Very funny and informative.. Just joined and came across this post - tears rolling now - hilarious and I know we can ALL relate! I have seen some reviews for a python gravel vacuum/siphon/refi ll system. Makes Water Safe Immediately You have a gift for storytelling...... Well done! This video is unavailable. I’m not sure how I figured it out but I’ve never had to suck it, you just put the end in a bucket, then stick the other end, the big part, in the aquarium filling it right up, then lift it a foot or two above the aquarium and the hose will start emptying, once it starts doing that, stick it back into the aquarium and it will fill up again and continue siphoning :) I’ve never tried the way in this blog, maybe I’ll give it a try :). Keeps Your Hands Dry Hahaha! Powered Gravel Vacuum for Aquariums: Have you ever vacuumed your tank and run out of water before you run out of crud? Attach siphon or gravel tube to barbed fitting of the adapter. CLASSICLED PLUS. 1.A. I have a vacuum hose that you hook up to the water faucet. … This was awesome!!!!!!! How to Use a Gravel Vacuum to Clean Aquariums Step 1: Get the Materials. I don’t have to worry with nasty water in my mouth(yuck). I found the large cylinder to be quite unless. I tried a turkey baster but it was too hard. So how do you clean your gravel? The easiest by far is with a vacuum siphon. For many aquarium hobbyists, gravel vacuums are the tool of choice when it comes to cleaning the substrate in your tank.These tools are available in a variety of sizes and some models even come with attachments that are designed to … So... what do you think? Cleaning organic waste from the gravel keeps the water clean and clear. Once your siphon is started, vacuuming is a simple process. When moving the soft side magnetic piece on the outside, the abrasive piece will follow and remove algae on the inside wall. Getting Started Obtain a suitable bucket. How to use the Gravel Vacuum? Great blog thanks. Thanks for the good laugh! The health of your fish will benefit from regular aquarium maintenance. It's super easy to use and you really do clean out alot of gunk with it. I am a compulsive tinkerer, so I went even further with some help from the LOWES plumbing section and fitted a small inline globe valve in the tubing near the discharge end that allows me to quickly shutoff or adjust the flow rate. The TOM Aquarium Gravel Vacuum from Koller Products is available in various sizes to suit your tank. Often the bad advice that is given in these internet forums is to get rid of stagnant pockets by vacuuming the sand or gravel bed (see Aquaworld Aquarium article The Silent Killer, How to Use/Not Use a Gravel Vacuum in the Modern Aquarium [2006] for more information). Gravel Vacuum Cleaner Help?! Bulb measures 2.05 x 2.05 x 6.05 inches. The rougher side goes into the water and the soft felt side goes on the outside. I am NOT a patient person & dislike making my Betta put up with the filthy looking cloudy black water while I’m trying to get the dumb siphon to work. Have just come across this when looking at how to do it properly.. Gravel was changed when i upgraded tank and some of old put back in so hadnt used the vac yet.. Am just preparing to do 1st gravel vac now... Kind of dreading it now haha sounds messy!! Before they get more than halfway to three quarters into the siphon, pick up the tube and allow the substrate to fall back down. Fish Wire Through Pipe. With your finger or thumb blocking the bucket end of the siphon, gently slide the vacuum end of the gravel vacuum into the gravel. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you're used to it, you will find it easy enough. GRAVEL VAC WHEN USING ECO COMPLETE??? Your tips were very helpful. They are useful for getting debris out of the gravel at the bottom of your tank. Place an empty bucket near and below the aquarium. Put the hose back in the bucket, and start again. Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System. Similarly, a gravel vacuum that is too large for your tank will not only be cumbersome to use but will also drain water too quickly. I can totally relate to this, particularly steps 5-5b :P LOVE IT!! Some are skinny for small tanks, others are big and fat for larger tanks. It’s so I important to learn now that I’m moving up to a 5 gallon tank for my Betta and I can’t empty my tank like he 2.5. First of all, remove all the air bubbles from the suction cup. To use a siphon vac kit effectively, ensure Starting in one corner and working in a grid pattern, insert the vacuum into the gravel. To get your siphon started, you will need to get water into the siphon tube. Works great to let the gravel drop back down.. LMAO - this made me laugh so much!!! Get weekly aquarium blog articles right in your inbox. Please note: We unfortunately can only ship to addresses in the USA. I looked at battery powered vacuums but the high prices and poor reviews made me recons… It seems so simple I figured I looked stupid asking someone (apparantly, accidentally sucking up a delicious mouthful of nasty fish juice is not stupid at all- as long as its behind closed doors lol!) I can do a complete water change in 10 minutes if doing a 1/3 water change. How to Use a Gravel Vacuum 1. Also, there is a catchment plate at the inside of the Hoover that would stop any fish going down into the pipe. First, place a bucket on a low stool or on the floor in front of the fish tank. This basic unit is effective at separating waste from the gravel layer, although it does tend to get clogged a little too easily if you use sand. First of all, take out the cleaner and wash it properly. The simple Aqueon Vacuum (around $13) comes in four sizes dependent upon how many gallons your tank holds. I have ALWAYS sucked on the hose to get it to start- the main reason being that I was too embarassed to ask how it worked! Lol, nice. It’s the worst! When I first bought a gravel vacuum back in the day (read: 1994), it claimed to have some kind of widget to make getting the siphon started a snap! This article will show you some steps to guide you on how to use your gravel vacuum. Removing debris from the bottom of the tank will help keep the water in top condition. One way is to use an aquarium vacuum, and the other way is to do it by hand. That was great. With the tube in the water pushing down on the tube causes the check valve to open and allow the water column to rise slightly higher in the housing and drain tubing. The story hit close to home. Step 2: Vacuum the Gravel. Instead of a bucket I used to use the empty trash can, no worry of overflow. Click edit button to change this text. Sometimes you need to run or “fish” electrical, speaker, phone or internet … Shipping on orders under $59 is charged at a flat rate of $4.99. 1. If you’re using it mainly as a vacuum gravel cleaner, then it’s kind of expensive. Buy products such as Gravel Vacuum with Built-In Powerful Pump at It is suited for that time of year, yes, when the acorns drop and leaves fall from the trees. Use 1 squirt or 1 tsp (5 ml) per 50 U.S. gallons (189 L) You now know how to use a gravel vacuum...LIKE A BOSS! 3 years ago. This kit offers a selection of 6 multi-function attachable heads for different substrate types, suitable for sand, gravel, bare bottom aquariums (and even the glass sides and ornaments with the brush head) so you can find just the one for your needs. Ridiculous capitalization aside, I found that one of the hardest things to get the knack of back in the day (and, well now) was getting the gravel vacuum (glorified siphon hose) to work. White clouds can endure this whereas goldfish can’t. A gravel vacuum is actually a short hose or tubing that comes in a few various sizes with a wide mouth on the end of it. Before the water reaches your mouth, place the end of the hose in the bucket and begin to vacuum the gravel as you normally would. We have moved since and now the tank is close to an unused sliding glass door, my husband holds the hose outside while I vaccine the gravel. Especially since I just had the experience of the hose popping out of the bucket...water going everywhere.....and I also agree with amneris...I at least once a week overflow the bucket due to underestimating amount of water in tube. Turn on and off the vac to suck the nitrates from out of the gravel. In case of clogging, the bulb easily disassembles for cleaning. If you squeeze the pump a few times, it primes the vacuum and starts the water flow. Oh yeah. These scrapers attach to the small and medium mag floats. Loved it. Step 2: Prepare the Tank. You just described my whole first experience to a T. But it’s funnier reading about YOUR experience. Use a leaf vacuum on the lowest setting to suck up the leaves. from tight spots, where leaf rakes would be hard to use. Most shop vacuums will vacuum up dirt, however one attribute of a shop vacuum that stands out over everything else for picking up dirt is flow rate. A 5-inch (13-cm) gravel vacuum is too inefficient for a large aquarium, cleaning your gravel would take all day. I want to get a tank for a red clawed crab. The water going into the tank was poured in slowly so that there wasn’t to much difference in temperature. No more having to suck on the end of the hose and accidentally getting a mouthful of tank water. LEARN MORE. Excellent! Although a "gentle" vacuum is slower than a normal vacuum, it's great for small tanks, quarantine or hospital tanks, and tanks with fry, small fish, or sick fish. What you w… Step 1: Prepare your supplies. When using a gravel vacuum, you control the flow of water draining from your aquarium by kinking and unkinking the hose. Then, uncover the tube and let the water flow again. Thanks for the chuckle. Realize that you have not been paying attention, and that the end of the hose has come out of the bucket and is now shooting water onto your floor. When you have replaced approximately 25 percent of your water (or the amount of your choice), you’re done! There is no need to remove the fish while using the … Using a vacuum: Using an aquarium vacuum is always recommended by most aquarium hobbyists, it's efficient, and it's great for smaller tanks or bowls. Creating a Gravel Vacuum Drill a 3⁄4 inch (1.9 cm) hole into the center of your bottle's cap. This is every experience I have. Use a lightweight leaf rake to clean up gravel areas in your yard. How to Use a Gravel Vacuum 1. It's not rocket science but like any skill, a … Stick the rigid tube into the substrate and allow a few seconds for the sand/gravel/rocks to be pulled into the tube. Use leaf blower/vacs in blower mode (in conjunction with tarps) to gather the bulk of your lawn's leaves into piles, for removal by hand. Using a Gravel Vacuum. It takes a bit of skill to use it as a vacuum cleaner properly. Water Conditioner is a must for most hobbyists. 4. Small: up to 20 gallon aquariums - up to 3/16ths thick glassMedium: Up to 55 Gallon aquariums - up to 3/8th thick glassLarge: Up to 180 Gallon Aquariums - up to 5/8th thick glass (comes with blade scraper). Jephil0 is Try not to suck up any fry or small fish, or any part of larger fish. I... Can I use a gravel vacuum on a tank w out gravel? But thanks for trying to help. Repeating this up and down motion many times eventually fills the entire hose full with enough water to start the syphon action. With 1 squirt you immediately make 10 gallons of water safe. Any finger tips placed in the water will also be poked and pecked, great for exfoliation. However, a fish tank gravel vacuum … To operate the gravel vacuum, you will need to get a siphon started in the tube. xD. It costs a lot. Lol. 9. Oh my goodness XD I’m going to go post a thread right now and put that on it. If your substrate is too deep (more than two inches), vacuuming may not be sufficient to clean the deep layers. Seriously laughed out load when the hose came out of the bucket. Keeping it on a slant may help stop too much gravel being sucked up, and you can even tap it gently on the tank side, if need be. They DO NOT like it! You must prepare to use gravel cleaner in aquarium. Stare in shock at the mess, then think your new boots look remarkably shiny. Can anyone recommend a good vacuum/siphon? Keep the tube moving in a straight line, and do not move the vacuum back and forth or up and down (this will just make a mess). (optional) Say, “yuck!” or make the expression of disgust of your choice. 4.A. I changed 20% water with gravel vacuum. Heavily planted i really need to use gravel vacuum? You are now awarded my Aquarium Bottom Water Cootie Cocktail and Sloshing Bucket prize. Deep clean about 1/3 of your gravel by forcefully pushing the end of the vacuum down into your gravel. To submit your vote please sign in or sign up, it is free and takes a few seconds. Thank goodness the other half was out and I got it cleaned up before he got home but boy did I run like a nutter grabbing towels and anything else I could lay my hands on. It is a lifesaver......... :). I need to vacuum the gravel. This squeeze bulb from Python is designed to get a siphon flowing with just a few simple squeezes. Here are the instructions: A. 8.A. A gravel vacuum operates by churning the gravel around in a column of moving water to loosen and carry off any debris trapped in the gravel. guppies. Not only does it make water changes easier, but will save time on such routine maintenance. answer #2. 5.B. Also, if you hold the bucket end of the hose higher than the collecting end, this will help the water fill up the tubing faster to the point where you can lower it to start syphoning. Most aquarium gravel vacuums (sometimes called a gravel vac or an aquarium vacuum) consist of a clear, wide, rigid, plastic tube, typically about 2" in diameter, attached to a narrower, flexible, siphon tube, typically about 1/2" in diameter. The water I pull out when I do it is dark and gross. Prepare an excuse to offer your spouse, who is not home. Works like a charm and no mess. Can you use a gravel vacuum to add water back to the tank? That's all gunk in your tank if you don't clean it. you read and agreed to the. one-third of the water in 10 minutes. If you are using a Python, or a similar type, simply turn the water off the stop siphoning. Obviously there is no vacuum involved with your gravel vac. © 2020 Aquarium Co-Op. A cordless vacuum is less hassle to use, just grab and go, but you will only get around 20-minutes battery life at a time. Thanks for a funny & helpful blog! Cleaning your fish tank gravel with a vacuum made specifically for the fish tank is the easiest method of cleaning. Shop Vacuum Rating – higher airflow rating the better. Wonderful, hillarious read. Buy a gravel vacuum ($8-$15) that suits your cleaning needs. Vacuuming my aquarium will never be the same again! The part about spraying water on the floor happens way to often to me. Stay in touch with Aquarium Co-OpPrivacy Policy. Grasp the hose 4-6 inches above the top of Gravel Vacuum with hand on top. If the gravel starts to go too far up the vacuum, just cover the end of the tube and let the gravel settle. Use A Good Gravel Vac! Wonder if there is some sort of hidden cleaning properties of fish water. A siphon vacuum gravel cleaner is used to vacuum aquarium gravel. Step 5 happens every water change! I try not to do a high volume water change i.e. Gravel weight varies depending on the size and material. Then wrap panty hose or similar material to end of hose or extension wand. It also comes with a ¼-inch and ½-inch adapter to fit your size hose. Ensure there is adequate circulation/aeration before adding. It comes with a 5-foot-long removable hose. Bend your hose 90 degrees (like a kink in a water hose) to slow the flow. I sucked to syphon to get it started then I guess I squeezed the bulb or something and the water sprayed down my throat so hard it hurt my esophagal passageway! Start with a small section to see if the gravel stays in place when you vacuum. A gravel vacuum is a great tool for getting rid of aquarium debris. What it did not have was a squeeze bulb to get the siphon started automatically. By removing excess waste and organic matter from the substrate, fish health will improve due to the resulting decrease in … Make Your Own Gravel Vacuum for Your Aquarium: A very handy piece of aquarium equipment is a gravel vac. How to Use a Gravel Vacuum to Clean Aquariums, How to Use Root Tabs to Fertilize Aquarium Plants, How to Hatch Baby Brine Shrimp for Fish Fry. Fish tank maintenance is critical to keeping the fish and aquatic life healthy and happy. The power to operate your gravel vacuum typically comes from a siphon. Will my goldfish get scared or stressed if I shake the gravel vacuum to get the siphon going? Posted 4 yrs ago and I read this for the first time today. Watch Queue Queue Just above the main tube is a black pump. In order to get the siphon started there must be water in the intake tube, but in a small tank it is difficult to get the angle right to start the siphon. Comical and informative! Bahahahaha #8 I did just last week. 5.C. Epic!!!! Step by step video on how to properly siphon the substrate in your aquarium. Deep clean about 1/3 of your gravel by forcefully pushing the end of the vacuum down into your gravel. The process goes on and cleans all of the waste from gravel. Should the two pieces separate while cleaning, the inside piece will float in the water column and can be easily found. Read the above instructions, and try them out. What is a Gravel Vacuum? How do i clean my gravel vacuum from ich to clean my other tanks, Tank on floor level, cannot vacuum gravel, A sulfur odor is normal and dissipates rapidly after use. Instructional video explaining how to start a siphoning gravel vacuum. Watch Queue Queue. If you need the water flow to stop, just take the Hoover part out of the water. I needed that laugh. . Treats 2400 Gallons The gravel vacuum has been around a long time and is an essential piece of equipment for hobbyist that are still using Under Gravel (UG) filtration.The gravel vacuum is the best way to remove trapped detritus from the gravel beds of aquariums using UG filtration. Some hoses, like that of the Python Pro-Clean, were soft and flexible. Go to your aquarium and put a bucket on the floor in front of the aquarium, place the Gravel Vac into the aquarium, and try to get all the air bubbles out of the inside, I suggest putting it in horizontally and … Have no idea what they mean until you get it to work for the first time. However, if you’re using it as a water changer too then the price is okay. For extremely high levels of chloramine or nitrite, dosage can be repeated or increased up to 5x within a 24-hour period. How to Use: Please leave me a comment. 8. At least now, with my new siphon (first fish tank in many years) - theres a bulb on it, a kind of valve - just pump to get it started. You don’t need to take out the fish or struggle for hours to get rid of the dirt between the gravel. Can Be Stored Attached To Tank Ask yourself how long that has been going on, and then try to get the end of the hose back in the bucket. Marina Easy Clean. ABSOLUTELY hilarious as well as informative.. Create a siphon or suction through a tube to clean a fish tank. The clip also allows the new water to be added by hand while its sucking out the old stuff. Vacuuming your fish tank gravel is a simple process that you can incorporate easily into your weekly partial water change regimen. Thanks for the laughs. a champion veteran at My Aquarium Club. Another tip. I am a bit confused on how to use my gravel vacuum to clean the gravel in my fish tank. Then there is a clip that clips onto the tank while the Hoover part is in the tank, the tube is slotted into the side of the clip so the rest of the tubing sits nicely into a bucket hands free. :) I am a total victim so far of some of these points: I have the latest version of this pump. The FX Gravel Vac quickly connects to all Fluval FX4 and FX6 (2nd generation) canister filters for the ultimate convenience in powered substrate cleaning. Just, well done........ :), P.S. That’s weird lol I have never heard of people sucking the hose until i joined this forum. Very good! Only Large Mag Float comes with the blade scraper included. I keep reading that it's not supposed to be vacuumed but that goes totally against what I have come to … Instead of pinching closed on the flexible tubing during a gravel clogup try tapping the hard plastic collector housing against the side of the aqauarium several times. Insert the other end of the siphon or gravel tube into aquarium. I now clip the hose to the bucket add precautionary measures. very well put... many of steps rought tears to my eyes as the truth unfolded... We could start a thread solely dedicated to creating a mass list of all the different excuses you could use to explain why there is a bunch of water on the floor. The container I used has a hose attached to it and was new and it’s only used for the fish as with the bowls that capture the old water. Much better than most of the seriARSE websites ive come across,with the exeption of maq hope this works with sand. Marina Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner, Medium. The Imagitarium Aquatic Gravel Vacuum features an easy-to-use suction pump for fast water changes and effective siphoning during aquarium cleanings. Eliminates Priming Siphon With Your Mouth By clicking 'Submit' or otherwise submitting this form you agree to the, By entering this site you declare Using a suction device attached to the center portion of the hose, squeeze repetitively. What do you have for substrate? A vacuum siphon is a special tool you can get that you can use to help keep your tank clean. Gently run the end of your vacuum tube over the surface of your gravel, sucking up any obvious waste. Both units can vacuum pea gravel or 2-3" river rock (ballast) up to 1,000 feet In addition to roofs, they function perfectly as landscape rock removal equipment All Hurricane™ rock vacuums automatically discharge vacuumed material into any dump truck, dumpster or container up to 11 feet high (up to 9 feet is standard on all models). This was me yesterday! Want to see how we care for your products? Guppie. (optional) Try to blame snow from your boots. Then, uncover the tube and let the water flow again. This gravel vacuum is difficult to use in small tanks due to the 14” rigid intake filter tube. Start by … Rather, it creates a siphon which will drain the water out of your aquarium and down into a bucket, a drain, or maybe right onto a flowerbed in your backyard! 287 Reviews. If you don’t use a gravel filter remove decorations and place in clean bucket. A leaf … Thank god for the bulb on the gravel vac I’ve never had a mouthful of that yummy pooh cocktail! That is way too fast from everything I ever read. The Silent Killer How to Use/Not Use a Gravel Vacuum in the Modern Aquarium By Tony Griffitts. Can I use a gravel vacuum with live plants? Just tried mine for the first time,and had decided it didn’t work and was going to lob it, but will try your way without the wet floor hopefully,Thank you. The Python Gravel Vacuum is easy to … Especially for my curry leaf plant n the rose plants!! Well, I brought a gravel vacuum. Rake Leaves Out of Gravel. It works by using gravity and hydrostatic pressure to suck dirt from substrates and help dispose of outside the tank. Now that you have the background, here is how to use a gravel vacuum like a boss. Written like A BOSS!!!!! Comes with 1/2 inch adapter attached and 1/4 inch adapter enclosed in package. 5. Full spectrum plant light. You instructions were quite amusing. Obviously. Easily Starts Water Flow Through Siphon Pull the vacuum out of the fishtank so that water will stop spraying onto your floor and the new boots you got for Christmas. Except I have sand. This is awesome!! It has tubes both sides of the pump. How to gravel vacuum sand? B. Using a Gravel Vacuum. Wash it off with a bucket with very small holes and hot water. Fish tank vacuums are designed to quickly and easily remove bits of uneaten food and other waste that settles to the bottom of the tank. They are very cheap and can be made fairly easily by creating the vacuum line and connecting it to a power head. Why use an Aquarium Gravel Cleaner. Thanks for this, made us all grin. You had to keep doing this until you got the air out of the tube and the siphon started. Lmao the kids did it i dont think that would work they tell everything. Stop down pushing action and the check valve closes locking the water in the tube and drain. These are for glass aquariums only, please use the acrylic specific Mag Float if you have an acrylic tank. My current vacuum STILL does not have a squeeze bulb (because I was being cheap when I bought it), but the paddle ball method still works. Once you have cleaned your tank and raked the sand, you can use the vacuum siphon to then extract all the debris that has collected on top of the sand. For many aquarium hobbyists, gravel vacuums are the tool of choice when it comes to cleaning the substrate in your tank.These tools are available in a variety of sizes and some models even come with attachments that are designed to … Fragtastic colors. There are two basic ways to clean aquarium gravel. Brilliant and so true. If you are looking for a quick-start method for your aquarium gravel machine, simply submerge the vacuum head in your tank and suck on the end of the plastic hose until the water begins to flow through it. I like so many can relate to the hose shooting water everywhere. View More. You also forgot the part where your old hose starts leaking because the sealant ceases to work. As mentioned before, I … Lightweight, dry leaves weigh far less than gravel, making it possible to vacuum them to get leaves out of gravel areas. How to use a gravel vac to vacuum your aquarium (Video guide) One of these methods is if you are using an aquarium vacuum cleaner for cleaning the gravel in the aquarium. If the gravel starts to go too far up the vacuum, just cover the end of the tube and let the gravel settle. Does not affect pH 3 min read. Ooops - soggy carpet and a puddle on the tv cabinet. Start the siphon by using the priming bulb if it has one or sucking on the tube. get a python!best investment youll ever make for your tank, Thanks for the chuckle. How to use a gravel vacuum...LIKE A BOSS! So get yourself one today if you don't have one. 6. Summary: Revolutionize water change day with this versatile, top-notch electric aquarium vacuum! 3.A. If your vacuum has a flow control, you can decrease the water flow to allow more time for cleaning the gravel without siphoning out too much water. You are going to need a bucket that can hold a lot of water. When aquarium gravel is thrown into a kitchen sink and cleaned with soap or bleach, all that beneficial bacteria is killed. Please enter your email address. Another trick that can help is to tilt the vac tube, if it has sucked up some gravel, often that will help release the gravel that's in the tube. Since joining MAC, I have seen several people reference sucking in a mouthful of fish water trying to start their siphons! The answer is yes, you can use the best gravel vacuum to remove all the waste and remove the dirty water from the bottom part at the same time. So, here it is:-1) Start the siphon and take it towards the gravel. My fish seem to love being sucked up the tube as the second I place it in the water they congregate around it. Yes. So there is a panty hose involved. Start with a small section to see if the gravel stays in place when you vacuum. Dirt and all the plants love it. Lol. To change adapter, just pop out the attached adapter and insert desired size adapter. 2. One big squeeze of the pump and the water starts flowing through the tube. This was hysterical, but my Top Fin gravel siphon STILL does not suck up anything but the water & substrate. Thus, here is a sort of “how to” and common mistakes one might make. Repeat step four until you have cleaned about 1/3 of the gravel. Make sure the bulb is below water level. Squeeze bulb until water starts flowing (1 - 2 times). The vacuum churns the gravel around inside a column of rotating water, loosening any debris that’s caught in the gravel and siphoning away the dirty, milky water. This offered greater control over the water flow when compared to a thicker, more rigid hose like that of the Aqueon Siphon Vacuum, which resulted in jerkier movement. They seem much happier now as it’s been nearly a week since water change. The carbon gravel will clean the water of junk or debris. Pay attention! Detoxifies ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. Immediately swear as gravel goes all the way up your vacuum tube and clogs it up. Use leaf blower/vacs in vacuum mode to remove small amounts of leaves, etc.