The reliability of Sabre’s units are first rate which is crucial at that exact moment of need. Welcome to your new SMART Pepper Spray! When it comes to self defense products, Sabre is the #1 personal safety company in the world. It is for these reasons and the enormous variety of legislation that you should be 100% aware of the pepper spray laws for your location should you be thinking of obtaining or purchasing Sabre pepper spray. We discuss When, Why, and How to use it. Sabre is one of the most well-known and best brands of pepper spray on the market, trusted by law enforcement as well as civilians. Your SABRE pepper spray does contain chemicals and should be disposed of in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. Cone delivery products deploy approximately 10 feet (3 meters) and gel sprays typically spray 20% further than stream. Depending upon the wind, most pepper sprays using a stream spray pattern fire 8 to 12 feet (3 to 4 meters). It contains a maximum strength formula that guarantees users the most stopping power possible and has eliminated the 30% failure rate that other brands have. This SABRE Pepper Spray – Maximum Strength features an uber cool design; use it as key chain or simply clip them on to your bag as well. Pepper sprays using a cone/mist spray fire from 6 to 12 feet (2 to 4 meters). Click here to learn more about our products today! The canister you carry should contain as much product as possible to allow you to test fire your unit and stop multiple attackers if necessary. Sabre sprays are totally effective and easy to use and have enough OC containing spray in every canister to instantly cripple and immobilize a would be attacker or assailant. The SABRE Personal Safety app sends help alerts to your assigned contacts with your location when the paired SMART Pepper Spray is deployed or the in-app alert button is pressed. You are allowed to carry the SABRE Dog Deterrant Sprays in Canada, but it is only legal to use on aggressive dogs and coyotes; it is not legal to be used on another human being. Guaranteed defense, maximum strength and free training. Self-defense pepper spray. Security Equipment Corporation has also obtained the very prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification! A 0.54 oz. Get Pricing and Availability. Pepper spray FAQ. Don't be fooled by our competitors' misleading numbers! Get the facts on heat, strength and the law. However, civilians have access to pepper sprays with the same potency as carried by agencies using the strongest available formulations. See FAA regulations. Shop SABRE's on the go section - all products under 4 fluid ounces are FAA compliant. Therefore, SABRE Protector pepper spray is an amazing option that is reliable, safe and also offers protection at a safe distance of around 15 feet. However, certain airlines may have their own restrictions; check with your carrier before your flight. SABRE also manufactures pepper spray in some of the smallest containers available, which can be conveniently attached to your keychain for easy access at a moment's notice. The OC percentage only measures the amount of red pepper contained in the pepper spray, not the pungency or effectiveness of the product. Due to COVID-19 and the increased demand for consumer personal safety products, our service levels have suffered. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support of our essential workers! SABRE contains both the inflammatory effects of red pepper and the irritating effects of CS tear gas. Therefore, it is the percentage of the total capsaicinoids, not the OC percentage that is most important. keychain canister fires for approximately 5 quick bursts. This will prevent blowback. Copyright © 2005-2020 SABRE - Security Equipment Corp. Don't be fooled by our competitors' misleading numbers! A. You always want the canister to be as full as possible in the time of need especially if confronted by multiple threats at one time. To put it into perspective, that's 67x hotter than hot sauce, and just as potent as our industry-leading police sprays. “Super CS military tear gas” offers numerous advantages over CN tear gas. SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release for Easy Access – Max Police Strength OC Spray, Finger Grip for Accurate Aim, 10-Foot (3M) Range 4.7 out of 5 stars 30,405 # 1 Best Seller in Hunting Equipment. Sabre is one of the top brands of pepper spray, and this is one of their most popular products. Excessive heat or cold may cause the can to leak or burst. Offering state-of-the-art protection in the times you need it most, SABRE is the only manufactuerer with an on-site facility eliminating the 30% heat failure rate experienced with other brands. Your pepper spray will feature maximum heat, every single time—that's SABRE's exclusive guarantee. Ruger Pepper Spray Gun. Though legal in all 50 States, some areas have specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession and use of pepper sprays. If your key is already in the car ignition, use the quick release to separate the spray from the keyring. Learn how to better use your new pepper spray with the free instructional video that comes with each product. Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray for Runners: Best for Runners. Because of these advantages, the US Department of Defense switched from using CN tear gas to CS in the late 1950s. Take a pepper spray course to be safe. We recommend that consumers carry our SABRE Advanced 3-In-1 formulation because of its unique blend of CS military tear gas, red pepper and UV dye. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, 49 CFR Part 175.10, Exceptions for passengers, crewmembers, and air operators, (9) One self-defense spray (see §171.8 of this subchapter), not exceeding 118 mL (4 fluid ounces) by volume, that incorporates a positive means to prevent accidental discharge may be carried in checked baggage only. There are five major capsaicinoids responsible for providing the pungency or hotness of a pepper. Next we have the Ruger Pepper Spray Gun. Please know our team is working hard to help keep you and your family safe during these unprecedented times. Once the attacker is stopped, escape immediately and call the police. We currently expect most orders to be processed with a 7 to 10-day delay. Since 2008, SABRE’s pink product line has funded the equivalent of 20,000 mammograms. SABRE Red is also extremely effective because it uses the highest concentration of major capsaicinoids and is the number one pepper spray formulation used by police worldwide! Though many agencies carry either the SABRE or SABRE Red pepper sprays, there is not an agency in the United States that is carrying a blended formulation which is stronger than SABRE - or an OC-only formulation which is stronger than SABRE Red! Click here to see a list of retailers. Due to COVID-19 and the increased demand for consumer personal safety products, our service levels have suffered. That won’t happen with the pepper gel of this device. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your pepper spray is double the average strength. You can practice removing the pepper spray from its usual location, unlocking the safety mechanism, and pointing it at a target in one controlled motion. Q. Check Prices on Amazon SABRE Black Pepper Gel Keychain. You can still find SABRE personal safety products online and in-store at your neighborhood drugstore, sporting goods, automotive, hardware, Army-Navy supply, or mom-and-pop convenience store. SABRE's newsletter is full of content to help you live a safe and healthy life. When dealing with a self-defense weapon, it is always a good idea to be comfortable with its use. How to Use Keychain Pepper Spray. Ideally, the spray will completely incapacitate the attacker and allow the victim to escape and call the police. Only products approved for use on dogs by the United States EPA or Health Canada can be used on dogs. Can I use pepper spray on animals such as dogs? Although OC is the active ingredient used in most pepper sprays, the percentage of OC within the formulation does NOT indicate pepper spray strength. Safety You Can Trust. You can use the previously used canister for training and then dispose of properly. Purchase Today Pepper sprays and other self-defense products can be the difference between protecting your personal safety and being vulnerable to harm. In addition, inventory levels are also limited due to this increased consumer demand for personal safety products. Have a question that wasn't covered here? Watch this video to learn how to replace your pepper spray or practice canister. It has a 10-foot range, so you can protect yourself at a distance, without having to leave the safety of your car. Sabre Pepper Spray is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, or SABRE is the #1 pepper spray chosen by thousands of police departments and a leader in personal safety and self-defense products. Copyright © 2005-2020 SABRE - Security Equipment Corp. CS is extremely effective even in low concentrations. SABRE Red's pepper gel formula is safer than traditional pepper spray as it does not atomize in the air, o­ffering greater containment of the spray which means only the target or what it directly contacts will experience the e­ffects, and it is even safe to use … Another important point to note is that the spray is delivered as a stream. Enter your email to subscribe! Thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support of our essential workers! Get the facts on heat, strength and the law. $7.99 - $24.77. They’re a well-known manufacturer trusted by police departments and other law enforcement agencies nationwide. Are there any restrictions governing the use and sale of pepper sprays? Stay Safer with the SABRE Personal Safety App. Click here to see a list of retailers. Using pepper spray irresponsibly can incur criminal or civil liability. Enter your email to subscribe! SABRE Dog Spray contains the maximum potency allowed by Health Canada. Kimber Pepper Blaster II. To learn how to connect and pair the SMART Pepper Spray with the SABRE Personal Safety App, watch our app tutorial below. Have a question that wasn't covered here? In fact, all of the Ruger branded pepper spray products use SABRE’s OC. SABRE wants you to be prepared! Pepper spray products come in various sizes including hand-held containers intended to be sprayed at a single person or animal (e.g., bear spray) as well as canisters that can be thrown or shot into an area, such as those used by law enforcement. Should I practice using my pepper spray canister from time to time? However, there are a few things many people don’t know about pepper spray … Civilian Safety Awareness Program Curriculum, Instructors - Civilian Safety Awareness Program. Since 2008, SABRE’s pink product line has funded the equivalent of 20,000 mammograms. Both men and women would do well to own a bottle of SABRE pepper spray. Please know our team is working hard to help keep you and your family safe during these unprecedented times.