This is the first step. In today's episode of 7 Good Minutes, we learn some tricks on how to think more clearly … Audio On How To Think More Clearly Contributed by Our Friends at The Art of Improvement. I have crafted entire emails in my head and stored them away until I could sit still enough to send them out. I rated 'How to Think Clearly: A Guide To Critical Thinking' five stars because it is an easy read as an entry level guide to a much needed and lacking skill in modern society. The failure to think clearly, or what experts call a ‘cognitive error’, is a systematic deviation from logic – from optimal, rational, reasonable thought and behaviour. Yet remember, true big picture thinking comes from hard-won experience. I like to think that my abstract thinking … One of key characteristics of mental toughness, as per the MTQ48 framework, is the ability to perform under stress and pressure ‘whatever the circumstances’. Your body will find calmness by taking a large breath and your brain will be enhanced to think more clearly… Take a Deep Breath. Clear thinking comes from putting your big picture to the test of reality. Practice. I wrote this article in my head until I was finally able to sit down and reorder the sentences into a logical structure. The author goes through the basics … The ability to think clearly is a keystone advantage, and it can be acquired like any other skill. By ‘systematic’ I mean that these are not just … Here’re 6 time-tested ways to learn how to think clearly: 1. More Tips on Thinking Clearly. Want more? Your body regains its balance when that oxygen flows through your respiratory tract to your neural network. This ability comes from a mindset that is positive and in control and where you are able to think and process a situation in front of you, clearly … How to Think Clearly … Legendary military commanders Napoleon Bonaparte and Mikhail Kutuzov were both injured on the battlefield.