1982 DM1000. IF its a problem just PM me and i will remove it. For a list of USA Custom models, see Portal:USA Custom series.. Regards Texasbob Username: Texasbob Registered: 11-2006 1982 Ibanez Blazer Series. A model number could look like this: RG3520Z where RG is the code for RG series, the specific model number is … (R) JRC4558D 1980, 80/15th week caps, nut on power jack 107140 (R) JRC4558D from 1980, 1980/24th week on caps, nut on power jack The USA Custom series is a line of solid body electric guitars produced by Ibanez in the early to mid 1990s. Ibanez model numbers are used to identify a guitar model. 1982 Cimar Classic Fork. The serial number was at the back of the headstock and was difficult to read but this is what I could make out from the photo, 32961. 1981 IBZ GX Series. The guitar does look to be in a genuine aged condition but would like your input as to if all that information adds up to it being what has been described in the ad'. 1982 Ibanez AM Leaflet. 1982 GX Series. Replacement necks can have serial numbers years after the model "should" be dated by spec and in all instances if the spec changed by the date shown on the neck the spec must be used to determine year of production, ie. Introduction. 1982 Ibanez Basses. Some USA Custom guitars included bodies and necks produced in Japan which were finished and assembled in the United States, while others where completely US-made. The series consists of a number of different lines. 1982 Acoustic Guitars. Most Ibanez model numbers have three sections: A series code, the specific model number, one or two suffixes. 104322? 1982 Ibanez AR & MC. The lads over there really struggle with serial numbers and i thought it would be helpful. I hope you dont mind. 1982 3 IN 1. The ICW is a gathering of Ibanez collectors who relish in the challenge of not just collecting Ibanez guitars, but of identifying old models, dating guitars by serial numbers, and generally watching the vintage guitar marketplace to understand how interest in Ibanez … 1982 AE Series. 1982 Guitar Amplifiers & Mixers. 1982 Ibanez Full. 1982 Banjos & Mandolins. 1981 Ibanez Electric Guitars 2. Captain Ibanez, I quoted your info on serial numbers onthe Ibanez site and referenced your thread on the matter. (R) means the trademark after Ibanez on the top of the pedal. Original TS-808 data The following list are some of the serial numbers and features of TS-808 pedals I have had in the shop or friends' pedals.