a delightful show of beauty, Giantex Outdoor Wooden Garden Arbor Arch Trellis Pergola Trellis Providence Arbor, Metal Garden Arbor with Tree of Life Design, Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 12′ by 10′, Small Vegetable Garden Plans For Even The Smallest Backyard, 21 Stunning English Cottage Garden Flowers, How to Grow Potatoes in Containers – A Roundup of the Best Ideas. If you like sweet smelling flowering vines, you’ll love growing honeysuckle. Bend the shoot down, scrape a small amount of surface bark from its underside, and then use a tent peg or similar to keep the stem in contact with the potting mix. The name wisteria has a story behind it too – the genus should have be named Wistaria, and not Wisteria, as it was named in honor of Professor Caspar Wistar of the University of Pennsylvania, but an unfortunate misspelling while registering the genus has for ever kept the name Wisteria. It's been in its large pot for two years. I recently bought a ; 1) Wisteria vine, 2) Chinese Wist.tree, and 3) a Bonsai Wist. It is most successfully planted in a warm, sheltered spot facing south or west. There is no Kudzu around our part of Georgia, so the Asian bugs headed for an Asian plant. How long is a piece of string? I do tend to prune the whips off again and again throughout the summer and do not wait and do it just once with the main summer hard pruning. I figure Both the tree form and the vine MUST have been at least a couple of years old. Wisteria now has a pest — Kudzu bug. Chinese wisteria has a Japanese relative, Wisteria floribunda. Select the most vigorous main stem of the wisteria to become the tree's trunk… I have a Chinese Blue Tree form that I got from a very good nursery 3 yrs. As you train, imaging what key branches you want as your "tree branches" as they thicken. Information on the plant Wisteria a fast growing vine . How to plant grow Wisteria. Remember to plant it AWAY from paths and house foundation. So sorry for a 2nd comment but I am really wanting to make this purple and white tree of mine work and flower. Here in southeastern Michigan there are plenty that go untrimmed and overfertilized and barely flower, though just yesterday I came across one that had escaped into a little woodland by the side of a rode and was just enveloping it in a fragrant purple haze, as one sees relatively commonly in the Northeast. These blooming vines grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9, depending on the variety. Some varieties have very long  trusses, nearly 2 feet long as in W. macrobotrys, others, particularly some of the newer Japanese floribundas have large, individual flowers on short trusses. I always pruned it quite strongly. After the awful winter 2013/2014, we didn't even get leaves until late May. Planting and Spacing Wisteria. I wonder if wisteria would grow up onto the trunk of oak trees? Use this time to remove unwanted or overly long stems: otherwise it will develop rampant, tangled growth and few flowers the following year. Prune in February and again in August. Yet once can master training this vine, as it needs training. Its roots can also grow quite big, so remember to plant it where it won’t disturb your house foundation or a nice path to your front door. If planted against the warm sunny wall, wisteria must be watered well. Plants which grow on hot walls get reflected heat and lose more moisture through evaporation than other plans in the garden, especially in dry weather. It can also create the most enchanting quiet spot in your backyard, where you can escape to read a book or just listen to the birds and enjoy a quiet afternoon. I'm grieving about leaving my large, white wisteria that grows over a pergola. Wisteria must be pruned back fearlessly, and hard – ideally once in July, cutting all whips and stems back to the main trunk, leaving a foot or so of stem which can be allowed to form buds for the following year, and a second pruning in early spring, or late winter – just before the vines start to grow, and flower buds begin to swell. My trained wisteria tree, is not really a tree, but simply a young vine of a particularly large flowered form, pruned hard each year, which helps to force the vine into bloom. Any thoughts on retraining an 8 year old wisteria from a vine to a tree? Any thoughts appreciated. Planting Wisteria around my new back patio. Learn the secrets of properly supporting and training the vines to create the right framework for a gorgeous tree shape. But I'm getting old and don't want to spend years training only to never get a flower! This plant needs a lot of light in order to flower. Hi Elizabeth – Im so sorry that this has been a challenge for you, I've heard from others who sometimes struggle getting even non-tree forms to bloom, while others seem to have no problem. Get the picture? Water the hole, add the plant and backfill it with soil, making sure there are no air pockets, and press down on the soil firmly. It requires similar conditions, but the flower color is more lavender-purple, and the flower clusters are longer. What a delightful show of beauty! Here is how I do it. Your email address will not be published. I have never tested this, but it’s legend in many gardening books, and I would love to hear more about why, and if it is actually a true fact. Even if you only have room for a large tub, a trained vine in a container -even as a bonsai, can make for a very impressive plant. I keep this one trimmed short, it is almost free standing in the garden, yet it rarely twines at all, a Japanese maple helps to prop it up.