Redistribute the dots by putting one at each end where you want them to start and end. desire to be there for other parents who may be going through similar situations. Every Wednesday, Tiffany Kim shares a statement onesie created with her Cricut Explore Air® One to describe her daughter, Arabella. If you love working with iron-on (also known as Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV), or if your next must-have for your craft room is some kind of press, both EasyPress 2 and heat presses deliver professional results. Session repeats 3 times. © Oil-based products may also yellow over time. With Patterned Iron-on it is more a story around having options to select on-trend patterns that speak to your own design sensibilities. Preheat your material for 5 seconds, then place iron-on design. This means that when Cricut Iron-On is used as directed, you’ll be completely satisfied with the results. Beyond even heating, exact temperatures and using flat surfaces, follow these important steps to maximize the life of your iron-on projects: If you follow the above tips you too will make t-shirts and other iron-on projects that will last. We hope these tutorials help you, but as you have additional questions, don’t forget to peruse our blog to find answers to other questions like mashing up images or changing a knife blade. Then, we began the assembly. An Iron-On for Every Fabric: What iron-on is right for what material? From fine point to marker and gel to infusible ink this tutorial covers the basics of working in Design Space to create images you can create with your, Mother celebrates her daughter’s differences with Cricut Explore, Custom DIY glow-in-the-dark cornhole boards, Custom cornhole decoration video tutorial, process (for oil-based stain) and (general) explanation, Varathane Outdoor Water-based Spar-Urethane. This is my go-to iron-on material. It all starts with using high-quality iron-on (aka heat transfer vinyl or HTV). I know it is so tempting to continue to pick and heat and smooth, but this will damage your project. Use our recommended settings chart to make every project perfect. I stirred the batch together for almost 2 minutes and then transferred it to another mixing cup and continued to mix for another minute. Explore the site today! Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll for T-Shirts, Hats, Clothing, Iron on HTV Compatible with Cricut, Cameo, Heat Press Machines, Sublimation (Orange, 12 Inch x 20 Feet) 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,418 $25.99 Click here to get yours today! Exact temperature: Iron-on film adheres to fabric when a heat-activated glue reaches a given temperature range. It took about two rounds to complete the cut. You don’t want the juices (or the glue from the iron-on) to spill out while it’s hot. Layout of Cricut EasyPress. Because we eliminated the hotspot, a press cloth is rarely, if ever, required. I have been making custom jerseys for myself and a few friends from college for the upcoming college football season and the polyester jerseys I bought definitely have a bit of stretch to them. It looks really cool so far and I can’t wait for this weekend to finish the project. I mean we are talking a chemical reaction, heat guns, curing time… it is A LOT! Learn how to cut and weed Cricut’s Infusible Ink sheets! Today we're using a dry fit shirt and workout pants. I’ll share my research and newfound knowledge as we drudge along together below. Use with Cricut electronic cutting machines. Use the super-flat Cricut EasyPress on super-flat surfaces, along with a Cricut EasyPress Mat, and you will get super long-lasting results. Master working with images in Design Space so that you can use them for any project with any material - from drawing to cutting to debossing! Place Iron-On sheet, liner side down, onto Cricut StandardGrip cutting mat. Exact temperature: Iron-on film adheres to fabric when a heat-activated glue reaches a given temperature range. There’s a lot of advice and information on polyurethane yellowing over time, especially the oil-based kind, so take it all in with a grain of salt. You can also sand any remaining bumps off of the bottom. Always pre-wash and thoroughly dry your fabrics. That’s why we recommend using Cricut EasyPress with Cricut brand iron-on products. Spar-urethane is a type of varnish that’s typical with marine finishes. Add To Cart Choose Options. This t-shirt with Cricut Everyday Iron-On has been put to the test. We are continuing the countdown for the 2018 Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon with another track introduction. While it was exciting to jump into trying everything from Glitter Iron-on™ to SportFlex Iron-on™, it took me a while to understand how each differs and what are some of the tips and tricks to know for each type. where people can send in their questions. From the beginning, I wanted to use glow-in-the-dark so that I could use the cornhole boards at nighttime (and because it’s so cool). I used a large self-healing mat and covered it with freezer paper (shiny side up) on top. I drilled the support boards in-between the legs using pocket holes. No need to go too deep but you want a bit of a crevice so that the resin can sit into the carving properly. Oil and water don’t mix so I wanted to keep it simple(r). Okay—now go, go, go! Down syndrome in a more approachable way for those who may not feel comfortable Our Quality Assurance Team conducts exhaustive testing of all iron-on until it reaches its failure point (peeling, wrinkling or cracking). I drilled pocket holes into the support board and then, Chris used the plunge router to cut out circles for beverage holders. world of Cricut. iron-on creations are Tiffany’s way of starting conversations and talking about From these tests, we then can provide exact time and temperature recommendations for best results. If her heart had stopped beating, we would know when it was time to deliver our stillborn baby. *If you don’t have a Kreg jig to make pocket screws, you can opt to drill normal screws into the boards instead. Then, I repeated this process throughout the surface of the boards with various paint colors. “I am proof that miracles happen.” It was a fitting statement given Arabella’s story, as Tiffany tells us…. This little girl is thriving and each day with her is an absolute joy and a gift. After adhering your design, flip your fabric and repeat on the other side. I take this step really seriously… so there are no photos of my mixture or the pouring process… oops! As a regular bottom layer, we recommend Iron-on Lite which you can layer on top of itself as well. With over 28 different colors plus a large selection of samplers (rolls of three 12” x 24” sheets that come in different colors), there are a lot of options to choose from. I only painted the top and sides of the boards, mostly because I found it uncommon to paint the underside. Tiffany explained that her experiences gave her a need and Use our recommended settings chart to make every project perfect. material, and tool! Because we eliminated the hotspot, a press cloth is rarely, if ever, required. Have you seen the new updated version of the Cricut Easypress settings? So many of you loved her just as much as we did that we knew we had to share this update from her mom Tiffany…⁠ ⁠ "Time has really flown and I can’t believe that Arabella turned one 5 days ago! For more cutting, application and care instructions, check out Foil Iron-on FAQs. As I looked at paintings for inspiration, I found one common element – dots. However, I wanted the board legs to sit at more of an angle so when drinks were placed in the “cup holders,” they didn’t hit the board. Look closely to see all those hashmarks! Depending on the resin you purchase, follow the instructions closely! The material may seem to iron-on fine, but when washed, the material on top of the glitter layer will begin to peel away. Learn the best method for achieving multi-layer iron on projects! This will smooth out any dust, dents, or imperfections on your project. Feel free to share your creations in the comments on our video! This is like letting your meat rest after you’ve taken it out of the oven. So, I used more stain to wet down the previous coats and wiped off the excess. If you don’t have a Kreg jig and prefer to drill straight through the top, DIYPete has those instructions. I had never used a jigsaw before so I practiced on a scrap piece of wood first. Each of the flicks created randomized dots of different sizes. It’ll help create a more even coat. This is a long tutorial, so feel free to skip ahead to the section that most interests you below. “Spar” refers to to the spars of a ship, or the wooden poles that hold up the sails. On the opposite side of the boards, add two safety hasps: one to the right and one to the left. This is SUPER important because if your two components are measured incorrectly, your resin will not harden and will be sticky or have soft spots even after the curing time has elapsed. This was our third day working on the boards together, so we got a bit lazy. Adding more stars: To layer the boards with more “stars,” I used an acrylic paint brush to flick paint onto the surface. The variety of classes we’re offering at our Make-A-Thon range from papercrafting to quilting & sewing, iron-on to starting a small business. I then used my Cricut Maker to cut out some iron-on and adhered it to the wood using my EasyPress. Learn the basics with Cricut instructional videos. I also didn’t want to cut more semi-circles into the board to accommodate the drinks (like DIYPete did), so I cut longer leg boards and used a bigger spacer. Let cure 24 hours (or according to directions) as flat and upright as possible. If you’re wondering if you can use iron-on with polyester, the answer is yes! TIP #2: Do not layer any iron-on material over Glitter Iron-on. TIP: Use warm peel technique with Glitter Iron-on. Here’s a great video that explains this process: see mark 3:32 to skip to it. Stripes for accents: Using painter’s tape, I created a line across the beverage holders on the legs for a glow accent. Seriously! Your baby girl has a 98% chance of having Down syndrome. If iron-on projects are your favorite, like mine, I know how frustrating it can be to cut your project, adhere it with a home iron and the iron-on starts to peel, crack or wrinkle after a few washes. Add To Cart. See DIYPete’s instructions for more details. To make sure everyone is able to attend all the classes they want each class is being offered a variety of different times over the course of the event. Check out a few projects in Design Space that use Foil Iron-on: There is one more “type” of iron-on that I am not covering in this blog that I would be remiss not to mention. Flat Surface: The flatter your work area, the better. “Center vertically” to place them into a straight line. This took me several long days and a few evenings with Chris to make the boards. I used a plastic cake stand that turns. I attached it back to the metal base and wiped it down so I could take in all of the glossy glory! So, here’s my best stab at it. Learn how to master vinyl as we walk you through a fun project – sharing, ! She even hosts a ), but all I had were carving tools from junior high! The plunge router uses a small pin to guide it in a circle. The temperature required will be different for foil iron-on film than it will for glitter iron-on film, etc. But the great news is, there are so many resources available to help answer your questions. There are three designs for my cornhole boards: Using just shapes and text in Design Space®, I created a design to keep score with golf tees. I can still remember the phone call from our obstetrician’s office as if it was yesterday, and it was as if time stood still, suspended in space. See, you’ll be a pro in no time! Cold peel refers to the process of peeling the plastic backing off the iron-on AFTER you have applied it to your material. Learn advanced tips and tricks for how to use iron-on with unique base materials including wood, metal, glass and much more, and walk away with your very own creative iron-on project to take home! The doctors were also seeing heart defects noting that she was most likely was in heart failure. Glitter Iron -On Sampler, Neon Glowsticks. I also added accents to the tops of the legs, around the beverage circles, and the cornhole hole. I actually ended up buying another 1″ x 4″ board because I cut to DIYPete’s instruction before deciding to change it. Select and Size the images(s) you want to cut. Session repeats 2 times. My 1st project with CRICUT PATTERNED IRON-ON Please SUBSCRIBE tp my YouTube channel. Using a toothpick, slowly dab the resin into the carvings. Learn all about how to write with your Cricut! Learn all of the ins and outs of working with fonts in Design Space. No worries, the glow will not be as prominent against the black stain so…. Do not worry about the bubbles, we will take care of those. Our quality teams have spent countless hours testing to ensure the iron-on experience is flawless and results last long after your t-shirts and other projects have been made. That’s why we recommend using Cricut EasyPress with Cricut brand iron-on products. Instead of placing the stencil again when I drill those holes, I used a red Sharpie to mark a reference point. Look closely to see all those hashmarks! The resulting stain that dried completely was much lighter than I originally envisioned but a blessing in disguise. Again, you can use a 6″ hole saw or measure to use a jigsaw. And that’s why we introduced Cricut EasyPress. Two heating elements snake through the plate, creating perfectly even heat and flawless, long-lasting iron-on transfers. Load it … If you want to save time, material, and some potential heartbreak, follow these tips: Not all polyester is the same Note: the metal sign gets HOT, so use extra caution when using iron-on with metal! I used a 120 grit sandpaper block and sanded the shine right off of my project. Add To Cart. Eventually, I ended up using water to help with this process since my stain is water-based. That’s why we recommend using Cricut EasyPress with Cricut brand iron-on … ⁠ ▪️⁠ A while back we shared sweet Arabella's story. Attach the strap. This function will spread them across the first and last dot positions evenly. We’re excited to introduce you to the teachers from our Iron-on track today. Disney elements © Disney. Chris did them two at time. takes 30 minutes, is something that she looks forward to every week. Chris also used the plunge router to flush out the edges. TIP: Do not use Patterned Iron-on as a base layer. How to Design with Patterned Iron-On: Come learn very practical and clever tricks on how to use different products with your iron-on! Being able to lose herself in a craft, even if it only This refers to the process of peeling the plastic backing off the iron-on AFTER you have applied it to your material. Letting it cool completely may prevent your iron-on image from properly adhering to your material. Learn how to make an easy iron-on vinyl T-shirt with a Cricut! Alternatively, you can use a 3″ hole saw or measure out the hole to use a jigsaw. Baby Arabella was not expected to make it. I chose to do this for a children’s footstool and I loved the look. Here’s a revised cut list that includes my modification: Keep in mind that you lose 1/8″ each time you cut, so the wood may not be perfectly cut to size. Where does she get the ideas for all of these different onesies? Published July 12, 2018 by Lindsay. Everyday Iron -On™ Sampler, Playday. Keep the boards as upright and flat as possible. Many cornhole board makers (both professional and DIYers) use a. Water-based products are easier to clean than oil-based, but either work just fine. Though I had met a couple of people with Down syndrome, I never truly knew someone with this diagnosis. In addition to painter’s tape, you can cut a border with a razor blade to help you stay within the lines. Here is a handy comparison chart for easy reference: If you are still not sure and have questions about Easy Press 2, please see our informative FAQ page or watch EasyPress 2 education videos. we're here to help, Use your ID to enter your The evenly heated plate adheres iron-on film in 60 seconds or less. Everything I read or knew about this condition happened to be negative. Try to work so that the foam brush is dry each time you apply a new coat. Avoid using sandpaper with a finer grit because you need your scratch lines to be large enough for the next coat of resin to adhere to. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Special Price $11.00 $21.99. Being able to move the press around would allow me to best adhere the design onto the textured surface. Note: I left a 3″ space on the right to mark where my bottle opener will get fastened onto the board. * Everyday Iron-On with StrongBond™ Guarantee works fabulously with the widest variety of base materials, including wood! If you don’t add a bottle opener (or you don’t add one the same size), you may opt to adjust the spacing. Rather than suggesting “average” temperature and time settings for any old heat press on any random fabric, we give you precise Cricut EasyPress settings that have been rigorously tested using every Cricut iron-on type. If you have additional questions about iron-on, please visit our FAQ Page or reach out to Cricut Member Care at It’s a strong wearing heat transfer vinyl that can last over 50 machine washes. TIP: Use warm peel technique when using Everyday Iron-on. "⁠ ⁠ : @abellamiracle, A post shared by Cricut – The Official Page! Likely, it will be similar to what I had: equal parts and stir for at least 3-5 minutes. This is purely personal preference. © Preheat according to the heat guide. Learn how to master vinyl as we walk you through a fun project – sharing all of our tips and tricks along the way! Just call me “Alice” because I fell into another rabbit hole when researching this. The breadth and quality of the assortment is amazing and I encourage you to try different types of materials, use different techniques and share your amazing projects with the Cricut Community! After staining two coats and waiting over 24 hours, my stain was still quite tacky. This thick, glossy layer ensures that my projects will last a lifetime and will not fall apart. What is warm peel? Or, continue to follow along for the whole she-bang (plus a few anecdotes). Oh, but first, remove the legs from the board so you can stain and work with the two parts separately. The temperature required will be different for foil iron-on film than it will for glitter iron-on film, etc. Then sand it down to get a smooth surface. Let Angie Holden teach you to mix and match like a pro. I completely lost track of how many coats I did, but it was one entire day of adding poly coating. Fun fact: Glitter Iron-on is so popular, Cricut sells it in bulk. Cricut. And it gives me peace of mind that no matter how beat up this tray gets, my iron-on will not come off! Expand your mind with Cricut Iron-on Vinyl and it’s many uses. Cutting Everyday Iron-On Mesh with a Cricut Machine. They’re more like us than different. Interior paint will work if you are adding a poly coating (and you’ll typically want to add this for slicker gameplay and protection). Since my design wasn’t very sticky, I used heat-resistant tape to adhere it to the boards. Simplicity elements © Simplicity Creative Group. If using a Cricut Explore machine, turn Smart Set Dial to Custom. These canvases are the new favorite in home decor. Exterior paints may last longer, particularly because they are not meant to fade as quickly in the outdoors. Not many galaxy or milky way paintings included stars so I decided to keep it simple with just dots. This is how my tray looked after I poured my resin and it had de-gased for about five minutes. Everyday Iron-on™- Versatile, durable and easy to use. Tip #3. Our quality teams have spent countless hours testing to ensure the iron-on experience is flawless and results last long after your t-shirts and other projects have been made. Let’s check out what classes will be offered! This is where using a heat press really comes in handy vs an iron – adjusting your temperature and time with accuracy. anyone with questions about Down syndrome can do is just ask. Here’s how: *Cricut provides an interactive quick reference guide so you know the correct time and temperature settings and peel recommendations for your specific iron‑on project. After she fell in love with a onesie she saw online, she decided that instead of purchasing the item, it was finally time for her first Cricut iron-on project. In this class, you will learn the way to complete this project start to finish. If you want to make the project shown at top, go to the Ready-to-Make project in Design Space. Tiffany told us that her inspiration comes from Arabella herself, Pinterest, and fun phrases she finds on social media. After a quick test run, I sawed each leg one at a time. She is a gift, not a burden, and I 100% consider myself lucky to be her mama. I hope this information helps you understand a little better all the different options Cricut has to offer when it comes to iron-on materials. All rights reserved. • Adjust your machine settings according to the Iron-on Kiss Cut Guide be-low. With Down syndrome being one of the most common chromosome abnormalities–1 in every 1,000 births–we thought Down Syndrome Awareness Month would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about Tiffany and Arabella’s story. Then, select all the dots and “align” them with the “distribute horizontally” option in Design Space. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. If you see any dents or imperfections, it is okay… don’t touch it. September 4, 2018 by Cori George 5 Comments. Special Price $9.00 $17.99. A couple of weeks later, we were in the obstetrician’s office getting a Nuchal Translucency ultrasound to help confirm the diagnosis. (This is called a Cool Peel) Using a Cricut EasyPress™ with EasyPress™ Mat: Set Temperature to 305 F/151 C. Preheat area for 5 seconds; Apply the SportFlex Iron On™ on to your blank with the lining UP. Tips & Tricks: Using Cricut Metallic Iron-on January 10, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Project Designer Meagan Patterson Metallic iron-on can be really tricky to use and nothing is more frustrating than having your perfectly designed project ruined as you carefully peel away that protective plastic! For more cutting and application instructions, check out FAQ page. basis. I’m clumsy and forgetful so I wanted something more durable. Sealing and protecting all that hard work was a must for me. If you have the time and patience, I think resin is always a good idea! I added a 1.5″ spacer so I could increase the angle on the legs. That’s why we recommend using Cricut EasyPress with Cricut brand iron-on products. Session repeats 3 times. You can sand down the surface and either pour an additional coat of resin or use a spray sealer. Glow-in-the-dark pops more against a lighter background because of how it reflects against the surface. Join us as we walk you through all of the basics of working with Iron-on! It’s a synthetic product that provides UV and water resistance. For this project, I poured 4 ounces of the resin and then added 4 ounces of my hardener. It didn’t hurt that Chris already owned a Kreg jig, too. Then, I started sanding everything down. Our QA Team tests iron-on across a variety of materials. We often get the question: “I am trying to decide what to buy, a Cricut EasyPress 2 or a traditional heat press. After weeding the design, I used the Cricut Heat Guide to apply my iron-on design to the boards. onesies with the help of her Cricut Joy™ Smart Iron-On™ Holographic. At Cricut, the quality of our iron-on material and EasyPress are now best-in-class. Ironing Out the Wrinkles: Learn how easy it is to use Iron-on to make quick and unique projects to express your creativity. Peel when cool. This is a great step-by-step project for beginners. TIP: Use warm peel technique with Holographic Iron-on. Session repeats 2 times.